What and how to wear sunglasses?

The sun shines brighter, the day is getting longer and summer is getting closer? That means it’s time to add to their collection of accessories sunglasses! And since it’s not just eye protection from the rays of the daytime sun, but the element of the image, you need to know how and what to wear sunglasses. This is what will tell you the website “ToKnow365.top“!

Form points and your style

As you know, selection of shape of points is very individual, and it is better not to blindly follow trends, but to choose sunglasses for your face, looking in the mirror!

But still there is a certain style. That moment when you look and understand immediately what image and what style you can wear these sunglasses!

There are points-the symbols of a particular decade of the last century, there are which were and thus introduced into the history of fashion famous people, etc. will Look a bit these “cult” sunglasses:

  • Round, with thin temples. Wearing such sunglasses Ozzy Osbourne, Boris Grebenshchikov, wore John Lennon and Michael Jackson, of the women in the passion for such points seen Lady Gaga. As you already know, it’s pretty shocking, the informal accessory that can complement the images in the styles of hippies, punk, rock.
  • “Cat’s eye”, which is slightly elongated with the outer edge corners of the rim. Near flaunted the stars of the 60’s- Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn… Good for hats-“the pill”, shawls and silk scarves.
  • “Half face”. Fashion paid tribute to the great points repeatedly, and many celebrities wore them to hide their overly recognizable faces from the paparazzi. Plus these glasses – they fit into many images!
  • Narrow glasses with a slight darkening. This “intelligent” glasses, which instantly adds a certain accent of rigor and style at the same time! All because they mimic glasses. Suitable for jackets, blouses, etc.

How to choose the right shade of glass to clothing?

But even a properly fitted, form glasses can ruin the image, if it is wrong to combine tint Windows, rims and colors of clothing. What General rules can be deduced?

Can be called universal gray, and greenish gray glass with different degrees of darkness. These sunglasses can be worn with any clothing.

If the color scheme of the outfit rather warm than cold, you can wear glasses with brown lenses. However, in this case, you need to make sure that the hues be approximately the same – for example, coffee or beige suit will not go glass brick-red or reddish.

But with colored glass (purple, blue, green, etc. colors) need to be careful!

In principle, they can be worn under thing the same color, but keep in mind the overall style – if a bright top with jeans or colorful sundress colored glasses is good, with a business suit or a simple coat simply inappropriate, even if the color matches! The same rule applies to bright colored frames!

The warnings concern and mirrored glasses under a strict they do not fit!

In General, a mirror, and “gasoline”, the glasses have their own unwritten etiquette. The thing is that they completely hide the view. Therefore it is not necessary to wear such an accessory when it is desirable to show openness, to win over people. Even if the sun is shining bright, these glasses are inappropriate, for example, business dress code in the workplace. This is an option for beach, walks and of the corresponding lax clothing.

Wearing dark glasses hats?

The answer to this question at the site “ToKnow365.top” only positive – it is possible to wear sunglasses with hats. For example, classic combinations that are most women:

  • The scarf on the head + points. The image with a touch of retro – remember a photo of a young Brigitte Bardot! Goes well with dresses, business suits, coats and light coats.
  • Knit beanie hat with goggles. The image of youth and bright, reminiscent of the style swag! I wonder may happen if you take a simple black cap and sunglasses in bright plastic frames.
  • Takes without a visor to eyeglasses. Get “slanted” points, wear a trapeze dress and pumps – ready way in the 70s!
  • Wide-brimmed summer hat + sunglasses. On beach with swimsuit, with all kinds of sundresses, etc.

Well with the glasses looks nice headband, showing off the forehead (however, it is also suitable for those who wear bangs).

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What and how to wear sunglasses?

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