Tree: Real or Artificial

Before the New year remained a matter of days, and You haven’t bought a Christmas tree?! I think what to choose – real or artificial? The website you will help in choosing!

Everyone at least once in life was on New Year’s a real tree. Everyone knows how it looks like and how to decorate it. But for a long time in the market there is an alternative — Artificial tree, and it becomes every year more and more popular. Of course, all this is not accidental, and now we can find out what are artificial trees, and what their pros and cons.

What are Artificial Christmas trees

Artificial Christmas trees are divided by type of Assembly parts, i.e. joining of the branches to the base. In some instances, the tree is collected from branches of different lengths, which are fastened by means of hooks to the base. The advantage of such assemblies is that the tree takes up little space during storage, but to collect it – a rather tedious task. In other cases, the tree trunk, with branches already is made up of three parts, and the branches just open up like an umbrella. For the lazy – plus: toys from the tree is not removed and not decorating it for each new year.

Artificial Christmas trees also come in conventional and fiber optic (fiber). The second option is a luminous tree — i.e. a garland for her do not buy. It may not even dress up, she will create a festive atmosphere.

And of course, Artificial Christmas trees come in different colors: green, white, blue, colorful; various shapes and sizes.

Pluses Artificial Christmas tree:

  • It will serve you not one year — mostly artificial Christmas trees are about 5 years old.
  • Easy to store
  • You will be able to save money by not buying a tree every year and not throwing it – remember the anecdote? ?
  • You can save your time, because an artificial tree is easier to set;
  • With a wide range of shapes, colors and sizes, you can choose the most appropriate tree to your interior or simply to buy that what your imagination desires.
  • Artificial tree never fall off, and you don’t have to clean up around the house, the needles, when the end of the holidays
  • All artificial Christmas trees are made of special fireproof material
  • Artificial Christmas trees do not cause allergies
  • You can also save time if you buy a Christmas tree already decorated or fiber.

The disadvantages of purchasing artificial Christmas trees are the pros of a Real Christmas tree.

Real tree:

  • Has the smell of the forest and the smell of the holiday;
  • Will not take a seat in the house for storage all year round;
  • Every New Year you will re-decorate it, of course, if this magical ritual is fun;
  • Every Christmas will be different and differently dressed;
  • It is a Living tree;
  • Green. And it’s her Natural color.

Don’t know about you, but I believe that whatever direction fashion multi-colored artificial Christmas trees, nothing beats a Real tree in the New Year. A real tree will remind you Your childhood and the magic of the holidays. But, on the other hand, buying an artificial tree, you will save our nature.

Whatever tree you choose, I wish that your New Year has been extraordinary, fun and unforgettable!

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