Two secrets of weight loss from Inna Volovicheva

Not so long ago the publishing house “Peter” published the book “the Secret Inna Volovicheva. How I lost 40 pounds.”

The publishing house “Peter” courtesy of “Beautiful and Successful” some interesting excerpts from this book. Today for you — two secret to losing weight from Inna Volovicheva!

The secret 12. Find your boiling point (firms up)

Many have to come a time when a person realizes or I start to lose weight, or put on a cross! I cannot live like this!

It happens that people live with excess weight, suffer, but to change your lifestyle and start to lose weight you can’t. And here — just an invitation to the reunion, and the woman understands: it is impossible in this form to seem to the people who knew her when she weighed 20 kg less.

Or meet a former lover, and he tells you with a happy smile: “the Good person should be much!” Or dear husband suddenly starts violently smiling neighbor on the floor, which is 10 years younger than you and 20 pounds less weight.

It turns out that all his talk on the theme “you’re always good, I’ll never stop loving” is an absolute lie. Sadly, of course, but it is this nasty smile and becomes your “boiling point”.

For me, the “boiling point” was the story of a surgeon about liposuction and the offer of Michael to pay me this procedure.

5 Feb 2010 a diet!

Today, two days after meeting with a plastic surgeon, sat on a rigid diet. Morning — porridge on water without salt and sugar. Day — boiled without salt vegetables, meat, fish, seafood.

After six do not eat. Overnight — grapefruit.

While holding on. We hope to achieve success, I’d love to do without surgery. I, frankly, what a coward. If after the procedure you should adhere to the principles of proper nutrition, then why not just go on a diet?

The Breasts themselves not to increase, and the nose without the doctor does not change, but fat to fight can be alone. Surgery is a serious matter. Here you must carefully weigh all the “pros” and “cons”, not to be mistaken…

Saving money

I noticed that when on a diet, spend less money on products. Now, when you live in a city apartment, it is very important, because here, in contrast to clearing, we do not supply products for free.

Five days ago I went to the shop and bought: a pack of oatmeal “Extra”, 2 chicken Breasts, pounds of shrimp, a kilo of beets, sour cream, cabbage, ice cream containers, Pollock, carrot, cheese, a packet of tea, 2 kg of grapefruits. Spent a little more than 800 rubles. 5 days not even all eaten. It turns out to 800 rubles, sitting on a diet, you can eat a week. Nice!

Before, when the money in the evenings was spent and even the beer with fried chicken wings, Doner kebab and chips in a cafe, for a week I have flew more than 3 thousand rubles, and sometimes even 5 thousand! And all this, pardon my frankness, went into the toilet, and even delayed as new fat reserves! In short, once again convinced that embarked on the right way: lose weight, become beautiful, and… save money!

My advice — do not buy dietary Supplements, patches, pills and teas for weight loss! From them generally useless, but if there is an effect, temporary. Stop drinking the pills again gaining weight. Simply eat less. And saved from his greedy stomach the money you in a few months I’ll be able to update your wardrobe you will definitely need when you will lose weight.

The secret 13. Less kilos and more money

Want to tell a funny story. One American Professor has decided to conduct an experiment and divided losing weight male volunteers into two groups. One received the money for the dropped pounds, the other is not.

By the end of the period of weight loss, in the group, make money, success has almost everything. And in the group, losing weight for free only a third part of men.

Unfortunately, in our materialistic world money plays far not last role. If you ever count your money you count before you go on a diet, how much per month you spend on food. And then determine how many saved through the diet. Even ceasing to follow a diet of money on the products you will spend much less than before.

An excerpt from the book “the Secret Inna Volovicheva. How I lost 40 pounds” ia Volovicheva was officially provided by “Piter”publishing house website – Beautiful and Successful

All rights to the book belong to the publishing house “Peter”

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