What a man does after a breakup and why?

How a man does after breaking up, often puts his ex-partner in a deadlock. Why, after the breakup he kept calling or, conversely, changing the plates and avoids meetings? Why looking for a date through long years of separation? How to respond to his tearful sms and threats?

Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” tried to find satisfactory answers to all these questions.

The man’s behavior after a breakup: some regularities

Psychologists say that every man after the breakup behaves differently, however, there are several behavioral cliches, characteristic for many representatives of a strong half. They depend on who initiated the breakup.

The point in the relationship often sets a girl. And no man who has announced that he is no longer love, you will not be able to take the news calmly.

Sometimes after breaking up with a girl the man starts looking for her meetings, trying to persuade to return, sometimes even threatening to commit suicide if she won’t do it. Most likely, these threats are just a game, so the psychologists advise not to pay attention to them. Unfortunately, suicide with serious intent, never warns others about his desire to settle scores with life.

Often the girl decided to break up with his partner, falls under the bombardment of text messages from him. If the decision to break up with an ex is a solid number, you just need to add to the blacklist or change the SIM card.

To respond to messages not worth it, otherwise the gap will be more painful both for him and for the girl.

Contrary to popular female opinion, even a strong-willed representatives of a strong half with an iron character after the departure of the beloved girl suffer. To numb emotional pain, they can do the following:

  • To binge. This behavior is especially true for the most vulnerable men who do not want to show his true feelings to others and prefer to drown your sorrows with wine in solitude. There were occasions when long binges over the gap with the girl led to serious trouble in a man’s life. However, as a rule, after several days of drinking thrown the man slowly begins to rebound and return to normal life.
  • With a head dive into work. Often it is a breakup with a beloved woman makes a man a workaholic. He begins to work 18 hours a day and gets even casual relationships, avoiding the women’s side. Immersion in the work helps the man after she left not only to escape from thinking about former lover, but to realize themselves as professionals, thereby enhancing their self-esteem.
  • Engage in extreme sports. Mountain climbing, parachuting, hang-gliding or even fights without rules – the choice of a particular sport depends on the temperament and courage of the men.
  • Frequently change sexual partners. To prove to yourself and to your ex-girlfriend own importance, abandoned by the man often turns into a real womanizer, who spends every night with a new partner.
  • To start a new relationship. According to statistics, more than 50% of men immediately after a breakup are not ready to create new alliances. About a year after a breakup with a partner they retain independence. But there are also representatives of a strong half, which can relive the pain of losing a beloved woman, only next to another caring partner.
  • However, a new relationship immediately after the previous men often brought in when there was a gap in their initiative. Because partner men, as a rule, thrown just for the sake of a new passion.

    The website sympaty.net I am sure that the behavior of the men after breaking up on their own, depends on the force with which they tormented conscience. If a young person feels guilty in front of the abandoned girl, he may be trying to blacken her in the eyes of other people talking about her shit.

    Thus, the guy will try to justify the meanness of his act.

    In cases where the gap is consensual between the partners can be maintained friendships.

    Men often become attached to their partners and continue to communicate with them out of habit even after the feelings fade. Psychologists say: if after breaking up, the man calls the former passion, it’s not necessarily still in love with her.

    But guess the feelings of the representatives of a strong half is not easy. Because sometimes they find themselves entangled in them. This is one of the most frequent causes why men return after a breakup.

    The relationship of men and women after a break up

    Statistics show that most men after a breakup with a woman continue to be interested in her life. They do this not out of idle curiosity, but rather because they used to know everything about the partner. Interest in the fate of the former can last for years, even after men will be new, a fairly prosperous relationship.

    Sometimes, deciding to break, the man completely removes all contacts of the former beloved and tries not to think about it at all. But even in such cases, there is no guarantee that he will not return to it ever. As time passes, he will be able to understand yourself and understand what this woman loves most in the world.

    Unlike men, women are often quite often well aware of who owns their heart. Such representatives of the fair half concerned with the question whether to return the men after a breakup and if they have the chance to start a relationship from the beginning.

    Psychologists are uniquely answer: Yes, men often come back to her lover. And if they do it, realizing that love, relationships really possible to start over.

    Moreover, the new stage of relations will certainly be more successful than the previous one, since both partners already know all the pitfalls of the river called “life together.”

    However, the joy of returning men may be complicated by one unfortunate fact: it often comes too late. Therefore, a woman who understands that her partner is very precious, you need to exert some effort to rush him with such an important decision.

    How to get the man after breaking up: suggest psychologists

    If the gap occurred at the initiative of the men or by mutual decision, the man may want to go back to the partner after some time. Often it happens in situations when he just can’t strike up new relationships. Having suffered a fiasco on the love front, he wants to return to the rear, where he hopes it will warm and will feed.

    Compassionate the former, as a rule, driven by maternal instinct, often take a “prodigal son” back almost immediately after his return. And then they wonder why he abandoned them.

    In order to restore man after the breakup, in any case impossible for him to become his alternate airport. Better to stick to the following tips:

    • Almost all men – the owners and jealous. Even those women with whom they are no longer related, they consider their own. So it is on the horizon of personal life ex-girlfriend loom new partner, ex-boyfriend here he comes to defend its territory. Most likely, he will start again to get the favor of ex-girlfriend. But to give him immediately in any case impossible. Let him know that “Holy place is never empty”. Then to leave his beloved for the sake of freedom and adventure next time it will be worse.
    • Sometimes men just after a breakup notice the beauty of their former favourite. And there is so is no accident. Knowing that he’s looking at her pages in social networks, she begins actively to spread their sexy photos new costumes, collecting “likes” and admiring comments from men of different ages and nationalities. Fans crowd around the girl, even if virtual, is one of the best ways to get ex-boyfriend to draw attention to it.
    • If the girl wants to return to man after the separation, she does not need to reject his offer to stay friends. This will allow her not to lose a loved one and to capture the moment when it is ripe for the return. Only it is important to remember that you cannot impose on the guy neither their care nor their feelings. Men love to feel masters of their destiny, should not obstruct them.

    It is also important to understand that after a breakup men never go back to those girls who really didn’t like. If your favorite is gone, no calls, no shows no interest and does not react to changes in your personal life, it is not necessary to wait ago. It would be a waste of time.

    Author – Pelageja, site ToKnow365.top

    What a man does after a breakup and why?

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