We’re overpaying and how to stop doing it?

Consumption is good, right and well — to tell us of all the irons. Developing consumption, we stimulate the economy, create jobs, increase the GDP. Great. But it would be good to stay consumer-minded, and not turn into spineless adept bright advertising campaigns and popular brands. Because let’s face it, we are clearly overpaying, and whether it is possible to spend less, not “twisting the screws”.

Ian Kirman 30 Nov 2017435

The content of the article

  • Technique 1 — brand and know-how
  • 2 Clothing and shoes from the latest collections
  • 3 the Supply of food in case hunger strikes
  • 4 speaking of discounts…

Equipment — brand and know-how

Often, we acquire not a product but a logo. Or, deciding to buy a new TV, bike, PC, just order the latest model with bells and whistles. Well, that, it is also the most advanced!

However, then it turns out that half the features we do not need even a quarter through the month we will negrense, and the remaining quarter have simpler models that cost three times cheaper. The question is — what was paid?

Another option — Yes, we need these “bells and whistles”, but why we grabbed the new product immediately after market entry, if in a month, two or six months it will cost half the price?

What to do? To adjust their needs and desires. Buy cheaper appliances that use the same technology. But if you really need this expensive model, if you can’t live without this brand, at least wait for the discounts!

Clothing and shoes from the latest collections

Any follower of a particular brand may be deployed to argue why his clothes and shoes are the best, comfortable, reliable. What technologies are used, how successful patterns and patterns, how long these products will serve, as convenient to care for them, what a pleasure to use them.

But you definitely need a new jacket every year? You really need a super-duper-mountain shoes to walk through the city Park? Or just a new collection was so beautiful that you couldn’t resist?

What to do? Look closely at your nezakryvayushhihsya wardrobe and to ask him, and maybe that’s enough? If the Cabinet will answer that the place is still there, and the new collection is a miracle as well, then again… wait for the discounts!

The supply of food in case hunger strikes

Seriously, it is time to wean to live as if at any time the shelves will be gone food. And stop enough the shelves, everything at a discount. You still will not eat. Or eat out of spite, “if”, it will only upset your balance.
The products in the store will be tomorrow and the day after. And discounts every week new.

What to do? Keep in the refrigerator and the kitchen cabinets food for a week. And only buy what you need. Come just for the milk — bought milk. And don’t get fooled by special offers!

Speaking of discounts…

If we are to catch discounts on equipment, clothing, shoes, household items and other pleasures, seriously. You can do it on the websites of the favorite stores, and you can use the services of the platforms, who buy and accumulate these discount.

Such platforms is very convenient because you need one site, not twenty. If you use the services of a proven platform that uses tested and working promo codes (for example, Buykers.com), you can be aware of thousands of sentences, seriously to save on purchases and precisely know the conditions of each share.

Discount platform — your perfect option if you like to buy online and do not like to spend a lot of time. Just don’t forget what we talked about above: balance their desires and real needs!

We’re overpaying and how to stop doing it?

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