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I have considerable experience interviewing, and seemed to be seen in the career of any journalist. However, this serious and multi-stage checking as before the interview with Irina Wolin, Director of real estate Agency “Slavic yard” honestly could not remember. Say literally the check was in the Kremlin.

The meeting, its date, time, format — all of this was coordinated with the offices of Irina long enough and seriously. Took a copy of my passport, license journalists, and other documents. Will ashamed to say that I was discouraged and confused. I was ready to the same reception, and, looking ahead, I note — I was pleasantly disappointed.

So, the long-awaited meeting with Irina. It’s hard to describe my excitement, which, however, quickly dissipated with the advent of Irina around immediately reigned comfort, comfort that could not be better conducive to a pleasant and interesting conversation.

Irina is a woman who creates an atmosphere of celebration, of Christmas and involve all the others. Slim, tall, with a MOP of Golden hair, a sparkle in the eyes — Irina is one of those women whose age is impossible to determine decisively. Impeccable manner is felt in every detail of her image — red business suit from Dior stylish gold ring in the form of a Cheetah with sparkling emerald eyes, mesmerizing graceful but always ready to pounce.

The image of beautiful and successful women, which supports Irina is much more than just an image. It is the essence. Irina is a rare exception in the world of women in business: she just achieved solely by their labor. She received an excellent education (Irina is a certified art historian), and soon life gave her an interesting perspective.

The path of Irene to the world of real estate brokerage business has begun in 90-e years. Initially it was engaged in delivery of apartments in rent — looking for objects that have been meeting. Everything is standard, if not one “but”: all this without any sponsors and assistance.

I had a lot of recalls today, Irina. So much that on the personal life time did not remain. However, she did not give up — believe and know that the Lord will not leave her and will help her to arrange personal happiness.

What happened: in a short time in the life of a business lady appeared amazing man — unlike all those who met Irina before. What he was attracted to her? Irina, listing qualities of your spouse, especially notes reliability, nobility — a man she still considers them the most important. And this real man, who can be relied upon at all capable of defending — he was the lover of Irene.

Irina admits that meeting him was unexpected. At that time, all her thoughts, plans focused exclusively around the work — by the way, very successful: the firm was already open, the number of customers grew, and the process of work brings only pleasure, after all, Irina was engaged in favourite business, which is fully captured.

Marriage could not make adjustments in the work of Irene. She has decided to narrow the scope of activities focusing on work with vacation property. However, all contacts were saved, but the transaction is still controlled by her personally.

A rich business life in no way prevented harmonious marital and family life. Irina is a happy mother of two daughters, and the eldest daughter she is already married. Christina is remarkably similar to the mother — the same spectacular looks, amazing mind. And even in the education of their daughter decided to follow in the footsteps of Irina graduated from Moscow state University and became an art critic, and today operates successfully in the field of design and cultural studies. The younger daughter, is still to come — she is studying in school.

Irina is a unique woman. She’s not just successful, professional realtor, talented leader of a reputable company having a reputation in the market. Irina is also a philanthropist.

Always inspired by examples of pre-revolutionary merchants, Irina is worried not only about the welfare of his own family — she despises and for the Fatherland, the state in which she lives and her beloved family. For myself, Irina chose this noble path as support cultural and educational projects. First decent result is already there — open the Fund “Russian heir”, which Irene had founded, and which now manages the.

Interview with Irina flew by very quickly — intelligent, sophisticated and intelligent woman, comfortable and beautiful office in the heart of Moscow, on Ostozhenka. I catch myself thinking: I’m willing to spend for such a conversation more than one hour.

I warmly say goodbye to Irina, and my gaze drops again to her luxurious jewelry, it is the ring in the form of a Cheetah, which caught my attention in the beginning of Dating. Myself noticed — how accurately parts can characterize the person! It is difficult to find a more accurate Association with Irina. Femininity, softness and grace that lightning transferred an iron grip on the business of course, when this becomes necessary. In readiness to defend themselves, the interests and welfare of his family.

The author — Sofia Livitskaya

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