Trendy color lipstick in cool season 2018/19

Red Mandarin

Shade does not fit all. Impressive look of a woman with pale skin, as the color “Red tangerine” gives the face warmth. This lipstick goes to the owners of dark skin. However, if there are a number of disadvantages, such as dark circles under the eyes, venous veins, or acne, it is better to use a concealer.

Terracotta chocolate

The lighter the skin, the darker you can select a shade of lipstick. However, if a person blade with a clear olive undertone, select lipstick in other colors. Otherwise you can get grey skin.

Rich red

Classic is always in fashion, and red lipstick is cold the 2018/19 season. Bloody-red is suitable for all color types.

Bluish violet

The most daring shade of lipstick, which is now in the trend. Rule choice: the paler your skin, the more of blue lipstick you can afford. The winner of dark skin are the opposite. They need to choose purple with a pink undertone.

Blach dalia

Lipstick in the shade “Black Orchid” is suitable for women with perfect skin, color type face does not matter.

Smoky rose

Pastel and bright color, which is considered a classic. It will favorably emphasize any beauty bow, suitable for all shades of complexion.


Clear gloss is a good option for those who are undecided with lipstick at the time of writing outfit. It will be appropriate at any event, under any style of clothing. Take the gloss with moisturizing effect, ideal for the winter.

Helen Sinko, an expert in the field of fashion and beauty
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