Ugly man and a beautiful woman: how to build relationships?

On the exterior of men in the context of relationship-building so far as it is not accepted to say “uncut”. Rather, if a guy is clearly handsome, all a priori good, but if not, then…

On the one hand, “woman’s wisdom” invented strange sayings like “man should be a little nicer monkeys”, “water person not to drink,” etc. With other unattractive guys have much more difficulties in your personal life, pretty than handsome, and the same girls wrinkle their noses contemptuously aside “drischey”, “fat boys”, “oblique”, etc.

So what in fact can be an ugly man, and how often in life are “face terrible, good inside”? Versed on unusual women’s website!

A few facts about ugly men

Let’s start with the recognition of a simple fact – the man is ugly! You don’t have yourself to blame for intolerance and prejudice, if we cannot put an equal sign between a young Leonardo DiCaprio and neighbor Vaska. Joes are anacadinya, PHOS, pimply and all sorts of other different – you don’t need each of them to sulitsa to see some available for you aesthetics.

But it is necessary to distinguish two types of male necrasota:

  • The presence of redhibitory defects. For example, strabismus, “hormonal” fullness, unbalanced facial features, early baldness, etc.
  • The presence of correctable deficiencies (which, however, man and not trying to correct) and characteristics of appearance, caused by the lifestyle of that person. For example, teeth with a bunch nezaplanirovannaya holes, the extra weight from overeating and reluctance to go to training, groomed skin or swelling, as a clear sign of chronic friendship with a green snake…

As you know, in the second case, unsympathetic appearance is not the main problem in the male. Even if you close your eyes to the untidy – you have some way to deal with laziness, irresponsibility, stupidity, nyamilandu and other unpleasant qualities of this man.

The Council is “Beautiful and Successful” — stay away from untidy and unkempt guys, nothing outstanding, they do not!

But the men with incorrigible nekrasotoy you want to tell apart. Of course, ugly male realizes that he’s ugly, and it causes the rejection of others in General and women in particular. And here must play their role strength of character and intelligence of the men.

  • A smart man with a strong will inevitably come to the conclusion that if he wants to have all the same as a pretty spoiled child, he will have to work three times, if not ten times more. Earn more and more to move up the social ladder, to develop intelligence and become an interesting conversationalist, to use their talents to create charisma! And charismatic can be sociable good-natured and brutal “dominant” — if a man will understand what the image is actually his own, and will be this way “pump” that it can achieve a lot. And such a person in terms of relationships may present a much greater interest than the boy is handsome, but we’ll talk about that later.
  • If a man has low will power, plus he’s not seven spans in a forehead, he might just give in to the treacherous blow of fate, not granted him the appearance of Apollo. “I’m so ugly, I need to be — at least to develop, though not grow, women look at me not. And I don’t need much – beer, DotA porn, and…” — here is a typical way of thinking for men. How often is the fate of these characters, you know.

Beautiful girl and ugly man: are there any prospects?

Beauty and the Beast, Princess Fiona and Shrek – like pairs are often described in films and literature. The archetypal plot: lives unloved by all Monster, accidentally he meets a Beautiful woman (or she finds them saved), and because of its spiritual purity Beauty sees the Beast handsome Prince. Even if the literal external transformation does not occur, still it is emphasized that ugly character finally reveals all his kindness, intelligence and other positive qualities, and all these treasures (often coupled with a good lock) get the Beauty that descended to a wretched freak. False if the tale, and where it hint?

That in real life may occur if a beautiful girl fell in love with an ugly man?

First, the awareness of being attractive and desired Beauty will give inspiration to any Monster. Of the Cavaliers and malpresentations appearance often make excellent husbands – those that put all the power in this relationship and hold next to a Beauty. After all, unlike the cute lads whom from his youth the girls get literally “for beautiful eyes”, an ugly man realizes that to keep the attention of his lady, he can only actions. And so his Beauty can count on gifts, attention, long-term loyalty and other “carrots”.

But of course this is the ideal scenario – if it had worked, we would advise all our readers to fall in love with ugly man! But… there are many “gotchas”. For example:

  • A very ugly man, no doubt, repeatedly “burned milk” many times gifts nasty looks, he probably faced with female rejections, he got used to the fact that women don’t love (and if love, then certainly not for looks)! And then a man is very easy to make strategically wrong conclusion: “All women are corrupt, all of them need either handsome or “sponsors” — I can’t be handsome, but don’t want to be a “sponsor”, so I-have-mom-lonely-wolf”. Self-doubt and inferiority complex of such men accompanied by incredible arrogance towards women! If you saw internetica angry male comments on “All women are b… and I’m d’artagnan” — no doubt, this write ugly men with a grudge against the entire female gender. The way out of this situation for ugly men there are – in addition to finances and appearance, women love in men willpower, intelligence, charisma and good character. But if these qualities of the man, too, was not lucky (or he is too lazy to develop them), then it turns out to be absolutely uninhabitable for character fix which is almost impossible.
  • If an ugly man at least a little bit intelligent, but he has all of the same complex of resentment of women, he may (consciously or not) be in relation to ladies abuterol. Here’s what happens: a girl fell in love with an ugly man, he naturally reciprocated, but… after some time he begins to carefully pick holes in the woman and her systematically specify them – from her alleged female of commercialism and ending with soup like mom’s. The balance sought by abuser: the girl should think that she, using her beauty, strongly offends and oppresses “face terrible, good inside”. And Yes, sometimes even the beauty of a woman is under a big question – abuser with high self-esteem may convince the woman that it is not so good, and it’s worth it to stop to work over it but then they are divorced Angelina Jolie: will boil him right soups and mother in law mom called. Then it all depends on the self-esteem of girls: the sooner she realizes that clucking over the “poor and sick” will not bring any fruit, and it deserves a much more interesting gentleman, the sooner she would leave an ugly man. It is, of course, more offended by the female sex, and be convinced of the idea that all women are corrupt b… but… this is his personal problems!

Ugly man: what to do?

First, decide for yourself, but do you want anything to be done about this man? Not all women like ugly men – even with the “gold” characters, and extraordinary brains. If you understand that you can never genuinely love your unsympathetic boyfriend, and always his looks will be for you a kind of painful “stumbling block” — an honest right to tactfully refuse him.

If the appearance of a man you really are not fundamental, be attentive to everything else – not always under the ugly exterior, the “spiritual beauty”, unfortunately.

Be particularly vigilant in the case where the external disadvantages of men clearly correctable!

Just think about it – why he continues to eat like a fish, instead of diets and going to the gym, which he came to the beauty salon to thirty-year-old finally bringing a colony of pimples, why the tenth road bypasses the dentist and where his deodorant?!

Of course, you can tactfully hint the man that you are a little confused by the lack of it, but you know the way to correct it, willing him to help and support. Some men, inspired by women’s support, lose weight, sway, would dare to visit a beautician, etc. But remember that push too much not worth it – ugly man has every right to do (or not do) with his good looks what he wants!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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