Useful than Chia seeds for weight loss?

Attention to women’s website “” today has attracted Chia seeds, reviews about the wonderful properties of which nowadays can be found on the Internet.

We decided to investigate whether “oily” grains, the literal meaning of the name of the seed “Chia”, can reduce weight and help to lose weight?

After all, no one legend of the South American peoples, where it is a plant of the genus shalfeeva, not to mention that they are able to solve the problem of excess weight.

That Chia seeds increase your stamina, and provide additional energy to heal from certain diseases – there is evidence, but that they helped to become slim some beautiful word! But, let’s face it, most of us today are buying Chia for weight loss.

Let’s examine the composition of these grains and find out whether substances in them that help to lose weight. Or widespread advertising of these miracle seeds — another marketing ploy?

The composition of the grains, Chia

Today, Spanish sage (even the so-called Chia seed) belongs to the food group “Superfoods”, “Superfoods”, that is, those which are distinguished by their particularly valuable properties. Products of this group have rich and balanced composition, saturate the body with energy and clean it – have a healing effect.

Scientists who studied grains Chia, drew attention to the amazing part of this product. In addition to vitamins and minerals, they contain:

  • Huge amount of fatty omega-3 acids;
  • Crude fiber containing pectin and fiber.

Thus, the introduction in the diet of Chia seeds will benefit your body. But does the use of grains Chia weight loss?

Crude fiber and protein for weight loss

Back to the rich composition of seeds to choose those constituents that can contribute to fat burning and weight loss. If the content of fatty acids in a large number of seeds makes a questionable product for weight loss, fiber and pectin is known to promote weight loss.

Cellulose and pectin

So, pay attention primarily on the fact that the grains contain crude fiber, rich in fiber and pectin.

  • In 100 g beans, Chia same amount of fiber as in 300 g of oats. What about the fibre? It helps to preserve the sense of satiety. That is, Chia seeds reduce the feeling of hunger, so I want to eat less.
  • Besides, 10 g of seeds satisfy one-third of the daily requirement for fiber, which has a positive effect on the intestine, has absorbent properties – protects the intestinal wall from acids and toxins.
  • If you chew a few seeds, we can see that the mouth forms a gel-like mass. This suggests that the composition of seeds include pectin, which has a unique astringent properties. Pectin is a great antioxidant, it cleanses the body of toxins, binds to and removes from the body. It improves the digestive tract and normalizes chair.
  • In addition, the Chia seed for weight loss is very absorbent. It can be seen, the Gulf water. After 10 minutes the grain with water will turn into a jelly-like mass. Similarly, once inside, the seeds begin to swell and increase in volume, filling the stomach with feeling of hunger is reduced.

Conclusion: as seeds, due to the property to increase in volume upon contact with fluid to provide a feeling of satiety, they may contribute to weight loss.

Vegetable protein

23% of Chia seeds consist of vegetable protein, which is healthier than animal protein. A sufficient amount of this substance in the body contributes to the fact that:

  • The man disappears, need something to eat or seize on the go.
  • Protein promotes the formation of lean muscle mass and not fat, leading to improved metabolism and promotes weight loss.
  • Muscles consume more calories, hence, burn fat.
  • The product is rich in fiber, pectin and protein, gives extra energy and vitality to the body, and also improves health and promotes weight loss.

    Above we learned about can Chia seeds help to lose weight. Now let’s see what else is useful is contained in the composition of these grains.

    Omega-3 acid

    The first thing that catches the attention of everyone who studies the composition of Chia seed, omega-acids, which in this product a lot – 17 mg per 100 g of seeds. For comparison: salmon, a recognized leader in the content of fatty acids, they contain only 2.5 mg per 100 grams.

    As you can see, the Chia seed can be safely attributed to some of the richest foods in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

    Given that fatty acids improve the transportation of nutrients in the body, accelerate metabolism, they can also be attributed to the substances that make Chia seeds good for weight loss.

    Besides, fatty acids are useful for our nervous system.

    Minerals and vitamins

    The composition of Chia seeds a lot of useful vitamins and minerals:

    • Calcium – 631 mg (the same number contains 600 ml of milk);
    • Potassium 407 mg (the contents of 200 g of bananas);
    • Magnesium – 335 mg (the same number included with 200 g of walnuts);
    • Iron – of 7.72 mg (equivalent to grades in 400 g of spinach).

    A small caveat: draws the attention of those who are going to buy Chia seeds for weight loss that a large content of fat (over 40%) makes this product delicious. If you eat 100 g of seeds, the body will get the extra 500 calories. Of course, this cannot promote weight loss.

    Therefore, those who are going to consume grains instead of Chia seeds, you can forget about losing weight. To weight reduced, the seeds should be used only as a Supplement to the main diet.

    On what meals to cook Chia seed to lose weight fast, we’ll explain later in the article.

    Thus, a unique combination of vegetable protein, coarse fibre and omega-3 fatty acids suggests that Chia (reviews about them you’ll find below) can contribute to weight loss.

    Use Chia for weight loss

    Grain Chia appearance similar to poppy, but they have a more oblong oval shape. In diameter they are very small – not more than 1 mm. the Color can vary from light grey to black. They’re crumbly.

    If you offer to purchase sticky Chia seeds for weight loss or in gel form, then it is a fake. Genuine Chia will always be dry.

    Grains have a neutral nutty taste, which allows them to add to various dishes. Therefore, it is possible to experiment and invent recipes for weight loss with Chia seeds. But we should not forget about the high fat content of seeds.

    To lose weight, the Chia seed drink not more than 10 g (2 tsp) per day. Grain added to dishes, making them gel, or pour dry, and many people like just to chew the Chia seed.

    • Dairy products, cereals will improve greatly if they add dry grain Chia. Seeds can be sprinkled on dry bread, mixed with cottage cheese, add in the pudding – Breakfast will be useful, but the feeling of fullness comes long. Add just a teaspoon in the dish. That’s enough.
    • Recommend the gel from Chia seeds to salads. To prepare the filling gel, you need 400 ml of water add 30 g of seeds. After 30 minutes, the mixture will swell and become gelatinous mass. Store gel-a gas station about 3 weeks in the refrigerator and use for salads.
    • Useful for those who lose weight, will become sprouted Chia seeds. They need to fill 5 minutes in water, then drain it and leave the seeds germinated. You need to wash them every day.
    • If a spoonful of gel to add to fruit desserts, also makes a delicious diet dish.
    • Chia seeds during times of the Aztecs was the main source of energy for warriors and wandering. Legends say that sometimes the hike doesn’t take anything except the Chia seeds or flour of these grains. The use of grains Chia increases endurance and gave me strength. Today it is easy to prepare flour from grains Chia. You need to chop with a blender or seed grinder in order to obtain useful flour. It is mixed 1 to 4 with the usual wheat flour, and get a great composition of dietary flour for baking.
    • To lose weight, the Chia seed can be added to any baked goods, then baking will be both tasty and healthy.
    • Love grain Chia vegetarians. 1 tablespoon of gel from the seeds to replace 1 egg.
    • Also the gel instead of eggs added to the dietary of meat. The composition of this improves.
    • You can use dry Chia seeds for breading meat dishes. Mix them with flour and fry them in patties and schnitzels.
    • We also add that the seeds added to smoothies, why they become more thick and viscous.

    Whichever you choose, the way to use Chia seeds for weight loss recipes or invented by you — do not forget that they are very high in calories. The daily rate of consumption – no more than 2 teaspoons.

    Chia seeds: reviews

    Finally, I will introduce readers with some reviews about Chia seeds, which seemed to us relevant.

    • “Try! – said my friend — nothing dangerous don’t worry about it”, — with these words began my acquaintance with Chia seeds. I was a skeptic, but these words convinced me to buy Chia seeds for weight loss. Added to salads, cereals, soups, just sprinkling them on top. Weight decreased by 3 kg per month, the chair was normalized. Elena.
    • The seeds swell in the stomach and really want to eat less. Bought for $ 9 500 grams. Long enough. Xenia.
    • I buy diet-vegan candy bars, sprinkle with Chia seeds. Love them to eat and tasty and not rich in calories.
    • Replaced my dinner with pudding 1 banana, glass of milk and a tablespoon of seed. You will lose weight! Two weeks is such a healthy and hearty dinner I lost 3 pounds. Note that the daily food intake has not changed. Lara.
    • And I Chia for weight loss does not help. Whether I bought a fake, whether all this garbage. Although my friend with them losing weight well and praises. Katya.
    • I got burned, will lead to a lower seed price. Bought earlier in a black bundle, and then found the bright bag cheaper. They were bitter. Just throw money to the wind. And so the seeds of good and useful. I their children in the cereal add. I know that there are a lot of vitamins and minerals. Natalia.
    • Before you are going to buy seeds Chia for weight loss, learn all about the supplier to buy the genuine article. Depends on whether Chia seeds are helpful or harmful. Nice.

    What about the fact that in any historical document does not mention about how Chia seeds promote weight loss, answer: Aztecs and Indians never fought with excess weight. Their task was to survive in conditions of war and famine. About losing weight did not say, and obesity under conditions of heavy physical labour was not there.

    Most likely, that is why information about the fact that the seeds help to fight obesity, not found in historical documents.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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