What and how to wear Topaz?

The website “ToKnow365.top” continues to tell about the stones in jewelry: who, how and what they can wear? Topaz – the stone, which will be discussed in this article!

Who can wear Topaz?

Topaz – stone, which is very diverse: it is a name brand rightfully wear the green and rare gems, whose price can be equated to the annual budget of a small state, and turbid and white stones a value below high-quality rhinestones!

In the mid – blue and blue Topaz. A little cheaper gold and amber: they have an unpleasant tendency to fade over time, so jewelry stores tend to sell them in time, until the color has changed!

Therefore, each of us can choose the decoration with a Topaz in your price range.

Astrologers suggest wearing this stone, Sagittarius, Scorpio and Cancers. Also the connoisseurs of mystic properties of stones is not advised to wear this stone to those who many long travels: Topaz is considered to be “home” stone.

In addition, Topaz natural colors can be matched to the color of the eyes of the owner of the blue – eyed baby will go transparent blue stones brown-eyed amber or light walnut…

What to wear to the decoration with Topaz?

The Topaz stones come in different colors. The most common blue and blue. Also, there are Golden-brown (champagne color to amber), raspberry pink, lilac and white Topaz stones (similar to diamonds).

It should know that it is not always the color of the stone in the decoration – it’s natural! Sometimes Topaz tint – so you get artificial pink, lilac, green and red Topaz, and also “mystic” and “azotic”-Topaz (play of color in them includes the iridescence of many colours!).

If you purchased your Topaz – how to wear it with clothes, how to choose color combinations?

The easiest option is to choose clothes of the same color as the stone (as an option, a darker or lighter shade). It looks good, if the question of dress (e.g., formal or cocktail): to support the whole set of dress + shoes + handbag + jewelry in one color with dilutions of metal (gold or silver, depends on the frame of the jewelry with Topaz).

But that’s not the only way to wear Topaz. The website sympaty.net gives a hint, what color combinations would be appropriate:

  • Blue and light blue Topaz – white, cool gray, gold and sand (if the stones in gold), to the shade of ecru and “coffee with milk”. With the opposite colors (yellow and orange) blue and blue stones, it is better not to combine too is “parrot” the contrast for the image with jewelry.
  • Pink Topaz – violet, dirty purple, gray, and white. The combination of pink with black and harmoniously, but in practice decorations with delicate pink stones look too “childish” on a background of black clothes, and black dress with these jewels seem excessively bleak.

  • Brown shades of stone can go to almost any clothing, the exceptions will not do – it all depends on specific things and design of the jewelry. Always appropriate combinations with yellow, mustard, various shades of green (but not garish-bright!), blue.
  • White (clear) Topaz can be combined with any color clothing.
  • Topaz amber color combined with bright clothes – blue, azure, emerald, yellow. But such a stone will beautify and gray, and chocolate brown clothes.
  • Mystic and azotic-Topaz – artificially created stones with tints of various shades. “Mystic” darker, “azotic” — brighter. Both of these options good with dark clothes, pastel and muted colours of the fabrics.

Of course, it is worth remembering that the more expensive the stone the more expensive and better should be wear.

Blue Topaz are the stones for evening dress, for publication on special occasion. Yellow can be worn with a casual but good quality clothes in a classic style. White Topaz can be worn with your regular wardrobe, these stones are prized as an ornamental and rarely are in a frame of precious metals.

Can I wear Topaz with other precious or semi-precious stones? Yes! In jewelry Topaz sometimes coexist with other stones, most often according to the principle of cheaper stones surround a Central, more expensive.

For example, if a piece of jewelry with a sapphire – Topaz will probably be the only addition to the “capital” of the stone.

If by yourself pick decoration with stones in addition to jewels with Topaz, you can consider the full range of transparent stones. Often Topaz are paired with aquamarine, amethyst, harmonious combination with the diamonds. Although diamonds and rhinestone, despite the visual compatibility, I strongly advise not to wear with Topaz.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What and how to wear Topaz?

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