Useful plants: beautiful, useful, mentally

Women’s website “” considers that the ecological way of life is possible even in the modern world of total air pollution, heat and artificial materials. It is especially important to maintain a healthy microclimate in the apartment or the place where we daily spend a lot of time. This will help useful plantsare not only able to please and calm the eye, but also positively affect the overall atmosphere. What is read in today’s article.

Fresh flowers in the house always been interior decoration and even a way of expression of their owner. And care for indoor plants – good meditation, and a way to calm the nerves. Therefore, intuitively, we do our best to weed the living space – even not the biggest fan of flora home has at least one pot of flowers.

Potted plants are air purifiers and energy

The plant is known to produce oxygen, this fact alone speaks in favor of the home “beds”. Many of them absorb carbon dioxide and harmful elements from the air, release moisture, and also have the ability to destroy harmful microorganisms. recommends the most useful flowers and plants:

  • Chlorophytum is a recognized leader in the volume of produced oxygen, so it will be useful in little ventilated rooms.
  • If you live on the first floor near a busy road, be sure to “dwell” at the English ivy. This plant “filter” the air, actively absorbing various toxins and heavy metals. However, this plant is quite capricious and requires careful adherence to watering, spraying and fertilizing.
  • Geranium is one of the most useful and necessary in the house of potted plants, a perennial source of volatile production (biological agents, successfully fighting bacteria and fungi).
  • Any of the varieties of ficus freshen and moisturize the air, not only absorb harmful substances. Put it even in children as allergic reactions it causes. On the broad leaves home deposited dust, which is then easy to remove.
  • Croton is a popular plant for my office and to the room where there are a large number of modern technology. In this area deteriorating air quality, changes its ionic structure. Croton actively “lights up” the air, saturating it with air ions that are essential for human health and wellbeing.
  • Dieffenbachia belongs to the useful and beautiful potted plants. Has moisturizing and antibacterial properties. Also, it is able to absorb formaldehyde released from furniture and building coatings. And taking into account the fact that this plant usually outdoor and can reach two meters in height, benefit from it much more than from other plants.
  • Dracaena good job with harmful chemical substances that produce a modern construction and finishing materials, furniture and flooring. The plant absorbs germs promotes healing of skin diseases and even strengthens the musculoskeletal system.
  • It is also useful to grow house plants with “hairy” leaves – good dust collectors. Don’t forget to bring home a pot of aloe Vera, its juice heals wounds and burns, solves the problems of digestion and strengthens the immune system. Century plant refers to the list of useful in-home cosmetology houseplants.

    On the respiratory system are beneficial potted lemon and pine bonsai (read our tips on how to grow bonsai at home).

    Environmental products on the windowsill?

    In addition to ornamental plants home can be grown and edible. It’s not just about green onions or parsley, but more “significant” varieties of herbs and even vegetables:

    • Cress grows very quickly and completely unpretentious to the soil, it can “sow” even in wet gauze. All that is required is a well-watered seeds, and after two weeks, the greens can be eaten.
    • Bell pepper in the pot belongs to the useful, but capricious indoor plants though to grow a few fruits each. First you need to germinate a few seeds and then plant each sprout in a separate container.
    • Celery can be grown in a plastic box and covered the roots three-centimeter layer of earth.
    • Lettuce grown in pots from seed for several hours soaked in a solution of potassium permanganate. Plant them in the ground to a depth of about 1 cm and cover with foil. Five days will appear the first shoots. After about a month the salad you can eat.
    • Mint (can be grown from sprigs) and Basil (better to take the seedlings) on the windowsill is always fresh, healthy and flavorful plants that you can use as a seasoning for dishes.

    Read more about how to grow vitamin herbs on the windowsill, “” has already been told in this article.

    Home herbs don’t take up much space, but creates a pleasant feeling of “piece of nature” in the apartment. Don’t forget to take care of their “Pets”, time for feeding, watering, and additional lighting is useful house plants – and they will thank you by creating your home cozy and healthy atmosphere.

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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