Waning moon in October, 2019: when a number (table)

Waning Moon in October

When what number the night star begins to wane interest to many. Because this time is ambiguous and may give the person some trouble.

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October will bring lots of positive moments. Most importantly, time to look into the Lunar calendar, and recognize the signs of destiny.

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The influence of the waning moon

What is the impact of the waning Moon on man? This period is ambiguous, and even dangerous. People have feelings blunted, mood changes frequently.

Basically the satellite has a negative impact on human rights. Increasingly psychotic episodes. Particular care should be people with heart disease.

When, what date in October 2019, the Moon will be waning we know now. Unfavorable days fall on the second half of the month. To protect yourself from the negative effects of the satellite, it is necessary to follow specialists ‘ recommendations.

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