Ways of tying scarves — 8 stylish options

No more versatile and impressive accessory in women’s wardrobe than a scarf. It can be used in formal and casual attire, along with a cocktail dress and business suit. The only question is, how to tie a scarf, so it does not look inappropriate? Find for it the whole 8 answers!

Today there are over one hundred ways of tying scarves. And each of them has the right to life! After all, in the wardrobe of every fashionista probably counted at least three or four of scarf of different materials and have different lengths.

Scarf warm Maher or wool warm the cold autumn and winter. A light silk handkerchief will add sophistication to the image of a lady in a chiffon dress or a business suit. Scarf-Reaper and accessory with fringe on the edges of the original complement outfit of jeans and top or loose blouse. And kitsch arafatka will become the bright accent in a stylish manner. All of this suggests that the technique of tying scarves is a powerful weapon in the hands of a true lady.

How to tie a scarf around the neck

We offer you 8 popular and easy ways to tie a classic scarf.

A simple single-node

Is fast and easy. Can be used for accessories made of any material:

  • wrap the scarf around the neck;
  • both ends should be in front;
  • tie the ends of the scarf knot.
  • If you are using a scarf with a dense structure and want him, first of all, heat, tie a knot tightly. If your accessory is made of chiffon, satin, harvesters and other light fabrics, you can keep the free site. It will give your outfit a relaxed look.

    Node “Ascot”

    This variant of site — delicate and refined. It will fit for Flirty and romantic image. And add a touch of femininity in a strict business style. Its implementation will need a square handkerchief (scarf) of light fabric:

  • fold the accessory diagonally to get a triangle;
  • wrap around the neck so that the top of the triangle was in front and its tip — rear;
  • cross the ends and sling them over the shoulders in advance;
  • tighten the scarf;
  • tie the short ends with a simple knot or small bow.
  • The European node

    Among all the ways of tying scarves, this is the most versatile. It is equally suitable and a young coquette, and lady of age, and man, and child. And not surprising, because this homeland of the knot — the world’s fashion capital Paris. Particularly stylish will look long scarf, knotted European site:

  • fold the scarf in half;
  • sling through the neck;
  • received in the loop pass the free ends;
  • tighten the scarf.
  • Double knot

    This option is essential during the cold season. To run it use usually long warm scarf which may be wrapped multiple times around the neck. Looks perfect for such a node under clothing with collar:

  • throw in a scarf on the neck so that one end was much longer than the other;
  • wrap twice round neck long end;
  • do not tighten the scarf too tight;
  • hide the ends under your clothes or leave a relaxed droop.
  • Ideas for themed outfits

    In addition to the nodes that are suitable for any outfits, take into consideration ways of tying scarves for the theme of clothing options.

    Node “bandana”

    Suitable for sports and casual everyday wear. It is ideal for shawls and colorful scarves triangular or square shapes from the silk. They are tied atop the monochromatic turtlenecks. And emphasizes the line of the shoulders:

  • fold the scarf in a triangle;
  • take the basis of it, that is the wider part and roll it to the middle of the triangle towards the sharp end;
  • put the scarf on the shoulders and tie a direct knot.
  • Node “snake”

    A great solution to refined attire, such as evening or cocktail dresses. For his performance, use a long scarf made of light fabric:

  • tie knots at both ends of the scarf;
  • tighten the scarf around his axis to get a harness;
  • wrap around the neck several times. Both ends need to stay ahead;
  • thread the ends of the scarf under the top set of harness, throw back on top and pass under the lower ranks.
  • Glamorous knot

    This option is suitable for expensive accessories intended for secular parties:

  • wrap the scarf around the neck;
  • do not tighten the ends to receive a free ring in the middle;
  • place the ends in the front of a relaxed hanging down on his chest.
  • How beautiful tie a scarf on the coat

    As a stylish accessory use warm long scarf in a contrasting color:

  • wrap the scarf around the neck;
  • cross the ends of the rear and return forward;
  • thread the ends in a loop;
  • leave the ends hanging or tie into a loose knot.
  • Thanks to these ways of tying scarves, you’ll be able every time to make an unexpected flavor to everyday outfits and the clothes of the day!

    Ways of tying scarves: video

    Ways of tying scarves — 8 stylish options

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