What are the advantages of cryotherapy for the face?

Cryotherapy is the conservative method of exposure on the skin, which is based on its short-term cooling, causing constriction of blood vessels and their subsequent expansion. Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” figured out how to work this technique.

Cryotherapy for the face affects not only the vessels but also on the reserve capillaries. It leads to increased blood flow, accelerated metabolism.

Cryotherapy for the face: basic procedures

Cooling of the skin increases effectiveness of other cosmetic preparations and treatments performed. This is due to the fact that stimulates peripheral circulation. The method is applied with the 60-ies of the last century.

Liquid nitrogen is used in the removal of papillomas, warts, acne vulgaris.

If you want to regain youthfulness, to get rid of acne, make the facial contours more clearly, then you should definitely “cool.”

In the nature of liquid nitrogen does not exist, it can remain in this state only at a temperature of -190° C. It is much more efficient than conventional cold, for example, rubbing ice cubes.

Cryomassage of the face

Cryomassage − a kind of hardware massage. The procedure is not only the massage movements, but also thanks to the influence of cold has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Is face cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen. His brief exposure is absolutely safe for humans.

Beauticians use special applicators, conducting them along the massage lines. Sometimes experts can carry out local processing problem areas.

Cryomassage is performed in the presence of:

  • inflammation;
  • acne;
  • irritation;
  • itching;
  • edema;
  • the weakening of the immune system;
  • of circulatory disorders.

The procedure helps to relieve inflammation, dries, has a positive effect on the sebaceous glands. It relieves itching, removes puffiness, redness. After cryomassage:

  • circulation is stimulated;
  • run immune processes;
  • peels the top layer of the epidermis;
  • metabolism.

The cryotherapy of the skin, there are contraindications, these include migraines and epilepsy.


Cryosectioned as an alternative to lifting. The main purpose of the meeting – rejuvenation. After a few treatments you will feel that the skin became smoother, my face got pretty features.

The procedure is applied not only on face but also on neck, arms, chest and thighs. The body becomes slimmer and fitter.

The essence of cryotherapy of the skin is to introduce deep under the skin of special preparations using the pulsating current. Sympaty.net tell how the procedure is performed.

  • Beautician takes a pair of electrodes, one of which is placed on the problem area of the skin.
  • In a special cylinder is a solution of essential medicines. It is pre-frozen for 6 hours.
  • Due to the electrode of the drug penetrates the skin to the desired depth.
  • Cryosectioned lasts as long as the cylinder will not melt the ice completely will not penetrate under the skin.

Not every beautician can trust such a procedure, it must be conducted by someone with medical education in well-equipped treatment room.

This face cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen can help you to remove wrinkles. It is completely painless, lasts about 20 minutes. To resort to it twice a month.

Immediately after bioelectrogenesis face looks fresh, appears healthy glow.

Women with gynaecological pathology it is not recommended to use this method.

Reviews on face cryotherapy with nitrogen

  • Cryo has helped tighten pores, remove acne. Passed 2nd year, because I can say with confidence that the results you will see. Will be a feeling of lightness, but no more. Alina.
  • The procedure lasts 10 minutes. I took a course of 15 procedures, when he was in a sanatorium. I liked it. Any pain or discomfort I felt. The result is a healthier complexion. I do not suffer acne, because I can’t say how he fights with them. Nastya.
  • In any case, do not sunbathe while undergoing cryotherapy. I made that mistake and was covered with liver spots. Angelica.
  • I had a procedure a dermatologist. I had terrible acne on my chin and bottom cheeks. After 10 treatments left only the points that are yet to come for 5 sessions, so hopefully they’ll go away. Olga.
  • The procedure looks very strange. Wooden stick cotton swab is lowered into the flask with nitrogen, and then lead her in the face. Feel the coolness and sometimes tingling, it doesn’t hurt. This massage lasts 7-10 minutes. I appealed to the city clinic, private offices – 3 times more expensive. Taisia.

Cryotherapy of skin – effective treatment for skin diseases. But to assign it to you can be a doctor. How many procedures are necessary, the specialist decides, depending on the extent of the problem. Take care of your health and beauty.

Author – Lydia Karant, site ToKnow365.top

What are the advantages of cryotherapy for the face?

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