Upper lip hair removal: reviews. Is it possible to get rid of antennae?

Whatever the reason for the appearance of unwanted hair on the upper lip: a genetic predisposition or a change in hormone levels is the answer to the question about how to get rid of the antennae, looking for every woman who has faced this problem. Today we tell about the most popular ways to get rid of antennae, using a method such as upper lip hair removal – reviews of ordinary people will help to understand where best to carry out the procedure, and whether it is possible to get rid of antennae forever with the help of new technologies?

The most popular methods of hair removal upper lip

In modern cosmetology, there are several ways that can help to resolve this issue. Unlike waxing which means get rid of the visible part of hair epilation is a more effective procedure.

After the event the hair follicle is destroyed – the basis from which the hair grows. The systematic removal of hair in such a way that the upper lip hair removal, reviews about which you will find in the article, from the antennae can be removed for a longer period than waxing, and some modern technologies that promise to eliminate this problem forever.

The most popular methods of hair removal upper lipreviews confirm this, are:

  • sugaring
  • waxing
  • hair removal vitosmolej
  • laser hair removal
  • electrolysis
  • photoepilation
  • ELOS hair removal

In order to get rid of hair on upper lip women have or go to a salon, or to remove hair at home. Let’s look at what ways you can remove the antennae at home and in the salon, and which only require treatment in the salon.

Sugaring: upper lip hair removal at home

This service will offer you in any salon. It costs 5 to 10 dollars, depending on the location, the prestige of the salon or clinic, experience of the wizard. The session lasts just 1 minute.

Many believe that it is not worth the money: upper lip hair removal sugaring, reviews will convince you in this, well carried out by women at home.

Shugaring is a mixture, which is obtained from water, sugar and lemon juice. About how to cook it, we talked in the article about hair removal bikini area reviews and tips by real people.

The essence of the procedure is similar to the holding of waxing, but sugaring a less painful way and also more affordable.

You can do sugaring in the salon to see how to do upper lip hair removal (reviews suggest to do so), and then remove the antennae themselves.

  • “In order to achieve the desired consistency of the mixture, you need prilovchitsya. Once I did everything in the cabin. I realized that it’s not that complicated: you just need to prepare sugaring for hair removal. I first did an Internet recipe (1 tablespoon of water and lemon juice, 10 tablespoons of sugar) and nothing happened. The mass was solid. Decided to experiment further: the paste shugaring to buy me a pity – well worth the money, and cook it easier. Started to add more water. In the end it was what I wanted. Made the legs (not so good happened), the bikini area is okay, but the mustache – excellent! Upper lip hair removal by sugaring reviews, I heard different, I liked the most. 1. Available. 2. Quickly. 3. Effectively. Mary.”
  • “If you are looking for the most effective way of getting rid of whiskers using a method such as upper lip hair removal, read reviews, find something that suits you, then my advice is sugar hair removal at home – the easiest and best method. Of course, you can do it in the salon. But why not pay less than $ 5 per 1-minute procedure? Jenny”

Upper lip hair removal: reviews on wax

Very popular is this method of getting rid of antennae as upper lip hair removal waxreviews, which “walk” on the Internet for several years. Therefore, this method can be safely attributed to the oldest.

This service is the same as sugaring, is widely used in all salons. It attracts customers with its availability, speed of carrying out and a good result.

But at the same time, not to mention her pain. Upper lip hair removal hot wax, the reviews often speak about such a method of application of the wax mass, requires repeated her application to the area of hair removal. This technology will help to remove hair more effectively than in a single application. Since you are using hot wax, it is desirable to carry out the procedure at a salon by experienced craftsmen that knows what temperature is considered optimal for this method. Will cost you an average of antennae removal of wax from 10 to 20 dollars.

  • “I was doing hair removal upper lip reviews helped to determine the choice of the method – hot wax. Was afraid very. But the master did everything in a second. Struck and quickly jerks all tore back. I have tears, but the pain was momentary. Yes, sharp, strong, but fast. She applied hot wax 2 times. I tuned in and all suffered. Then there was a light swelling and redness. I got panthenol, redness went down, and I went on to do their business. Olga”.

You can remove the whiskers on the upper lip this way at home. For this you need to buy the wax. It is cold, low temperature and hot.

For hair removal of the bikini area and upper lip it is better to take the latter. It is sold in cubes, balls, discs, one piece – the difference in form does not matter. Except in small balls will melt faster.

Upper lip hair removal (reviews say that it is better to use to help melting wax faster, to prepare for application) is conducted in the following sequence:

  • The area above the lip is applied to the talc.
  • The wax is melted to the desired temperature (to help melting wax faster this is indicated by the arrow in the home consistency is a lot like hot liquid honey).
  • With a spatula apply a thin (note, not thick) layer of wax. A thick layer breaks down after cooling.
  • After application of one edge of the wax, quickly sculpt the tail, and starts to tear jerks, sharply, jerking up the tail.
  • After that you need to apply talc.
    • “I’ve done home waxing my upper lip, reviews of a friend that it’s simple and easy, I was inspired, but the result remained dissatisfied. Left hair. I went “on the scout”: went to the salon and signed up for the upper lip hair removal. I watched closely, making master and was able to identify my mistakes: first, the layer should not be too thick, and secondly, you don’t have to wait to wax froze. But my main problem was that I tore a strip dramatically, and the need for 3 pulls. Too quickly, but it was a breakthrough. Now I’m armed, I spend myself waxing my upper lip, my positive reviews. Ninel”
    • “I’m a fan of the Beauty Image wax. The quality is excellent! In this series there is a wax, and talc, and cream ingrowing hairs. Christina”
    • “I do wax strips Vit. Cut, heat in the hands, is applied, pressed and abruptly ditch up. No mustache and money on beauty is not spent. Rose”
    • “It’s very easy and fast. The only thing to consider is that the skin above lip after a wax red and inflamed. So it is better to do it before the weekend. Rita”

    Hair removal vitosmolej

    From honey, sugar and molasses made picomole, which allows you to remove hair and skin care – it is composed of special ingredients that soothe the skin, promote the healing of wounds, etc.

    Upper lip hair removal, reviews about picomole not seen, is not such a popular method, like waxing or sugar waxing. But it has its fans.

    • “Recently advised me to try waxing my upper lip vitosmolej: my reviews are positive. The procedure is similar to waxing, only the mixture is applied with a thick layer, then it is necessary to dramatically disrupt. I liked that there is a broken hair and no irritation after it. It also washes off easily, but not as much as wax, which had to pry pieces. Anna”
    • “I like to epilate antennae it vitosmolej company “ayuna” and not wax or sugaring. There all all sorts of useful extracts of walnut, pine, etc., and the Foundation – honey! He’s a natural. Antennae are removed well. The skin is not red. Katerinka”

    In the salon you also can offer to start waxing my upper lip vitosmolej, reviews say that the procedure costs from $ 10.

    Laser removal of antennae

    Effect of wax epilation, shugaring and using picomole good, but it does not compare with what you can get if you remove hair using techniques such as upper lip hair removal modern technology, which you will find next.

    For a long time it is very popular laser hair removal upper lip reviews about it you will meet different: both positive and negative.

    How is laser hair removal, reviews about it you will find articles that were previously published on sympaty.net.

    To avoid repetition, let us remind you that the goal of laser hair removal and other modern technologies (photo, ELOS, electro) when the proper procedure is to get rid of antennae forever. That is, unlike temporary methods: wax, depilation sugaring, vitosmolej – which give short-term results, upper lip hair removal a new technology, reviews of which are many, with a systematic and long course will stop hair growth above the lip.

    Note that if the appearance of the antennae caused by hormonal disorders (to determine the cause, you need to pass tests for hormones), then remove them even by modern methods will fail – in this case you will have to use other methods, which we described above.

    When you remove the antennae with a laser area treated with a handpiece that is connected to a special machine. Previously on there are set parameters, which are selected individually, taking into account skin type, hair structure and other factors. Laser pulse, responding only to the hair pigment (colorant), penetrates to the hair follicle and destroys it. While on the skin the laser does not respond, so burns should not be.

    But dark skin, including tanned, the laser can perceive the target, and the client will receive a burn. Therefore, laser upper lip hair removal is not such a safe procedure, as it may seem at first glance.

    • “I have, unfortunately, the bitter experience of epilating the upper lip laser reviews only negative I can give. Whether the settings were not correct, whether the master was caught playing a game, but after the session my upper lip was at first red spots, then they became dark, in the end, the pigmentation of a lifetime. Do not advise anyone. Kitty”
    • “I removed the antennae for 8 months with the help of technology such as laser hair removal upper lip reviews friends did not disappoint – I love it! This is the most effective way! I did all 4 treatments. The interval between sessions of 1.5 – 2 months. Why not for times? Because the laser affects only active hair, such as over the lip only to 70 percent. So I had to run that to kill all active hair which woke up with the times. Squirrel”


    Will help you to get rid of the antennae this procedure, like electrolysis of the upper lip, the reviews say that it is, in comparison with other types of, more affordable method that with the right technology, gives good results.

    • “I went and photoepilation, and laser, but better electro – no! By the way, I have whiskers not dark, but light. But here I wanted to remove them. Laser took, because light hair and it is best to cope with the dark, the photo is actually, I think pumping money – 150 rubles for a flash (I did 5 in one session) every 10 days. Calculate how much money went! But for electro I paid 25 p per minute, one session of 5 minutes. It took them 5. And the result is! Irisha”

    A significant disadvantage of this method is a painful procedure, especially on the face, when the injection of lidocaine will undertake to do each master, EMLA ointment, which suggest to apply when epilating the upper lip, the reviews say, not very effective.

    • “I applied EMLA before waxing, but I still felt the pain. Dinara”
    • “I think I found a way. Put AMLO, on top of the cling film, leave for 15 – 20 minutes, then the wizard does. Almost do not feel pain. More precisely, I feel, but tolerable. But I’m only one session, and the last hair is gone. The problem of how to get rid of antennae, I have already solved. Polly”.

    As with laser hair removal, photo-epilation, electrolysis takes time, because momentum, which is directly under the bulb and destroys it, thereby giving the hair, what to eat and grow, only works on hair in the active growth stage. Although on the face more than other parts of the body, but to get rid of hair permanently, you will need at least 4 to 6 months, with breaks between sessions in 1.5 months.

    Epilation of upper lip: reviews

    Technology photoepilation upper lip reminiscent of laser hair removal. But the results after the conference not as effective as after the electro or laser. There’s no point of impact: light pulse is scattered in the skin, finds need to remove the target. However, some bulbs remain them not noticed, so after flashes there are lots of remaining hair.

    • I am afraid of pain to horror, and mustache got me. All the time removed with depilatory cream, and then decided to finish the struggle with them forever. In the salon said that little pain gives only epilation. “Photoepilation upper lip feedback is extremely positive,” my master said. Showed a video of how the device works. The client were happy when she did, you can see that didn’t hurt. I decided. I did not like! Felt a light tingling, not more. Hair left, too little. Better I laser went though more expensive and more painful, and more effective. Margot”
    • “The best period of time between sessions – a month. After hair removal from hair fall, then grow and need to go again. But if you have no contraindications, and for you this procedure, the result will be. I removed hair in the bikini area, the underarm area and the area above the upper lip. Excellent results, suggest. Marinella”
    • “I have one addition to reviews. Since I have a mole on her upper lip, then her to me before photoepilation Tipp-ex out – plain white corrector, which does not react, potoloch. Then it washed with sunflower oil. Thus, the flash on the mole does not respond and don’t burn it. Natasha”.

    ELOS hair removal

    The most expensive, but most effective for today is considered to be a method of removal of antennae, as the ELOS hair removal upper lip reviews, which is most often positive. One session costs on average $ 100.

    This technology combines the use of two energies: radio frequency and light.

    In addition, the range of indications for carrying much wider than with other methods, which have several limitations. More information about how is ELOS hair removal you can find on our website.

    • “It’s very expensive, but it’s very cool! Did underarms and mustache. Above the upper lip hairs gone faster, and in the underarm area are left alone. I’m very happy. Eve”
    • “And I have after ELOS hair removal upper lip reviews I read and decided that that’s fine with me, left not only mustache and pigmentation. So she has an additional positive effect. Masha”.

    About the impact that will have on the body the pulse current, the effect of light, laser energy is not fully understood is the significant disadvantage of any of the latest technology. So, if you are not afraid to experiment on yourself and trust to preliminary research, as well as a financial, upper lip hair removal, reviews about the most popular kinds you could find in the article for you. If you are looking for a traditional method of hair removal upper lip reviews about the most popular methods are like normal users, you also had the opportunity to meet.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site ToKnow365.top

    Upper lip hair removal: reviews. Is it possible to get rid of antennae?

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