Wedding horoscope Zodiac signs: Under what star was your wedding

New family, new life, being born under a specific “star”, takes on characteristics peculiar to a particular Zodiac sign. If your wedding is behind you, look to the wedding horoscope to find out the strengths and weaknesses of their marriage. But if you are just planning to enter into marriage, it is useful to read the whole horoscope to determine the ideal date to create a strong and happy Union.

Wedding from 21 March to 20 April under the sign of Aries

A pair lends your family this spring, is doomed to a tumultuous happiness. Emotions will be a key element in its Foundation. Quarrels, disputes, arguments, the driving force, which, though will wear down, but will fill the marriage alive with energy and passion. This is facilitated by Mars. The patron planet of the spouses gives not only the militant defense of its position, but also unites. A strong Union of such a pair is built on a reliable partnership.

Wedding from 21 April to 20 may under the sign of Taurus

Contrary to popular mind that a may wedding would doom spouses to eternal mania, the couple chose this date to get married, will live in happiness and prosperity. About it bothered loving planet Venus. She brings in family harmony, romance and love. Of course, even these relationships can deteriorate if the couple will be relying on her assistance. The family under the sign of Taurus has the highest risk of getting stuck in the routine, if the spouses do not support the fire of love.

Wedding from 21 may to 20 June under the sign of Gemini

The family created in this period, a very good reputation, aided by mercury. A few respect in the community, glad to see at any event, and with no less pleasure go to them to often organize receptions for friends. Was the Twins a couple very close-knit and active. Lovers do everything together, and even have a rest not from each other, and together from all the rest. If something could affect their harmony, only excessive dependence on public opinion.

Wedding from June 21 to July 20 under the sign of Cancer

The success of the Union, concluded under the auspices of the Cancer depends on the moon. In these respects, and “tides” and “tides”. On the one hand, the pair are very attached to each other, they feel the kinship and love filled with deep meaning and tenderness. But the June-July marriage and the other side – the unconditional love of the spouses is able to very quickly achieve the shaky borders, behind which hides all-destroying jealousy.

Wedding from July 23 to August 22 under the sign of Leo

People planned their wedding for the time of the reign of Leo, it will be difficult to create a bad Union, because their path is illuminated by the Sun. The Orb combines a strong, committed and active people. They never get bored together, they will be able to develop successfully in all directions. But the special virtue of their Union gets after having children. The weak side of marriage in the sign of Leo is that a couple can not always cope with the typical for their relationship selfishness.

Wedding from 23 August to 22 September under the sign of Virgo

The virgin gives the Union of people choose for wedding its patronage, the best qualities of reliability, measured, calm and pragmatism. Mercury, which will manage the relationship of lovers, will also share their strengths – wisdom, intuition and caution. In such a marriage will not be spontaneous quarrels, humiliating showdown and any other dirt (both literally and figuratively). Most importantly for the couple, not to die of boredom in my happy vacuum.

Wedding from 23 September to 22 October under the sign of Libra

Spouses who marry under the sign of Libra, will favor not only the planet Venus, which are subject to Libra, and the feast of the protection. It is celebrated on 14 October and considered the best time for weddings. Of course, happiness Cover is not a guarantee, but a marriage is a very great chance to survive until the end of the century, released in love. The only thing that can prevent – excessive desire of couples to material goods.

Wedding from October 23 to November 21 under the sign of Scorpio

Marriage in October-November, perfect for those couples who do not agree to share in the relationship love and passion. Violent emotions they guarantee Mars, and the temperament of the Scorpion. But if temperamental sexuality of the sign will contribute to the strengthening of relations, the passions between the couple in other areas of family life can destroy it quickly and completely. To save the marriage, the couple will have to negotiate “on the beach” about who will be the leader in the newly minted family.

Wedding from 22 November to 21 December under the sign of Sagittarius

Couples who married in the reign of the sign Sagittarius have the energy mentors the planet Jupiter. In the family systematically, thoughtfully and in sense. If the house, it is only exemplary, if the rest, is luxury, if the kids – it’s perfect. In this pair both partners seek to develop and fit each other, and this means that such a Union is almost no chance to disintegrate.

Wedding from December 22 to January 20 under the sign of Capricorn

Relationships that are managed by Capricorn and Saturn, is more like a mutually beneficial partnership. Marriages with such clever patrons rarely peculiar emotions. Pragmatism, prudence and logic is both strong and weak sides of the Union. People who joined their fate in the December-January period, are able to benefit, to reach the heights of social status, but they are not capable of unconditional love.

Wedding from 21 January to 18 February, under the sign of Aquarius

Creating a family under the sign of Aquarius, the couple must remember that this sign is the master of contradictions. His throwing to extremes balances the smart Saturn, thanks to which spouses are able to compromise, to respect each other and surprise talents, but they are absolutely not adapted to the organization of life and homemaking. Often it eats up life love and threatens to destroy the marriage. Therefore, “Vodoley” couples it is better to find the best way to solve this hazard.

Wedding 19 February-20 March under the sign of Pisces

The couple celebrated their wedding during the rule of the sign of Pisces can not worry about family crises as their family will be under the protection of Jupiter. And this generous planet on an intuitive feeling. However, the spouses may, with equal force as to feel each other with every fiber of the soul, and dwell in complete indifference. Family, one born in the sign of Pisces, it is not necessary to test the strength of emotions, typical of this sign.

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