Useful if women’s training?

Probably all modern girls have heard about the various women’s training. If you want you can find training for every taste, because the range is huge: training on “the development of femininity”, trainings on relationships, and various psychological training, women’s practice based on yoga, etc.

In a sense, it is fashionable – is persistently says that without visiting such events can hardly be fully developed and attractive, to find your love and have a harmonious relationship in the family, etc.

Is it really so? What training you can visit with benefit to themselves, and which probably will be “money”?

Original women’s website “” decided to clarify this issue for our readers!

Types of training for women

Most of the trainings, seminars and other training activities for women can be attributed to one of the following groups.

The website alerts – this classification is quite conditional and does not claim to scientism, so you can modify and add to it based on its observations of life!

If you think we missed something – share your opinion in the comments to the article!

Training for “muzarabani”

The key phrase for such training – “a real woman should.”

The training topic may be worded narrowly (for example, “How to resolve conflicts with her husband”) or quite abstract (such as “How to acquire true femininity”), but the General concept you will be taught in any case.

It consists in the fact that all women have the mission to give birth to offspring and to satisfy as far as possible the wishes of her husband. These two roles (wife and mother) are considered to be the priority, a woman in training in one way or another to tend to what she needs to get married, adore my husband, to obey him in all situations, etc.

A perfect marriage is absolutely Patriarchal, the woman in this model, families are offered the role of the subordinate.

Any problems in the family are considered to be caused by wife (for example, the husband’s drinking – “nedovolil”, rukoprikladstvo – “was insufficiently humble”, etc.).

The common solution to most problems – more to give himself to the family, even more to accept, to endure and to wait, when the husband “be inspired”, “motivated”, “see what is happening in the wife changes”, etc.

Unmarried women in such training sessions is actively campaigning as soon as possible to marry. The whole pre-marital life is seen as a preparatory stage to execution “female chief”.

Than the usual arguments of the presenters and speakers on such “magerovsky” trainings: the ancient “wise” traditions (Vedic, Eastern, ancient Slavic, ancient Russian, etc. – anything, the main thing is ancient!), biological functions of women (not argue, of course, in the nature of females needs to be fruitful and multiply), as well as stories of women who like the pattern of behavior has brought good result in life (recall, a good result is marriage, homemaking and motherhood).

By the way, as a rule, presenters and developers of this kind of training men.

  • Cons. The purpose of these trainings is not a solution to the problems of the women themselves! The whole concept created exclusively for the education of comfortable men “slaves” who will be happy to carry the “heavy female share” and think that it should be (for true womanhood, female destiny, women’s way, blah-blah-blah…). You will not help to “muziransa” the training – but only told that you aren’t good at their “women’s home”, and all the problems only because of this.
  • Pros. Deep down, every man sitting sort of “Arab Sheikh”, which highly flattered the presence of his own modest harem of four covering themselves in the veil women and a dozen securely locked in the tower of concubines. And to each of them in silence, bowed, and just bring a cold beer with nuts. In real life, sometimes it is necessary to treat “internal Arab Sheikh” in her man, and to put into practice some advice from the “magerovsky” trainings. But, of course, not always, and not at the expense of his own life, personal aspirations and self-development!

Training for “bitch.”

The opposite option is training where girls learn to manipulate men, to get them more benefits (including financial).

The concept of such training is approximately as follows: every woman is a priori little brat/Queen, and men a priori have to get the stars from the sky and handfuls to throw himself at her feet. If it is not happening – therefore, man is bad and wrong and absolutely unworthy of attention.

Teaching strategy – by trying a variety of options to bring in the “kings” of the most generous, patient, noble and altruistic candidate in “young people”, and only for him to present himself — as the prize for the long, costly and complicated process of courtship. Ideal family life is described as the “life” of the wife and support – from the husband’s side.

Often “bitchy” trainings in all seriousness learn how to “breed” men for expensive gifts like “hitch” rich guys, etc. Usually leading developers and training that focus women.

  • Pros: you will learn to love and appreciate yourself. If you have problems with self-esteem – this training can be quite useful. It is highly likely that you have realistic and will tell you about male psychology and you will actually learn some manipulative tricks that men “being” in 99% of cases. If you initially set a goal – make the most of men high, then after the “bitchy” training to achieve this goal will become easier.
  • Cons: training for girls, where the word “bitch” means “the perfect successful woman” will not teach you to build deep, trusting relationships based on equality and mutual respect. Also we’re not talking here about the real self-development (after all, why is it the girl that apriori – miss perfect?). Worst-case scenario after such a training relationship if you will meet a very popular with your man and he won’t act to prescribe the “correct” algorithm, see you as just a selfish “dummy” and abandon the relationship he…

You can bring this analogy: you will learn how to Rob a Bank and not get caught by the police, but you never learn how to become a banker. If you are satisfied with achieving short-term goals are not the most ethical manner, then Yes, a “bitchy” training effective.

Psychological trainings for women

These can be called various trainings, which are aimed at overcoming certain complexes, psychological problems, problems in the family (husband, parents, children), etc. the Effectiveness of this training depends on the qualification of psychologist-master.

To be honest psychologists who are able to work with a group of people (each with their own troubles and psychological characteristics) and for a limited period of time to really fully solve the problems of each of the participants – very few!

Psychological training is not a medicine and not a medical procedure. A good psychologist will never say that you enter the room, for example, with its complex of bad mother, and after three hours of training will leave this room, beaming with happiness of motherhood and believing themselves to be the best mom in the world. On a different people group psychotherapy has a different effect. If you promise a 100% guaranteed effect – are you coming to training to quacks.

  • Pros: at least you clearly understand their problem. Perhaps the training will let you down some painful issues for you to solve that will, by reflection, your own willpower and your mind.
  • Cons: at worst, inept psychotherapy may cause additional psychological problems, in addition to existing. For example, a shy man with a penchant for social phobia can begin once more to fear from interaction with society if he was forced, for example, loudly singing songs in the presence of the entire group. Only very experienced and competent psychologist can understand in which cases can and should be “to break through the knee” any complex in the man, and when you need to act delicately. But, of course, is a radical variant of unsuccessful training. And a “dengekitai” under the guise of “psychological training” carry out something like games, which can be interesting or uninteresting, but no problems really not decide.

Esoteric and religious events for women

So can be called the category of training aimed at women with certain religious beliefs, supporters of different esoteric teachings, etc. Are the Vedic training of femininity, training exercises every “guru of the esoteric” (in those aspects that relate to women’s roles and building relationships in the family), etc.

  • Pros: if you are a believer, you will be able to affirm your faith with like-minded people.
  • Cons: if you are an atheist or a supporter of another religion, then that training will seem like utter folly and a waste of time.

Training, learning a specific ability, skill, etc.

If you go to the training, where they promise without any of the theories, concepts and “mongolfiere” to teach something specific like cooking vegan food, making jewelry from polymer clay, the treatment of the newborn infant, etc. – it is certainly a useful exercise!

  • Pros: doing something with their own hands, under the guidance of a Pro, you surely remember how it’s done, and will be able to repeat. Maybe training will give you the impetus to a more thorough study and development of new classes?
  • Cons: you are unlikely to teach something conceptually unique. The information you will receive in many cases is already in free access in the Internet. The merit of the developers and teachers in this case is that they have this information collected, we extracted the most important and interesting and lucidly explained to the participants.

Externally oriented practices

Refers to various practices on the basis of yoga, all kinds of exercises for women, contact improvisation, and other dance practice, etc.

  • Pros: movement is good! In General, any form of balanced physical exercise useful. Surely the training will be held in a convenient hall, and you will be able to do the exercises under the guidance of a competent coach he will tell you how to do a particular movement. Even if the practice is simple to perform, group classes always motivate more than exercising at home alone.
  • Cons: you may have medical contraindications to certain types of physical activity. If you have any concerns, consult your doctor before training and inform the coach about your problems.

Shared plus, who surely have any trainings and seminars for women – they are good at motivating. Frankly – going, for example, the training relationship, you probably deep down realize that you will be able to advise. You’ve heard similar advice before, but you need a “kick” in the form of “Here, now, I have visited the training, paid the money for it now otmazhus of the recommendations, and the conscience torment!”.

It’s not so bad – by all means, if you already know what you need to do!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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