Want to get away from her husband: as a matter of deciding to do it right?

You may want to leave her husband for a long time. Before the Golden wedding. To suffer, to complain about an unhappy karma, curved line of fate in his hands, black magic used nasty svekrovi – and do not dare to take this step, despite the fact that for a long time do not feel happy in this marriage. But the departure from the unloved spouse can be your door to a bright new life, to new relations!

If you’re not first think “I want to leave my husband, but something stops , help with final decision this article on the website “ToKnow365.top“!

Habit replaced love

To part difficult. Why? After all, everything is irrevocably decided, and we are not talking about the separation of lovers, and divorce with a nasty, boring, stupid, and most importantly – not a bit-hubby loved!

And all of this is the intrigue of our subconscious. A long time spent with a person, teaches the ability to do many things simultaneously and in harmony – to walk by the hand, sleep in the arms, feeding him a fork at dinner, when he merely looked at her, to guess the direction of thoughts in conversations and quarrels, etc.

Deprived of the presence of this person, it is possible to fall into a state of anxiety and even depression because changing the usual “background” of life: no one snoring on the pillow – so much for the insomnia to morning cooking for one – meals seem tasteless because there’s no Champs…

And the woman falls into the trap of these psychological habits, which, of course, will disappear after some time after the divorce! Many women even take them for love, even though reason tells us that any love here and speech cannot be!

So if you want to get away from her husband ponder what’s holding you back: love or habit?

If difficult to answer – try to take time out, at least a week to go on vacation with a friend or alone, to visit parents or relatives non-resident, to agree on a business trip… At a distance your distancing, and can honestly say, you better be the one – you are often in a good mood, laughing and smiling, you were more likely to visit interesting ideas, you began to show more sincere interest in other people?

If so – the decision to divorce probably right!

But if you persistently think about your spouse (and romantic memories, pleasant), MOPE around, worry and wait for this week to be over to see it all, to discuss, to enjoy each other… In this case, perhaps, is to give your marriage a second chance!

The trap of lost time

Another paradoxical reason for which women who want to get away from her husband, not solved on this step – the time spent.

Ever heard the oohs and aahs: “Yes, we’re 3 years together (7 years, 15, 20…) – where does it go, so much time spent on it!”.

The simple fact that, leaving everything as it is, you could spend 3, 7, 15, or 20 years in a bad marriage, as something not taken into account. As if that courage and patience at the age of 90 years old woman will reward a new, young and sexy, her husband, adds 200 years of life to boot!

Another version of this trap: “Yes, I have already 25 (30, 40, 50…) – one I have needed?!”. Actually, the chances of finding new love with age not decrease – the only difference is the age of potential partners (but this is normal, right?!).

Even if you disagree with me, believing that the ability to marry a second time, you have less than 19 years – they are still there! And refusing to get a divorce and go in search of a new happiness, you will miss and what could happen!

Oh, and people that will say!..

No less strange, but it is also common cause that a woman dares to leave her husband, even though he wants this – public opinion, gossip about the divorce. It seems society has long recognized women’s right to divorce, but no-no and will encounter pseudo-compassionate view or hear spoken the word “divorcee”…

Women from his youth inspire (including mothers and grandmothers), to divorce, especially on their own initiative — a shame! Say, did not deter the man.

And why not kept? Here it will remember everything, and there is nothing to remember, so speculation is wasteful, bitchy, selfish, does not know how to cook rice, wakes up later, not krahmala linens, etc. Not able to fulfill the sacred mission of women’s “kinder-Kirche, küchen” — with his own hands destroyed the home! Ay-ay-ay…

How to explain the “wise” people that you wanted to leave her husband, because did not wish to have this most home together with unloved and unpleasant person?

And can not explain!

Just think about yourself and how are all those gossip girl and the advice that for their kind words to suffer and spend their lives in unhappy marriage?

How to stop wanting to leave her husband and go away?

You have long said to myself “I want to leave my husband”, but do not know how to decide what step to do first?

ToKnow365.top can give you a rough tactics – however, this is not a universal statement!

  • Talk to your husband, speak about his decision. Get ready for a stormy emotional perception of this conversation my husband – but do not give in to emotions! The conversation needed a man quarreling and shout at each other, but the main points of your speech will remember and ponder in solitude, when you’re calm.
  • Renting an apartment or room (if not a separate personal living space), at least for the time, is going to divorce process (1-3 months). Move it down there, and you better not advertise the address of your stay to avoid visits her ex-boyfriend. A new habitat – the best incentive to begin a new life. So you will protect yourself from doubt, regret, and scandals, which are inevitable, if the husband and wife prior to the granting of divorce papers and final separation continue to live under the same roof. Not selis at this time parents – such moments it is better to worry and think alone. Wants sympathy or advice – will come to them to stay for a night.
  • Divorce. If the husband does not agree to write a statement in the registry office “by mutual consent of the parties, the wife may sue to the court unilaterally, and then you will divorce by the court.
  • Try to do it all quickly – a divorce at all was not pleasant. And in fact, there are families where the wife uses the argument “Yes, I do want to get away from her husband!!!” in all family squabbles, and does not go away, despite the fact that any prospects in the marriage is not planned, and scandals are becoming more.

    So, if you want to leave her husband, leave! And don’t be afraid to be happy!

    Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

    Want to get away from her husband: as a matter of deciding to do it right?

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