Very good diapers: list of manufacturers, ranking the best and reviews parents

Parents of newborn children, special attention should be paid to child hygiene. The choice and acquisition of quality diapers and special panties are an important part of household expenditure, which is required to be approached with the utmost responsibility. How convenient it would be to feel the baby depends not only his health, but also mood. If you pick the wrong size or model unexamined fully system to hold the diaper on the child and also the product of semi-breathable material, may cause allergic reactions and irritations on the baby’s skin.

What diapers are best for newborns

To avoid problems, choosing a much-needed means of hygiene, it is important to consider not only children’s weight but also body type, height, sex of child, type of fastening products, the presence of special means for protection, as well as the shelf life of the diaper. It is best to choose products are the most popular and well-known brands, because they has already established itself among customers. These products are certified and have many good reviews among moms. To know which diapers are the best, consider the rating of the best manufacturers. It was created based on the popularity of the brand among customers and popularity on retail shelves.


In the ranking of the best diapers they are in the first place no wonder. This brand is undisputed leader for many years. Diapers, this brand long trusted by parents, because their products started the whole story of this hygiene. Pioneers in any field be hard but respectfully. Each year, the company continues its development and now produces various lines of diapers, given all the specifics and requirements of the gradual development of the child.

Why many buyers choose Pampers

Many parents think that these are good diapers. Reviews about this product positive. Noted a lot of advantages:

  • a large range of models suitable for premature to term children who most require the protection of a soft skin;
  • they are very comfortable and does not restrict the child when he moves;
  • on the inside contains a special layer that is designed to ensure that the skin of the baby is not subjected to friction;
  • protection from the so-called greenhouse effect with the help of breathable materials;
  • to prevent leaks created by a special dual protection of robust and reliable cuffs and also elastic side panels of convenient width;
  • not like many consumers respond positively to reusable adhesive fixtures;
  • bright and colorful design by the shower and by the kids and their mothers;
  • there are a number of models, which are impregnated with a special balm helps to care for delicate baby skin.

Huggies Diapers

The second place of the rating assigned to the company Haggis. Many believe that these are the best diapers for newborns. The company though was not the very first in this field of products for children, but, nevertheless, a lot of parents believes that the diapers from this company meet all their needs and ideals. The baby care has become much less difficult because of the use of Huggies diapers.

The developers of this brand was opened to consumers, the excellent attachment in the form of Velcro, high-quality products in the form of diapers and panties, comfortable cotton coating on the outside of the product. According to mom, the diapers, well absorb liquid, and the pocket in back protects from leaks, but the wrong selection of the size of the skin may be traces from the cuffs and gel particles.

The advantages of the models of Huggies

These are the best diapers for newborns reviews received the following:

  • in products for newly born babies is extremely gentle and uses a soft coating, which is called liquid silicone;
  • all the waste of the baby equally distributed across the inner part of the product;
  • if parents use powder, lotion or oil to protect baby’s delicate skin, fastening diapers securely hold still, fixing the diaper on the body;
  • the combination of the components of the composition of the diaper and a special system of absorption makes the baby’s body maximally dry, turning a liquid to a gel;
  • for those kids who are already trying on their own to use the potty, recommended a special diaper-pants, in which there is property is the disappearance of the drawings.

Diapers Merries

This, according to many parents, also the best diapers for children. This brand has become one of the indicators of product quality and its prevalence among buyers. Manufacturers from Japan have surpassed their colleagues from the West in many settings, given that there was this brand of diapers with great delay. The price of these products exceeds others, but this brand is rightly valued by parents from around the world.

The distinctive features of the products Merries

These are the best diapers for newborns, trips, have a number of advantages:

  • the main feature among other manufacturers of hygiene and its positive quality – the presence of the fullness indicator;
  • the product sits perfectly on the child, will not slide and not break;
  • diapers provide air access to the body of the baby through the micropores located inside;
  • the products are clearly distinguished in usage by gender: diapers for girls reinforced the lower part, and the boys – front;
  • the composition of materials includes witch hazel extract, with antibacterial and antiseptic properties;
  • the child’s body is experiencing maximum comfort and minimum pressure due to elastic comfortable microway gum.

Diapers Moony

They are in fourth place in the ranking of the most good diapers. This manufacturer is also from Japan. For many parents, the products of this brand became a reference. The composition used material Silky Air, which helps to make diapers from this brand are very soft and comfortable for baby’s skin with a high level of absorbency.

Unfortunately, there can be fakes of this famous model, who don’t have all the positive properties of the original.

Why parents prefer Marche Moony

These good diapers have a number of advantages:

  • inner cotton side helps to protect the skin from irritation;
  • the piece is worked out a special ventilation system with continuous air circulation;
  • secure attachment is made as reusable;
  • as of fullness the product does not lose shape, elasticity and the property of absorbing;
  • the superabsorbent within the product contribute to the excellent level of absorption and recycle selected baby fluid in a gel form;
  • large folds with different angles allow good to absorb, in addition to the urine, and even diarrhea toddler;
  • on the compacted part of the diaper (in the back) is soft cotton mesh, through which no sweaty back and butt, so decreases the likelihood of allergies or heat rash;
  • products of the brand Moony from a special line of Newborn was developed, taking into account all quality only born children (difficulties not healed until the end of the navel are solved using a special plot items, having the shape of semicircle, which prevents friction on the navel);
  • there is a possibility almost silently to change the baby’s diaper, if he sleeps, with a special ribbon with rounded ends, located around the belt;
  • the entire list of advantages of this brand adds fullness indicator.

Diapers GooN

For Japanese manufacturers the main challenge in designing diapers was to ensure maximum dryness and comfort for the baby. Products GooN known worldwide for their differences in functionality among other manufacturers. This has ensured their high demand and popularity among parents.

Characteristic features of the diapers GooN

These are the best diapers reviews are also positive. So they take the fifth place among the other brands. Users are pleased with the following properties:

  • when creating natural materials;
  • layer composed of a substance that converts liquid into gel, and cellulose, which provides the maximum absorbency of the diaper;
  • in products there is a special in the distribution layer, through which the material is not sinking in clumps, and the whole of the incoming liquid is equally distributed;
  • diapers have fullness indicator;
  • with the help of a porous breathable material air masses without difficulty circulate and vapors, repelled from the body of a baby;
  • in the model integrated elastic fastening and belt;
  • the composition of the inner part includes vitamin E.


The main task of the producers of this Swedish brand is to clearly separate needs. From birth to three months the child is most in need of care. During this period, it is important to pay special attention to healing the wound of the navel, make time for adequate and comfortable rest. To solve these problems, manufacturers have created a separate line of Newborn products.

The main reasons for the popularity of the company Libero

The advantages of these the best diapers, according to parents:

  • wide sides and elastic cuffs around the legs of the child create a reliable protection against leaks;
  • separately-designed cutout for the umbilical wound;
  • the outer coating of thin, breathable material covers the cutout and protects is not zhivshie place from moisture and infections;
  • a special indicator showing the amount of moisture, facilitates timely diaper change;
  • consisting of no lotions, fragrances and other not useful for the baby matters, that is why children’s skin is protected from irritations and allergies;
  • the diaper is made from material with micro-pores for admission of air, allowing the baby’s skin to breathe;
  • the absorbent layer absorbs moisture, keeping it inside, allowing the surface to remain consistently dry;
  • around the waist is elastic waist, not hindering movement of the baby and providing it with maximum comfort;
  • some models contain a part of the chamomile which has a positive impact on the care of baby skin.

Diapers Helen Harper

At manufacturing of products of the Belgian brand Helen Harper uses only the highest quality materials that have passed the mandatory testing. This property of this brand and was interested in many parents. He ranked seventh in the ranking of the best diapers.

The distinctive properties of the products Helen Harper

Diapers of this brand are divided into two main lines: Air comfort and Soft&Dry. In the first line of the top surface is certainly breathable, which ensures good air circulation, thanks to which the tender baby skin is not prone to allergic reactions.

The advantages of the products of this brand:

  • the inner layer contains the superabsorbent, so moisture is quickly absorbed and is retained, and the baby’s skin stays dry without irritation;
  • the outer layer is impregnated with antibacterial components and aloe Vera extract to help eliminate bacterial breeding and provide additional protection from irritation;
  • the brand’s products is endowed with an anatomical shape;
  • the elastic side of the diaper provide a reliable fit to the body of a baby;
  • soft elastic around the legs are great protection from leaks.

Blueberry Diapers

This company is one of the leaders on the American market for diapers. They differ primarily reusable. The brand is quite young, appeared only in 2005, when a young mother was not able to find the right diaper for your child, and created his own development. After a year there was a wide range of comfortable and stylish reusable diapers are made of natural materials such as cotton and linen.

Benefits of Blueberry diapers

These are good diapers-panties are distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • The size of the nappy increases the growth of the baby.
  • The diaper is very durable, it allows for the possibility to use it for second child.
  • The product is easy to use: all the components of the diaper can be washed in the washing machine using ordinary baby powders, they dry pretty quickly and not need Ironing.
  • Multifunctional components.
  • Reusable nappy looks great with a stylish, original and colorful prints. Besides the coloring of the product is well reflected in the development of vision and perception of the child.

So, what diapers are good? The reviews will help parents to make the right choice.

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