Virtual relationships: have they a future?

“Recently I met with a young man in network, we’re from different cities. Communicate in ICQ, texting, e-mail and SMS, talk on the phone and on Skype (fortunately not live in the stone age). Are going to meet. I would like to hear advice about whether to do it and learn about the prospects of such a relationship. Am not find a place of doubt, I like him very much. Thank you in advance, Tatiana”.

Tatiana, the problems of virtual communication in the Internet era affect many people. Therefore, women’s website continuing the series of articles about long distance relationships, will attempt to describe virtual relationships, to evaluate them and tell you about the prospects of the so-called virtual love.

Dating in the network. Virtual love

Often in search of interesting people we find on the Internet virtual friends and less virtual love. Long weeks of correspondence, exchange of photos, lovely and delicate SMS, many hours of talking on the phone – it passed through many.

Carnival of emotion and a storm of emotions, passion and adventure of adventure, kinship and similarity of views — and soon you realize that the Internet and virtual communication is not enough. Want more meetings and live communication, real-touching and hugs, true love and sex.

Virtual relationship problems

Here lies the main catch. How do you know where imagination ends and where reality begins? Whether to translate the virtual relationship to the next level – real? And how to do so, to not disappoint, and, most importantly, not to be disappointed?

Very often, communicating on the Internet, we try to make only good impression. Virtual communication liberates and blurs the boundaries, forcing to open up, to share the most intimate and sometimes fall in love.

And even if the person is not a hypocrite and telling the truth, the other perceives it in a manner consistent with their beliefs and life experience. This, coupled with the lack of information leads to the fact that it conjures up is not what really is, and what it wants, prikrasa and idealizing. When we do not see the close and native person, a stranger “uncle”, completely unlike our own image.

Whether to translate virtual relationships real?

First you need to firmly understand for yourself how much you’re willing to cross that line, and do you do it. Maybe it’s better to leave everything as is and just enjoy interesting communication, receiving missing in my life the attention and warmth?

Fear to descend from heaven to earth and face the bitter prose of life prevents many girls to meet with their virtual counterparts live. Maybe he’s greedy obscene or likes picking his nose on people, squints or limps, smells awful or awkward dancing? Some firmly believe that without them, they are the rest of my life will regret the lost opportunity. And suddenly it’s fate?

In any case, it’s up to you. We will only talk about what you can expect in the most extreme cases.

Scenarios of meeting after the virtual relationship

All directly depends on communication:

  • If it was superficial and “nothing”, is not allowed to understand and experience the person in the present, but distinguished by liveliness, ease and interest, sufficient for the meeting, the meeting likely will be held steady. The lack of information, of course, include the imagination and will add an unfinished picture of your online-men, but cool enough prior communication will not be disappointed 100 percent. Because the communication was not of the depth and proximity. You seem to start from scratch. Everything here will depend on the factor of appearance and mutual sympathy.
  • If every line and every SMS you learned of this person, day by day becoming closer to him, if you found a complete coincidence of views and opinions, if he’s interesting in its eccentricity and originality, if you all the time wanted more and you think his soul mate, even his Burr seems nice, and the scar on the face is unusual and sexy. Will the awkwardness and shyness! And like family, and so many things said and done, but I just feel at ease with him like a total stranger. Close to each other in absentia, a new appearance. But did you forget the sincerity and tenderness, warmth and emotion?
  • Actually, options can be a lot, and to describe them all is physically impossible. He is close to you in spirit, but not like the look or, on the contrary, he is handsome and sexy but is not catchy for you as a person. Many people, so many relationships and encounters.

    Just remember that in the correspondence the man is unlikely to share their problems and to tell you truthfully about their shortcomings. It may in absentia to appear smart and understanding, sparkling joy of life and sexual activity, beautiful and generous. So try to ignore and not to take for granted the messages about appearance, intelligence, social status, age, etc photos won’t tell you about his gait, facial expressions and smile.

    Some useful advice

  • Don’t put too high hopes on a meeting. Only in the rare case you can meet the man of her dreams.
  • Be prepared that this may be the first and last meeting.
  • Get ready for several moments of bitter disappointment. It will not look the way you imagined it or how he himself described.
  • Even a complete disappointment — it is the result. First, it is an invaluable experience (take into account all the mistakes in the future). And secondly, you did everything you could. and your conscience can be calm.
  • Insights

    If the meeting and live communication passed on “Hurrah” if you two are good together and you want to continue the relationship, it is not important how and where you met (on the street or in the network). Online Dating is just one way, and nothing more. Well, and how to build relationships on what they will be periodic trips to each other, and long-distance relationships, or moving one of you to another city and start a family – it all depends on you.

    Love to you and only honest relationship!

    Author – Yulia Maximenko, website – Beautiful and Successful

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