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Cheese is an integral part of our diet. That it delicious and familiar with all of us. But how does it benefit the body, still not fully sure. The opinions are contradictory. Some believe that cheese is an essential source of useful vitamins and minerals, while others find it too fatty and caloric for safe human consumption. That’s why the website “” offers to finally understand the issue and solve finally the cheese.

How useful cheese?

Main component brand of cheese is a protein, which is valuable because it plays an important role in the formation of new cells in the body. When the cheese goes through all the stages of its maturation, then it is in the protein becoming soluble properties due to which it is practically without the rest absorbed by the body.

It should be noted that protein in the cheese even more than meat.

If in doubt, the cheese, keep in mind that cheeses are an essential source of dairy fat, that are beneficial to the digestion and the formation of a correct metabolism. Fatty varieties of cheese differ in taste – they are the most tender and buttery.

The most important quality cheese is no doubt a high content of calcium and phosphorus. So, enough of just 70 grams of cheese to meet the daily requirement of calcium of an adult.

Cheese can boast a high content of vitamin groups A and b, and also such amino acids as lysine, tryptophan and methionine. How much cheese should you eat for children, adolescents, pregnant women and lactating mothers. Daily use of cheese should be the elderly, as well as fractures of bones.

While you’re thinking, the cheese, remember that it is made from milk, and, therefore, it combines all the beneficial properties of this product, in concentrated form. Thus, for instance, 100 grams of cheese contain not less useful vitamins and minerals than a whole liter of milk.

By the way, all the beneficial properties of cheese, you can add one more thing— if you use it for a couple of hours before bedtime, you are guaranteed a sound sleep and good dreams. Useful cheese? No doubt, useful!

Than cheese harmful?

Answering the question whether useful cheese, we came to the conclusion that cheese is very good for the body. But nothing is either definitely good or definitely bad.

So, for example, in the sale you can find a lot of very salty and sharp cheese, which is definitely not good for your stomach. From these cheeses, be sure to give all those who suffer from gastritis, ulcers and even high blood pressure.

In addition, the cheeses are products of deep processing. As a result of their long manufacturing and storage is the breakdown of proteins and fats, and the products of this decay contribute to the emergence of stones in kidneys and gall bladder.

But this does not mean that you should forever forget about cheese from your diet. Just try to limit the use of spicy yellow cheeses, giving more preference, for example, cheese curd. Just, as they say, should be in moderation.

Useful cheese? Yes, but everything must be approached wisely.

What kind of cheese is the most useful?

Today, a variety of cheeses are almost all of the stores, and happy, and confusing. We often don’t know what to choose, because the choice is more than great. Each of these different types of cheeses is different for different useful properties. And it is also necessary to take into account.

Cream cheese

They are perfectly absorbed by the body. As one of the main sources of calcium and potassium they that’s why so actively used both in childhood and adult dietary nutrition.

Adygei cheese

Ideally made from sheep’s milk, which was pasteurized. It Matures in brine when exposed to a bacteria called bulgaricus. Useful Adygei cheese? This cheese contains almost all the essential adult body minerals and nutrients, but it is very greasy.

It also may be difficult to respond to people with lactose intolerance. Please note that the shelf life of this cheese is 30 days from the date of its manufacture.


Another famous type of brine cheese is also cheese Suluguni. Made from pasteurized cow, goat, sheep or even Buffalo milk, it stimulates the intestines and improves appetite. If you’ve doubted whether useful Suluguni cheese, you can throw any doubts away. Of course, if he were prepared according to the rules.


Brie cheese and Dor blue can boast antibacterial properties, and the extraordinary benefit to the digestive system. Bree Matures in special cellars, where they live, penicillin fungi. After a long ripening period the surface of the cheese begins to cover the fluffy white mold with ammonia odor. The process of making DorBlu the same, except that in the making of this cheese involves blue mold fungus.

It moldy crusts, and carry such useful properties – they normalize bowel function, help in the synthesis of vitamins of group B. not Even worth a doubt, useful whether such cheese.

Moldy cheeses are shown to those who does not digest lactose, but it is not recommended for children and pregnant women, as prepared from whole unpasteurized milk, which increases the risk of infections. In addition, cheeses are also very high in calories.

Processed cheese

Often the stores we also run into processed cheese. Anything useful in them certainly is not, you decide. This is where the question is one or the other cheese, not even worth it. And you will be right.

If processed cheese is made from natural ingredients without the use of food and chemical additives, it is very useful. Good cheese contains casein, phosphorus, calcium and vitamins of group B. However, among other things, still contains sodium, remember people with hypertension and cardiovascular disease.


Parmesan is a favorite Italian cheese, without which no cost, no pasta. With proper preparation is stored for at least 10 years and almost no cholesterol. Parmesan can enjoy almost all people without any exception.

Is Parmesan cheese? Definitely.


Feta – this cheese hails from Greece, and it is made from goat and sheep milk. In addition to a large amount of calcium, this cheese also contains antibiotics that protects from food poisoning.

Thus, it is difficult to say what kind of cheese is the most useful, as have useful properties, almost all cheeses without exception. Despite the fact that doctors love to threaten contained in cheese cholesterol, benefit from it much more. Therefore, the question whether useful the cheese, we managed to find the answer.

But we should not forget about the main thing – you must all know the measure and to consider tendency of your own body to the other components of this wonderful product. The website wishing you a delicious culinary discoveries and a good appetite!

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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