Video resume: rules and secrets of successful self-presentation today will help readers who are looking for work and want them guaranteed to be noticed among the flood of many candidates. In recent years, in Europe, and now in our country, becoming popular as a way of self-presentation as a video resume. We’ll show you how to approach it so not to make mistakesthat can, without exaggeration, to put an end to all your future career.

Virtual meeting with the employer

Employer-based video – similar to the traditional summary – were previously available only to top managers and executives, holding high positions, as they require professional assistance of PR, who organized everything from script and finishing with some technical moments.

Today, this method of presentation available to a larger number of applicants: there are many specialized online services with which you can record and edit a good presentation. Process easier the questions, answering which the Respondent achieves the desired content of the questionnaire.

On the one hand, a professionally recorded video will cost money, on the other, personnel specialist, without a doubt, estimate high (but without excessive fanaticism) the quality and content of the questionnaire.

If you spend a lot of money do not want, and personally filmed the video does not satisfy you in quality, it is better to choose an alternative and create a regular presentation program in PowerPoint, consisting of slides. Combine the slides with your own photos, for example, trainings or conferences that you attended. Though it’s not a professional video but a resume will not stay unnoticed.

The benefits of video presentations

  • As this trend is not yet very widespread among the Russian candidates, your job definitely will be noticed and remembered.
  • Through high-quality video that embodies your resume can be beneficial to emphasize personal characteristics, your strengths, for example, communication skills.
  • Familiarity with new technologies will be to your advantage when selecting candidates.

What to consider when creating a video resume?

Online you can find many examples of good video presentations. But you can also stumble across videos, created by people, as illiterate in this area and clearly pereborschite with tips from the experts at PR.

The worst example of such a summary is officially considered the famous movie student of Alex Weiner, “a pathological liar” and a “champion for narcissism”, which is “mixed” in his presentation, the ability to break the palm of the pile of bricks, to raise the bar, to dance ballroom dances and the virtuoso playing tennis.

So you don’t repeat his mistakes gives some tips on creating effective presentations:

  • The duration of the video, which fits the summary should not be more than three minutes. At the same time, the flow should be as informative and concise.
  • This summary should not be a regular “hold” its text version. Of course, to prepare to shoot and record the main points should be, but to say you need to be as relaxed and natural. This presentation aims to present itself in the most favourable light.
  • Shooting it is necessary to conduct in a business setting, reminiscent of the office, away from any noise sources. Try to avoid clothing rustle and other sounds.
  • You can remove the summary in the form of answers to the questions of the interviewer, which can be in frame, and to stay out of sight of the camera.
  • Stripped video, as well as the usual summary, in several parts: introduce yourself, tell about jobs that you expect, briefly tell us about your experience, a little about the personal qualities and Hobbies.
  • A creative answer to a standard questionwhich you have asked in a traditional interview: why an employer needs to hire you.
  • Describing his past achievements, tell what you can and plan to achieve in the new job.
  • At the end of the summary must go credits with your contacts. Very creative applicants assign a place for mistakes occurring in the process any – it relieves the tension.
  • All the most important information needs to be presented in the beginning of the video, secondaries and leave for later.

    The video it is desirable to record for each individual from employers, arranging relevant for each of the vacancies accents. Video resume can place on specialized recruitment sites, but not in the public domain, and make it visible only to registered employers.

    In addition, it can be attached to the letter you sent to the recruiter or attach only a link to the video.

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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