Vitamin a for hair: benefits, contraindications, how to apply externally and internally, in capsules and in capsules

The beauty of women is daily exposed to numerous threats in the form of stress, bad environment, poor quality food, poor lifestyle, and even the weight of negative factors. Most suffer from it are hair. Dealing balms, serums and other cosmetic products, you only mask the problem. And we need a more global assistance. For example, vitamin a is useful for hair that restores hair at a cellular level and solves the problem in the Bud.

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In pharmacies you can find vitamin a is called “Retinol acetate”. It is a synthetic fat-soluble substance, usually sold in oil form to improve absorption by the body. It can be glass bubbles or capsules. Concentrated product packaged in ampoules. Vitamin a for hair growth can and should also be consumed along with natural products:

  • carrots;
  • bell pepper;
  • spinach;
  • fish oil;
  • the liver;
  • butter;
  • hard cheese;
  • eggs;
  • vegetable oil.

Helps the hair

If the body has a shortage of nutrients, it is instantly reflected on the curls in the form of dryness, breakage and loss. The most important role in maintaining the beauty of the hair plays a retinol. Use it is as follows:

  • stimulates growth;
  • returns hair a healthy Shine;
  • makes hair more voluminous;
  • provides reliable protection from UV rays;
  • to combat dryness;
  • attaches to hair shaft elasticity and firmness;
  • treats dandruff;
  • prevents split ends.

The owners of curls is oily it is necessary to limit the use of masks with retinol. Otherwise, the sebaceous glands begin to work even more intensively, and curls will zaselyatsya faster.

Vitamin a for hair: use cases

Having studied the instructions for use of retinol in various forms, you probably will not find any data regarding hair. It is its application — people’s interpretation. Therefore, it is necessary to look at the experience of other beauties to use this tool.

Useful shampoo

If you have limited time and cannot afford long to cast over the preparation of masks, you can simply enrich your favorite shampoo by adding vitamin. This should be done in the following way.

  • In a separate container (e.g. a Cup) pour this amount of shampoo, which will be enough for two soaping hair.
  • The contents of one or two vitamin the capsules to squeeze in the shampoo and mix with finger or wooden stick.
  • Part of lather the shampoo the head and rinse to remove the bulk of contaminants.
  • Apply the remaining shampoo and leave for three minutes.
  • Rinse well curls and let them dry naturally.
  • Vitamin A capsules or in any other form to add to the shampoo prior to use. If you will introduce a lot of the substance in the bottle of shampoo, a substance is quickly oxidized, and no benefit to your hair it will bring.

    Masks: table

    Mask with vitamin a for hair growth, hair loss and other common problems is widely used by fans of the national cosmetology. You can enrich any natural retinol mask, and you can use recipes that have already chosen proportions.

    Table — Recipes hair masks with vitamin a

    For Shine — A teaspoon of oil of vitamin A;
    — same amount of liquid vitamin E;
    — as much vitamin B12;
    — 3 slices of bread (you will need only a crumb);
    — half Cup of concentrated decoction of nettle, chamomile and horsetail
    50 minutes
    From split ends— Tablespoon of avocado oil;
    — a teaspoon of oil of vitamin A;
    — vitamin E;
    — 8 drops of oil of ylang-ylang
    30 minutes
    For easy combing– Tablespoon of olive oil;
    — a teaspoon of oil of vitamin A;
    — vitamin E
    60 minutes
    For rapid growth— Yolk;
    — 4 tablespoons of non-carbonated mineral water;
    — tablespoon of mustard powder;
    — teaspoon of burdock oil;
    — the same amount of vitamin A oil;
    — vitamin E
    leave overnight
    Against hair loss— A teaspoon of oil of vitamin A;
    — the same amount of burdock oil;
    — a tablespoon of onion juice;
    the same tincture of red pepper;
    the same castor oil;
    — the yolk
    35 minutes
    For softness— 2 teaspoons of potato starch;
    — 2 cabbage leaves (boil and grind in a blender);
    — tablespoon of olive oil;
    — a teaspoon of oil of vitamin A
    40 minutes
    For damaged hair— 2 potatoes (boil and mash into a puree);
    — a third Cup of cream;
    — tablespoon of oil vitamin A
    40 minutes
    From dryness— Avocado;
    — cucumber;
    — half Cup of sour cream;
    — ampoule of vitamin A
    40 minutes

    Before you use vitamin a for hair and masks on its basis, it is recommended to test for allergies. Usually retinol is well tolerated, but in rare cases, possible side effects. To ensure their absence, apply a little means on the inner bend of the elbow, and rate the reaction in ten minutes.Other methods of external application

    At home, you can apply retinol not only in shampoo or masks. There are still a few proven ways.

    • Massage. Moisten your fingers in the oil solution of vitamin A in a quarter of an hour, massage into scalp. After that you can just wash the strands or leave the product on the hair for half an hour, warmed the head.
    • Processing tips. Tool in ampoules effectively against the section. Every time washing your hair, apply a retinol to damp hair and do not rinse.
    • Irrigation. Capacity spray bottle, fill with mineral water and add the contents of the vitamin capsules. If you have to spend a lot of time in the sun or in a heated room, orosite hair is obtained by means of three to four times during the day, tentatively shaking the container.

    Retinol in makeup: 6 tips

    Despite all the advantages of vitamin A if used incorrectly, it will be useless for health and beauty of curls. Based on the reviews beauties, it is possible to identify six useful tips.

  • Nourish from the inside. Enough to cause vitamin a to the hair. You also need to take it inside. At least with food. But, in agreement with the doctor, you can additionally drink the vitamin separately or as part of a complex of substances, the company with which the retinol is better absorbed.
  • Do the massage. Dealing tool based on retinol on the roots of the hair, be sure to massage into your skin. This will enhance the blood flow.
  • Insulate. Nutrients better penetrate the skin and hair texture, if you insulate your head with plastic and a thick towel.
  • Take your time. To hair mask with vitamin a as it should work, it should stay at least an hour. 60 minutes — the optimum time.
  • Properly store. The capacity of retinol, packaging of capsules or ampoules should be stored in a cool place, protected from sunlight. Finished formulations should be used immediately, the storage, they are not subject.
  • Correctly apply. Apply the mask to dry hair before washing. First treated roots, and then curls along the entire length.
  • A single application of vitamin A from hair loss will not bring about any pronounced effect except cosmetic. To improve the hair, you need at least a month to carry out the procedure twice a week. If the problem is bad enough, the course can last up to three months.

    If your hair is damaged and weakened due to frequent dyeing, permanent thermal effects, external effects of climate and other negative factors, do not rush to spend money on expensive salon treatments and cosmetic products. Vitamin a for hair could be a boon if applied topically and used internally.

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