What are curly cats?

The website “ToKnow365.top” continues to tell about breeds of Pets, and today we will tell you what are the curly cat! Those rocks, which will be discussed, the coat is really curly – light “waves” to cool flourishes!

Rex band rocks the curly cats

Despite the common name (“Rex” means “king”!), each of the following breeds to have evolved independently in different regions, and the founders were different animals. In General, quadravest fur is a mutation that arose spontaneously, initially. As a result, the planned crossing was able to fix this symptom, and now there are curly cats with different external features.

Selkirk Rex

That is the cutest creation, which the owners called “sheep” and “lambs”, and “modelkami” ?

Wool selkirks quite long and thick (with waviness hairs). The history of this breed began in 1987 in the USA, from one curly-haired kitten. In order to consolidate the unusual properties of wool, Selkirk knit (and knit still, it is believed that the complete formation of the breed has not yet happened) with the exotics, Persians and British Shorthair cats.

Therefore, the rocks are characterized by a stocky body, broad head, thick legs, wide-set round eyes. Color – almost any. Coat length is medium to long.

Selkirk Rex

The severity of the swirls can also be different – it depends on color, time of year, even in older cats (it is believed that up to 2 years of age quadravest can vary – e.g., born, curly kittens can be smooth in a couple of days after birth and to return the curls to the age of several months).

The nature of Selkirk very sociable, love spending time with people (and children in particular), get along well with other cats in a household.

Great feature – cat-lamb love / meow!

Cornish Rex

Kinky short-haired breed of cats. It is considered “old” and a fully formed rock – the history of the breed began in 1950 (then in the British County of Cornwall was born the first curly kitten-the father of the breed), and in 1967 the breed was officially registered. The name of the breed, actually “Rex”, was borrowed from the eponymous breed of rabbits, because the first cat-Curley was born on the rabbit farm.

Cornish Rex

For the formation of the Cornish breed was crossed with a Siamese domestic cat. The result is an elegant cat with “dry” graceful body stretched out snout, large ears, long tail and paws. Remotely the silhouette of the Cornish Rex resembles the Sphinx, only covered with hair.

And the coat of Cornish at all surprising – it consists of a undercoat with no guard hairs: when waviness that looks like the softest Karakul!

Cornish Rex really needs to communicate with the person fits into the family or for someone who is willing to spend much time on the cat. Corniche intelligent, if I may say so, and very smart cats of this breed are even trained to fetch small objects and to execute commands!

The Devon Rex

This breed also originated in Britain in the 1960s, but, as proved by researches, quite independently from the Cornish Rex (mutation gene quadravest other, so when crossing the Devon and Cornish get smooth-haired kittens!). Body composition of the allowance graceful, and very unusual head – flat, with wide-set, large ears, large slightly slanted eyes and little “snub” nose!

The Devon Rex

The coat is soft, because the guard hairs a little. By the way, it is believed that the Devon and Cornish is a breed, the least affect people allergic to cats (although talk about being hypoallergenic, it is still not).

These cats are very intelligent, trainable. Agile and love to climb and jump! But they need to be protected from drafts and hypothermia – this breed of curly cats for a city apartment!

Ural Rex

Independently originated in Russia, the Dalmatian breed, and this is perhaps the most ancient of all the world’s populations of cats with a curly coat! Once, before the war, on the territory of Sverdlovsk region the curly cat have met quite often, what you remember the old-timers. However, the local population unknowingly took born almost bald kittens for the sick and destroyed them, so naturally existing species disappeared.

A “second birth” of the Ural madrasa began in the ‘ 80s, when an ordinary house cat gave birth to a curly-haired kittens, which was noticed by the breeders.

Ural Rex

The Ural Rex is a strong, muscular, medium sized cat. Eyes almond-shaped. The muzzle and ears “classical” forms. The coat is short or medium in length, with tight curls, soft and very thick. Ural Rex certainly need to comb, or molt the animal will be very difficult, and it will affect the formation of quadravest wool!

“Ural” fun, love to play with people.


About this breed of women’s website “ToKnow365.top” has already managed to talk a little bit in the article about the exotic cat breeds. The laperm comes from United States. This is a semi-longhair or longhair curly cats. The fundamental difference from all of the laperm Rex – dominance gene quadravest.


Supermom wool has guard hairs, and undercoat. Especially beautiful their magnificent tails! A feature of supermom – they can even curl the mustache!

Skookum (skookum)

This is a young breed of curly cats, which is also called “dwarf laperm”. Obtained in the result of the cross between the laperm and Munchkin (who brought the breed the miniature sizes).


These cats have short legs (like Munchkin), a strong body and curly hair, forming a “collar” at the neck and withers. By nature they are quiet and prone to reticence.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What are curly cats?

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