Trolls in your home: 6 ways to make friends with the erasers from “roundabout”

Have you noticed that your house was noticeably quieter, and more dopekayut you with questions, what to play with your friends? If so, then the house you just settled the magical characters from the cartoon DreamWorks “Trolls”. Action with vivid figurines of trolls-erasers as gifts for purchases the network launched back in late August. “Trollette” can be obtained by each buyer at the cash Desk of any supermarket “Pyaterochka” (the amount of the check must be from 555 rubles).

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  • 1 1. The house that built Troll
  • 2 2. Maps, trolls and friends
  • 3 3. Club “crazy hands”
  • 4 4. Whole house theater
  • 5 5. Two and two make four
  • 6 6. Housekeeping tip!

Small collectors, and then their parents turned these erasers to hunt, and now almost every one of them became a happy owner of a treasured collection. But how else to use the new toys, in addition to their direct purpose — to apply the lessons in school and when drawing?

1. The house that built Troll

Trolls will be the perfect home passengers of the railway and Park the toy cars. But much more chances of funny figures out of the doll houses spongebob and Peppa pig, not to mention Barbie. Of course, the cartoon characters Trolls do not get to sew new dresses or come up with elaborate hairstyles, but to go to bed, have a Cup of tea and even bathe them quite a force. Grandma Cotugna can take its place on toy kitchen DJ Sounds toy in front of the TV, and the rose — dressing table.

With their Trollstigen you can look to visit friends, and so the trolls did not lose on the road, it is better to carry in a special case (it can also be purchased in supermarkets “Pyaterochka”). However, lost or failed trolltech easy to replace, simply by purchasing a 49 rubles.

2. Maps, trolls and friends

You are always welcome, and your children will follow your example? Card game “Trolls” will suit players of all ages: an avalanche of laughter and positive emotions from the “Trolls” you are guaranteed. By the way, the rules of the game “Trolls”, you can easily learn from these videos on YouTube — there’s also the players themselves will be happy to share and lifehacks. For the youngest is to choose game-RPG “the Road to the party”, where the chips can be used trollette favorite — girls of course fit rosette and Dancer, and the boys — Tsvetan and poplar. Just need to remember to capture the game RPG at the checkout of the supermarket “Pyaterochka”.

3. Club “crazy hands”

If you or your kids, but at the same time and you like handmade art, trollette of course is in your Arsenal of available tools a special place. What crafts will appear in the house — just depends on your imagination. The main contender for the decor, of course, written a children’s table — yellow Poplar and Crumbs and orange King would make an excellent bouquet, reminiscent of a bright autumn marigolds (one only has to put erasers on pencils and put it in a glass). By the way, will be useful is a “table decoration” and parents in the office. Don’t forget that a couple of months in door knocking New year, which means it’s time to think about new and unusual toys on the Christmas tree — trollette will help in this case. And of course, one can make a keychain for car keys (they always get lost), a toy for your beloved cat and even bright beads to play Indians.

4. Whole house theater

Your kids are tired of the robotic Legos, and dolls Winh gathering dust in a closet? Expand the house… a real puppet theater! Small figurines of trolls will be a great finger puppets. With your children you will be able to play as scenes from the beloved cartoon, and try to put your own scripts. The role of actors home theater suitable as a children’s company, and quite adult members of the household. By the way, theatre can invite loved ones to your home and even arrange a real tour. I bet the older generation from such a visit, the grandchildren will definitely be ecstatic. By the way, this formulation will help to become a star of social networks.

5. Two and two make four

Your first-graders get bored not ready to cram the multiplication table? With Tsvetana, Guru and Brook multiplication and subtraction will go a lot more fun, and any arithmetic puzzles will shoulder most inveterate fidget. You will be left only to figure out what game to turn another homework.

6. Housekeeping tip!

In your home too many funny trolls, and friends gathered their collection completely? You can always find a use Trollstigen in the home. For example, they can decorate plants in flower pots and even adapt as stoppers for doors. The only limitation is your imagination, the main thing that always had some Trollstigen. By the way, time to make stock still is campaign Trolls on the roundabout” will last until October 10.

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