What and how to wear a hoodie?

Today the site “ToKnow365.top” talk about convenient and relevant things, which certainly have room in the closet for most girls. Sweatshirt, perhaps, can already be considered an indispensable element of the basic casual wardrobe. How to wear a hoodie?

Hoodies and their varieties

Before talking about what to wear sweatshirt is a little bit to understand fashion terminology. Yes, because something as simple as a sweatshirt, has several “sub-species”!

Sweatshirt – free knit jacket, usually quite warm and soft, with long sleeves. Feature hoodies – an essential hood, sometimes with a collar anorak: i.e. the front this garment has stand-up collar turns into a hood, this fit can protect your neck from the wind.

Sweatshirt with large patch front pockets among us, Russian-speaking people are commonly called “kangaroo”. “Bjorn” may be “zip”, and without it (hoodie classic zipper has not).

Another “relative” hoodies. Hoodies also has long sleeve and indispensable hood, but the length of a tunic, i.e. much below the hips!

And the material is different – there are as knit hoodies, and knit – hoodie-sweater and a fur trimmed hood and lining-insulation is a hoodie to wear that as outerwear in the autumn.

And hoodies, and “kangaroo” have a length to mid-thigh or below…

But if you see a knit jacket with zip pockets, elasticated hem and sleeves, length is above mid thigh then this isn’t a hoodie, a bomber jacket!

By the way, about count Tolstoy. He wore a canvas shirt and girdled her with some rope. With a modern hoodie this product had so little in common that to look at the textbook portrait of the writer, trying to figure out what it is that his hoodie was worn, useless.

What to wear with a hoodie?

So, in your closet for a sweatshirt, and it was definitely worth it “output light.” Rules for the wearing of sweatshirts is simple and straightforward:

  • This is a youth semi-sports clothes. All attempts to put on a sweatshirt with something feminine, delicate-lease-silk-lace – doomed to crash failure. For the same reason, to put aside the classic pants, any skirt, and heels and generally smart classic shoes.
  • To wear women’s sweatshirt need with skinny jeans, jeans skinny or leggings. Perhaps “boyfriend” or “bananas” (though not all they are good for the figure). In no way flares, no trousers, generally wide, straight pants or jeans don’t fit!
  • Shoes – athletic or walking. Sneakers, sneakers, espadrilles, moccasins, sneakers… in Winter, of course, boots – but only for flat shoes or platform. By the way, you can wear a hoodie with uggs, if you are still not tired!

How to choose the accessories for the hoodie?

There are plain hoodies, but usually they have any prints, the style of which immediately helps to determine the style of jewelry, accessories and look. And it’s not just punk , rock , R’n’b –themes – on hoodies are floral prints, and cute cartoons in General, art for every taste!

Therefore, a sweatshirt with Indian ornament mandala, for example, it is possible to complement the ethnic baubles and floral print to continue the earrings in similar-looking flowers…

But in General, the hoodie is a sportswear direction, and it assumes an abundance of jewelry and accessories.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What and how to wear a hoodie?

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