Weight loss with the help of baking soda: harm or benefit?

Possible weight loss with the help of baking soda? How many extra pounds it will help relieve? How effective and safe such a simple folk method? About this and the very real effects of soda on the body read on.

What is baking soda

Soda or sodium carbonate is not a natural connection, as many assumed. It is obtained industrially by “baking” Glauber’s salt, chalk and charcoal. The aura of “ecological purity” of the product created largely due to the different method of production — processing of fly ash of seaweed, but today, in industrial scale it is not practiced.

The view that soda for weight loss on empty stomach helps to part with fatty deposits, formed due to specific effects on fat. Sodium carbonate really has girorastvorimie action, which it is actively used in the production of detergents (gels for washing dishes, washing powder). However, in the external environment and inside the body soda acts differently. How? Let’s deal.

Making soda inside of us: drink for weight loss

So baking soda for weight loss recommended for ingestion as a drink. For its preparation you need to dissolve half a teaspoon of sodium carbonate in a glass of warm water and drink before meals in 30 minutes. Sometimes you can find the recipe of baking soda with lemon for weight loss, where the two main ingredients work synergistically with each other.

How does drink soda for weight loss? Sodium carbonate does not dissolve in water, remaining in suspension. Appearing in the stomach, it reacts with stomach acid, causing the acidity of the latter is sharply reduced. Through this action, soda is commonly used in heartburn and hyperacidity of the stomach, which cause considerable discomfort to the suffering of the person.

After the reaction with gastric juice soda completely neutralizes and breaks down into the original components, most of which is salt. When injected into stomach fat (which we are so eager this soda to dissolve), absolutely nothing happens. And to do something with fats from food in the stomach is impossible, as their absorption occurs in the intestine. Therefore, drinking baking soda for weight loss, the recipe of which presupposes the consumption of this drink useless.

Making sodium carbonate from the outside: bath slimming

The second way to use the soda for weight loss, to take her bath. To do this, it is recommended to get the bath hot water maximum (so that we can endure it with great difficulty) and dissolve it in 300 grams of sodium carbonate. You can add 300 grams of sea salt and aromatic oils, all stir well. Lie down (or sit) in a tub of 20 minutes and then safely get on the scale and make sure that your weight is down 1.5-2 pounds. Miracles?

No, it’s just another aspect of how soda affects weight loss. This rapid method is not beneficial in cleansing the body and the removal from it of toxins, and dehydration.

Soda bath for weight loss recommend the very hot to cause the active process of sweating. The complex interplay of carbonate of sodium and salt only reinforce it. Within 20 minutes of being in that “atmosphere” the body starts to sweat through open pores comes out fluid, which carries no toxins (they are 90% are in the gut), and essential body salts and trace elements. Weight loss is achieved by fluid loss, which in itself is dangerous to humans.

After the first treatments weight loss with the help of baking soda will eliminate around 2 pounds of weight. After the second and each subsequent — already at 500 grams. By the way, all the lost grams very quickly to return, as it helps soda for weight loss temporarily exactly to the moment until you drink a few glasses of water and not make up the deficit of fluid in the body.Whether to use this method of weight loss

And that carries soda for weight loss: harm or benefit? According to doctors, any good method can bring. Because no impact on body fat has not. Harmful baking soda for weight loss: reviews who experienced its effect on themselves, confirm that harmful.

  • The use of any experiments with sodium carbonate forbidden to people suffering from cancer, diabetes, pregnant women and nursing mothers.
  • Forget about the soda for weight loss and how to drink it, should people with diseases of the stomach. Method of use drink inside threat due to the permanent reduction of gastric acidity and, consequently, violation of process of digestion. In addition salt, formed by the deposition of sodium, have a devastating effect on the kidneys, after which may require long and difficult treatment.
  • Hot tubs with sodium carbonate forbidden to all who suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system. Should abandon them hypertensive, hypotensive, patients with vegetative-vascular dystonia.

So it is worthy of your attention soda for weight loss? Recipes, reviews about her in a positive light is one of the popular myths disproved by science. To lose weight with sodium carbonate dangerous is the fact.

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Weight loss with the help of baking soda: harm or benefit?

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