Two cats in the house: how to make friends, to get along, to reconcile

Two cats in the house is a double portion of the purring, warmth and affection for all Pets! But it is only in the case that furry pet will make friends with each other – otherwise the owners will have to live in battle for territory, a bowl, and human attention… How in the shortest time to make friends with cats if you plan to keep the two animals – visit the website ““!

Two cats in one apartment: how to implement it?

To keep in the house two cats is a good decision. First, it benefits the animals themselves – to have ongoing contact with their own kind. Second, the cat from “mnogodetnoj” families are generally more peace-loving and sociable in nature.

Ideal – if the decision to get two cats adopted in the house when there is not a single cat! Because in this case, the owners can implement the right plan to take two kittens and raise them together. Kittens and cats are teenagers, taken just from a brood of brothers and sisters, in principle, easily and quickly adapted to each other, even if taken from different houses. They used to be surrounded by their own kind, and generally easier and friendlier because of their age with other animals (and human children birth to ten “friends for life” during one visit to the sandbox!). Plus kittens have immature still off the instinct of possession “their territory”, the instincts of competition among themselves – that is, if both of the kittens will miss feed, they easily survive the beginning of life in a new house with a new neighbor!

Plan to take adult animals? The website advises to think about how to make friends with two of the females. Cats are much more tolerant to each other than cats are males, they are less satisfied with the fierce competition for territory. The same is true of neutered males – it is possible to have two “pots,” or a few cat + kitty.

The most complex version of two cats in the house. First, sexually Mature intact cats for a long time get used to each other. Secondly, even after many years, they can happen “acute” (say in March), and they will be good to see another rival!

How to get along with two cats in the same space?

So you’ve decided to get two cats. It is best to bring them in the house simultaneously or almost simultaneously so that no cats had to begin to consider new territory, “his”, and both were in the same unusual conditions. This does not mean that animals will instantly get along among themselves, they are still not recommended to keep the first time in one room – but the stress of relocation and new homes drown out the aggression and no one animal will not have stress from a competitor in “his” house!

If you bring in a cat that already has a cat-“owner” – keep starosielce on hand, and ironed, and a brand new let’s make a third-party person (for example, her former owner). In no case did not deprive attention “to his” cat – on the contrary, to be affectionate as ever, play, caress, can even enhance feeding – let her see the emergence of a brand new not attracted to her the loss of the master’s attention!

How to reconcile the two cats? First, sow them in different rooms. If a cat – “the mistress” and you brought a new kind of “guest” should be allocated a smaller area (one room apartments) to the “hostess” didn’t think it took away almost all her possessions!

A day or two to let will be held exactly in isolation! In any case, this isolation is not complete, both animals will understand that they are now not alone here – there will be new smells, they will hear each other’s voices… a few days can start the next stage of review – for example, put a bowl of “master” a few meters from the door where it dwells. Do the same with the feeding area for a new cat. Gradually, from feeding to feeding, bowl cozies… Also can “accidentally” pour a little bit of used litter from the tray one cat in the other tray and Vice versa is very much for the animals to get used to the alien smell in their litter tray!

While watching the behaviour of animals – how they behave? Depressed and scared, or the opposite – shouting at each other from behind the door?.. A good sign is when the two cats begin to engage each other peacefully, on their own initiative – for example, approaching the cracks under the door, sniff it (without aggression!), want to enter or exit the meow…

The next stage how to reconcile the two cats to share, they are not “deaf”, but a mesh as in a cage (the main thing that the net was not torn through the cell it was impossible to climb!). Let the cats see each other personally! It is not excluded that both or “starozhily” accept each other without enthusiasm – they can shout at each other and even start fighting over the net… If two cats are fighting – again lock one of them, but don’t punish, but rather Pat and bring in peace! Release in an hour and see how it will behave. Repeat the trick with a convergence of bowls, but through the mesh.

The final stage of adaptation is when animals peacefully interest in each other when partially visual and tactile contact – sit next to her at the net, trying to RUB noses, and purr to each other… So it is time to remove the net!

But still, when two cats in one apartment begin life without separating barriers, do not leave them unattended – still possible a fight! And cats often fight very traumatic… If you can’t handle (for example, you need to go away and leave animals alone in the apartment) – better again separate them. Do this until you verify that they are not aggressive!

How to keep two cats?

When adaptation is passed, still do not forget about some rules. First and foremost – do not assign a “favorite” and “stepdaughter”, treat both cats are still affectionate (and equally strictly, if required by the educational process).

The second point – let each cat will have something to call “ours” — for example, they may have different bowls, though standing side by side, different resting places (“houses” and “couches”), maybe even two trays instead of one General…

Watch animals – how zealous they are to “own” if they have all this propensity for possessiveness? Sometimes cats (especially cats) do not like when the other is asleep on “his” chair, for example… And sometimes without incidents, and the animals peacefully own the “common property”!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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