What a bunch of flowers to choose for New year

Fresh flowers are a truly versatile decoration for any holiday, regardless of season and time of year. Flowers can make a unique flavor to the atmosphere of the celebratory events, to make it brighter and enchanting.

Winter flowers ─ the best gift

New year, familiar to many the idea has little relation to the armfuls of fresh flowers. Among the ornaments to the fore rather leaves evergreen needles, tinsel, streamers and Christmas decorations. However, nothing prevents to go beyond the limits of conventional traditions and the meeting of the New year, decorate with fresh flowers.

A winter holiday favorite since childhood, it’s everything else and a time of gifts. A bouquet of fresh flowers in addition to the main prepared the gift will be unexpected, pleasant surprise. If desired, flowers can decorate the interior of the room or the entire apartment.

Clear rules on choosing colors for this winter holiday there, but some guidance is still there:

  • If you want to have flowers for the New year please you a fresh look throughout the festive period, should refrain from buying whimsical, intolerant of low temperature types.
  • Among the different varieties need to choose particularly resistant to adverse winter conditions.
  • External data is not less important. Coloration may have multiple colors, but the white and green, the seasonally themed holiday.

Resistant to frost chrysanthemum, Calla lilies and lilies will definitely last you a single day. They have a fairly thick petals, durable in its simplicity.

Bouquets of roses, bluebells, orchids, tulips not as durable, but they some time will please the eye of winter. Roses new year’s eve will bring a touch of romance, especially roses red tones surrounded by the green of pine needles.

Entourage custom

An organic combination for a bouquet will be used in the overall composition of the coniferous elements and as decorations suitable tinsel and confetti. This technique will emphasize the affiliation to celebrate the event even the simplest bouquet.

To make flower bouquet you can yourself, or order flowers at the shop at any time convenient for you. Florists, taking into account all the customer’s preferences and decorate the bouquet with additional elements, giving it a complete holiday entourage.

What a bunch of flowers to choose for New year

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