Warranty consumer rights: what you need to know?

Today, your faithful adviser – women’s website “ToKnow365.top” – tell you that such warranty rights as a consumer.

Of course, more on the rumor shelf life or warranty repair. In principle, they are all connected, although not are definitely the same. Let’s start from the beginning.

Guarantor, guarantee and warranty

This much is said in the Law about protection of consumer rights, it is the document that helps us to defend their interests in disputes with sellers of goods, providers of services or different activities. Not even knowing, every day we operate under this law.

If to collect and “translate to Russian” what it says about warranties, then this will be: within a certain time, the seller or the manufacturer shall guarantee the performance of certain requirements of the consumer in relation to a particular product, the result of work done or services rendered.

That is the law on the rights of the consumer within the warranty period a vacuum cleaner will help you cleaning, and hired a crew installed pipe will not burst, and if any of this happens, you have the right to…

That include warranty consumer rights

Such rights have been quite a lot. It is important to know them and to use them properly. And sympaty.net tell me how to do it.

If the product you found any issue (from a hair dryer blows only cold air, the Cabinet doors are not closed, and the motor car there was some knocking), the rights of the consumer in warranty period include the following:

  • the requirement of replacement by a similar product
  • the requirement of replacement by another product with a conversion price,
  • requirement discounts,
  • the requirement of free elimination of defects (and if you’ve made repairs yourself, then pay you back for the cost of it),
  • withdrawal from the contract and demand a refund (faulty product it must be returned to the seller).
  • Of course, any retail chain or store is not profitable, when they return, and to pay for the repair, as a rule, desire is not enough – it costs, lower profits, bad publicity. Therefore, such users are usually offered a fix for the product (this is still cheaper than replacement), often scare expertise.

    But upon delivery of the product for repair, the consumer also has rights.

    Those dreaded words: repair and examination

    Remember the most important thing: if you do not want, you do not have to give your already lovely kettle repair. You have the right to anything that we have listed above, this is evidenced by article 18 of the Law on protection of consumer rights.

    And that means you, and only you, can choose which of your rights you want to use.

    Next, about the examination.

    Sellers, especially unscrupulous, like to say that the product was good and you ruined it, examination will prove it and you are going to pay. Yes, arguably, the organization with which the shop was contracted to conduct such inspections, and will show the guilt of the buyer.

    Therefore, in complex and controversial cases when it comes to large amounts, you should give the goods to an independent examination. In large cities, as a rule, this is not one company.

    How to calculate the warranty period

    It is usually a duration that is specified in the passport of the goods, special warranty book, contract, or even in the seller’s stamp on the receipt. A lot of options.

    Even if it is not installed, according to the Law on the protection of the rights of consumers the warranty period, and more precisely, the period when the buyer can claim defects of the goods is not less than two years.

    The beginning point is the date of transferring the purchase to the consumer. This is important for goods delivery. But for seasonal things starting period is the beginning of the season. The latter is particularly important for shoes and clothing.

    Warranty on services

    But what if you have not purchased the product and paid for work or services rendered? The law is there to protect the rights of consumers, so the warranty period is also there.

    But the requirements that you can show a negligent contractor, are slightly different. In this case they are:

  • the requirement of free elimination of defects of work or services
  • the requirement to reduce the cost,
  • a requirement to re-execute the work or free making things out of material same quality
  • if the buyer has eliminated the flaws on your own or with someone’s help, then he is entitled to demand compensation for such costs.
  • How to take the product for repair

    And it’s impossible to ignore all the most common variant of the implementation of the warranty rights of buyers and consumers – delivery of the product for repair. We will tell you what you need to pay attention to the case did not suddenly “no guarantee”.

    Be sure to check that the inspector wrote in act or receipt, which shows the result of the external inspection of the goods. That is, if the mobile phone is suddenly no longer activated, and you brought it in for repair, but the instrument States that “there are traces of liquid exposure”, with 100% probability workshop say that the blame for damage to you, and hence you need to pay out of pocket.

    All rights held by a consumer in connection with the guarantee and warranty terms, alas, will not work.

    Not to be disappointed in purchase and store, not to be deceived and to be able to defend their rights, they need to know not to be afraid to require put to you and always be careful while signing any document.

    A good shopping is in your hands!

    Author – Hope Budnikova, site ToKnow365.top

    Warranty consumer rights: what you need to know?

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