Veterinary clinic “Revival” in Vologda: description & reviews

Veterinary clinic “Revival” in Vologda was rewarded with positive feedback from visitors. Here you can safely bring your four-legged friend, when health problems arise. Consider the description of this institution and reviews about it.

A bit of history

Veterinary clinic “Revival” in Vologda was founded in the summer of 2006. First, the experts used the little room. But despite this, even then the school was equipped with a reception, a separate operating room, a laboratory and a drugstore. Next year, the clinic had a room three times larger.

Today, “Revival” is a four rooms in Vologda, which are always open to helping animals. There are two outpatient institutions and two pharmacies. The staff is warm friendly mood and always ready to help. Pets are happy to see good doctors.

The staff of the veterinary clinic

Veterinary clinic “Revival” in Vologda is a team of reliable professionals. Almost all employees of this institution of higher education. They attend weekly conferences for doctors of the city, probation, learning from the experience of colleagues from other cities. Attend congresses, conferences, master-classes, confirming the obtained knowledge in practice. Therefore, the skill of the doctors is constantly increasing.

Veterinary clinic in Pskov

Veterinary clinic “Renaissance” in the Vologda, Pskov is a full medical facility where you can get professional help for the animals. Organization included in the ranks of Russian society Companies carrying Zoological business, is also composed of such companies as the national Veterinary chamber.

This indicates the seriousness of the business, the founders of the clinic. Therefore, to apply to such professionals without unnecessary anxiety. They take care of maximum impact of its work.


Veterinary clinic “Renaissance” in Vologda, Karl Marx, and Pskov, has been providing professional veterinary care in the areas of:

  • Therapeutic.
  • Surgical.
  • Cancer.
  • Dermatological.
  • Cardiology.
  • Ophthalmic.
  • Reproductive.
  • Endocrine.

In addition, the veterinary clinic “Renaissance” in Vologda, Karla Marksa assists rodents and some species of exotic animals. The owners of these Pets can also contact the vets in Vologda on the street Pskov.

The advantages of the clinic

Veterinary clinic “Revival” in Vologda is not only high quality service. It offers an attractive pricing policy, so use the services of a veterinary care can not only locals, but also visitors to the city.

It is noteworthy that access to specialists at any time of the day. Doors open veterinary clinics to help Pets. Here, even at night there is the doctor on duty. There are situations, when to wait till morning – too long. Therefore, the clinic provides for the possibility of providing emergency assistance.


In veterinary clinics Vozrozhdenie undergo practical training of student vets. Every year their number is 5 to 9 people. Students send Vologda relevant University and College. Those who shows himself as interested in constant training specialist, the management of the veterinary clinic employs.

If your pet need assistance, the best option veterinarians will be “Revival”.

The opinion of the visitors

The best way to get an idea of a particular institution is to study reviews about it. If we look at the experiences of visitors veterinary clinics “Resurgence”, you can find that here unusually friendly and caring staff. All doctors have a higher education and the appropriate specialty.

In this place, always clean and beautiful. Comfortable not only Pets but also their owners. The owners of four-legged patients satisfied with the quality of service and the privacy policy of veterinary clinics “Rebirth”. It is always a pleasure to come. Pleased with the promptness of the admission and commitment of staff in a positive treatment outcome. These institutions have a good reputation, a lot of positive reviews.

To summarize

“Revival” is a network of agencies to assist Pets, including exotic ones. The company has two veterinary clinics and two pharmacies for the animals.

In the clinics located in the streets of Karl Marx and Pskov, around the clock, ready to assist the friendly and courteous staff. The clinics are clean and comfortable, the animals feel comfortable here. For assistance by qualified professionals. Clinic “Revival” have a good reputation.

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