Vivan practice for a healthy body and soul

Today women’s site “” article for those who prefer to improve their skills. We will talk about Vivan – gentle and effective breathing technique.

The popularity of such exercises today is coming to mass. Proper breathing promises us relief from stress, at least. As a maximum – full “reboot” of consciousness and a new Outlook on life.

What is vivation how to master this technique and why is it useful?

The subconscious, repression, integration

One of the breathing practices, created by the Americans, authors of numerous self-help courses by Phil Laut and Jim Leonard, became widespread in the 70-ies.

“Alive, conscious breathing”, which will save you from many psychological problems – promise today websites that advertise classes in “circular breathing”.

That is, Vivan appliances, suggesting a therapeutic effect. During the session you can recall the situation, word, or deed (insight) that caused you psychological block that you pushed out of memory into the subconscious.

After should be integration – this time of “living” merges with the conscious memory and more trouble-free.

Breathe and live life to the fullest

Translate the word vivation is possible as “celebrating life” or “the process of filling life.” Using deep, relaxed, circular breathing, Vivan offers to detect in the body muscle clamps, which, according to the authors of technology are strongly associated with psychological blocks, negative ideas, fears or traumas.

Further, this unit must “predicate” (that is, to imagine how a air enters and leaves you through the place of the clip).

A special place in the technique of Vivan is paired classesaimed exclusively at improving relationships with people (or specific person). During a breathing session, two people sit down opposite each other, throughout the lesson (which is 50 minutes) look into each other’s eyes and breathe. To such employment, as a rule, allowed practitioners, “on account of” which are already at least four single sessions.

“Testimony” to respiratory sessions

  • preddepressivnye condition
  • chronic fatigue
  • burnout
  • increased anxiety, fears
  • the deterioration of relations with the people
  • psychosomatic illness, pain, neurosis

Despite the fact that vivation is considered absolutely safe in terms of physical equipment, not recommending you master Vivan yourself – the first steps, do it with an instructor, and after you can do at home.

Of course, if you want to leave such a warm and welcoming crowd of like-minded ?

Work with the subconscious mind, not brought to an end (lack of integration), can bring psychological discomfort for a few days. While many practitioners learned to use exercise exclusively to utilitarian purposes, for example, to deal with painful feelings.

The five elements (principles) vivation

  • Circular breathing, the lack of pauses between inhalation and exhalation, and between exhalation and the next inhalation. The air as if flows through your lungs, not lingering in them. This is the breath of vivas, the technique of which is described in detail instructors on the breathing sessions. The exhalation should be controlled, he can be so long as you want.
  • Total relaxation. Classes are held in the supine position, at will, can be put under head rolled towel, hide rug or to bring a favorite Teddy bear. To achieve complete relaxation apply meditation or yoga elements.
  • Full attention to your body.
  • Integrate blocked feelings (psychological stuff) in a joyful emotions. This is perhaps the most difficult. It’s hard to feel euphoric, remembering how at the age of three my parents first refused to give you attention, or about the death of a beloved kitty.
  • Full confidence in proceeding process.
  • To use all five elements simultaneously is difficult, at least at first. Here also need the direction of an experienced instructor (also can be called Reaferon as Vivan in fact not original equipment, but “grown” from his older brother rebirthing). Ideally, of course, an individual breathing session, when all the attention of the trainer focuses solely on you.

    Do not forget and about contraindications. Can’t do vivation after injuries and operations, with highly elevated pressure, during treatment by a psychiatrist (depression) and pregnancy, glaucoma, acute infections, and epilepsy.

    So, Vivan essential if you feel greater, but something interferes. If the development of personal relationships or career – stalled. If you just want to improve and change for the better.

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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