Wedding dress: buy or rent? The pros and cons

Perhaps every girl since childhood dreams of a wedding. The limousine, decorated with flowers, Golden rings, pigeons, photography, restaurant… in real life, However, as it turns out, is not so simple. Every bride is faced with a lot of questions: how to choose the wedding menu, and what flowers to make a bouquet, how to entertain guests? But it all begins with this: a wedding dress to buy or hire to take? Women’s website “” will help to deal with this problem.

What is the fate of the wedding dress?

Wedding dress – a thing not cheap. Note, that you will only wear it once in your life.

Before you decide you like better to wedding dress to buy or rent, consider where you will get the dress after the wedding. In other words, is it possible to subsequently recoup its cost, if you buy it in the store.

You have the following options:

  • I will give it to a friend when she will marry;
  • will post it on Craigslist at a lower price;
  • pass in any wedding salon rental;
  • let them is kept at home in remembrance.

Just want to note that, as practice shows, the most feasible option listed is option number four. “Why?” — you will ask.

Well, let’s start in order.

  • First, your girlfriend at her own wedding wants to look the most beautiful bride, and not your shadow. After all, if she’s your friend, and most of the guests at your weddings will be the same – they saw you in this dress, she’ll see it. You would be in its place would do it?
  • Secondly, as for the ads, then even the most hyped of them do not give you the guarantee of your wedding dress. As you probably already noticed, these sites plenty of headings with the sale of clothing. It is understood that the clothing used. It is understandable that buyers are turning to the services of such sites, looking for advantage in price. As a result, you put some price (e.g. 20 000), time passes, no one calls. Of course, because for the same amount of wedding dress you can buy, and not rent! You lower the price, first to 15 000, then 10 000… And with only a price of 5 000 rubles you have, perhaps someone will take an interest in dress, but even in this case, will ask for a discount. Checked.
  • Thirdly, there is always the possibility to rent a wedding dress in any Bridal salon, and then have a percentage of his rent brides. But do not forget that the dress each time loses its marketability, and that it is not the only one hanging in the cabin. For the rental of your dress, you’ll be able to get 1000 – 5000 rubles, if they have someone interested that is not a fact.

In the end, most likely your dress will remain unclaimed after the wedding. This should take into account that the average market prices of wedding dresses ranging from 15 000 to 100 000 rubles and above. Although of course, you can sew a dress to order, but in any case, you will spend as much money as when buying in the salon.

Wedding dress: buy or rent?

It might be worth the wedding dress is not to buy but to rent? A modern bride disdain to take the dress on my wedding rentals.

There is a belief that if you wear someone else’s wedding dress, a girl wearing someone else’s fate, to be repeated after the wedding, someone else’s mistakes and so on. But this is a common superstition. It’s just a dress! It does not carry a draw of negative energy, it’s just beautiful white stuff!

And the errors, misunderstandings, resentment will be in every family, because people get used to each other and the wedding dress is neither here nor there!

So, deciding how to wedding dress to buy or hire to take yet you chose the second option.

Take the dress rental costs from 5 000 rubles. Again, it all depends on the original cost of the dress.

These costs will add another one you will have after your celebration to pay for the dry cleaning of the dress, on average it will cost 3000-6000 rubles. However, if you tear your dress, you no one will say that the repair will be paid from the money that you give for the dry cleaning.

Thus, we can conclude that as a wedding dress purchase and hire have their advantages and disadvantages. From my own experience, can advise one thing: if the price of the dress that you want to buy, comparable to the price of the dress rental, it is best to buy.

The money you will lose slightly, but you will remain a memory for years to come.

The author – Anastasia Mykitanov, site

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