Victorian style in clothing, or How to look like royalty

Today, the original women’s site “” will talk about how to dress like royalty! After all, the Victorian style is for those women who know how Royal grace to wear fitted jackets and blouses with ruffles, intricate cut skirt and gorgeous pieces!

Victorian style clothing women: a little history

It is the style brought into fashion by Queen Victoria in the late 19th century. At his accession to the throne the Queen was young and handsome, and, of course, loved to dress up! Because ladies all of the British Kingdom have adopted every invention from the wardrobe of a monarch, soon-elect Victoria style conquered England and all of Europe.

So what was invented in the field of fashion Queen Victoria and her tailors, and why the echoes of Victorian style and still sound after a century and a half?

Victorian style clothing is a luxury, combined with rigor.

Silhouettes – just fitted (during the Victoria ladies wore corsets), skirts – puffy, Hoop skirts and plenty of ruffles, and color combinations juicy, however noble, without flashy colors. It was invented by the famous Victorian blouses, virtually unchanged extant – with spacious sleeves at the cuffs and collar, buttoned at the throat.

The style definitely uses a different “rich” fabrics and rich decoration (embroidery, inserts, etc.): velvet, lace, fur, suede, taffeta… the Contrast is crisp and light, airy materials always looks a winner!

Another feature Victorian style inherent prints and patterns embroidery: large realistic floral motifs (roses, peonies) as well as with Golden curls and “garlands”.

How to create the style of the Victorian era in clothing these days?

Of course, to reproduce the style of the second half of the 19th century, you should not: a complete historical reconstruction of Victorian outfits is appropriate except for themed costume ball. But to create a kind of modernized version of the image with a taste of Victorian England is quite real! Depends on you – whether you want to create a luxury look for evening or elegant day look: maybe both, the key is to pick things with taste and to keep the balance between vintage and modern.

Give recognizable flavor to the image of clothing in the Victorian style:

  • Corsets.
  • Wide belts-corsets.
  • Skirt with a high waist and a variety of fabrics, ruffles, etc. (length and silhouette – almost any, except the mini).
  • Blouses with puffed sleeves, stand collar and lots of frills on the chest. Instead of ruffles on the neck can be a frill or a bow.
  • Jackets (single breasted and double breasted).
  • Slim coat.
  • Boas, fur collars on coats.

No need to try to make the whole image of the authentic “Victorian” things – on the contrary, combine them with modern clothes! For example, a blouse with frills will be good with the wide pants, the jacket with Victorian embroidery – pencil skirt, etc.

The color combinations inherent in the style is black with white, white or ecru with a wine-red, dark-green or blue. Also welcome unusual combinations (not garish-bright): purple with silver grey, terracotta, chocolate, etc.

Required details in the form of jewelry and accessories: pick up, for example, a brooch-cameo earrings with filigree or something suitably from the range of antique jewelry shops.

Handbag should be small, “theatre”, and certainly beautifully decorated. Footwear – only heels (shoes, boots, boots or ankle boots with lace-up).

A highlight of the image can be gloves with lace (for the season) and a small hat with veil, feathers, flowers or other decorations.

Modern Victorian style clothing

Victorian style formed the basis of many fields of modern fashion, and besides – he was very interested representatives of youth subcultures!

Gothic, “loli”, steampunk, glam rock and even punk, these styles are actively using the basic elements of Victorian style! Dress in the style of the Victorian era is almost one to one copy “Gothic lolita”. Corsets with blouses fond of Wickersham… Necklace-barocci (chokers) are now all in fashion – a steampunk lady with them just do not leave!

But even if you do not belong to any of subcultures, try to bring into your closet features a Victorian style is not too difficult.

You can play the Association – the educated viewer will understand that you play in the way that is the Victorian era. For example, wear jeans, a lace blouse and button it oval brooch at the neck, make high hairstyle and to pick up the blouse fitted vest – here you have a Victorian style in the 21st century!

You can’t beat silhouettes and styles, and recognizable prints and details. Dress with Victorian monograms or skirt with luxurious bouquets of roses, embroidered purse clasp or suede shoes with bow – all this comes from the style Queen Victoria!

But if you have such a remarkable event like marriage, website advises thinking about how to choose a wedding dress in Victorian style: here is where you can enjoy all the pleasures of dress in the spirit of 19th-century lace, corset, train, crinoline!..

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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