What are the advantages of paraffin for the face?

A popular service in salons was paraffin for the face. Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” will tell about this procedure in more detail. Cosmetic paraffin purified from dyes, enriched with minerals, vitamins and other beneficial components.

Sometimes beauticians use honey or fruit wax, aloe, oils, anti-inflammatory and nutrients.

Paraffin facial at the salon

Paraffin facial – this rejuvenating procedure that returns the tone dry, aging, dehydrated skin. In the cabin procedure is done in the following way:

  • The paraffin is melted to a liquid state.
  • Apply the substance evenly using a thin layer on the face. You need to gently cut around the eye area, it is better to put on eye cotton pads.
  • The person is offered a cosmetic napkin with cutouts for eyes, mouth and nose.
  • Swipe over to apply another few layers of cosmetic paraffin wax.
  • After 20 minutes, when the mask hardens, the wax is removed.

Before the procedure clears the skin, including makeup. And at the end face lubricated moisturizing cream.

Why is paraffin for the face?

Under the paraffin mask skin heats up 1-2 degrees. That is, it creates a sauna effect, allows to open the pores and starts perspiration. But the mask does not allow moisture to evaporate, so it “returns” back into the skin, therefore, water balance is not lost.

Paraffin facial at the salon contributes to other improvements:

  • Softens the upper layer of the epidermis. It promotes better skin absorption of substances in the composition of the paraffin.
  • Accelerates blood circulation. Helps to restore the tissue and remove toxins. But unlike water, they have not returned back to the skin.
  • Nourishes the skin. Because the procedure is recommended to owners of dry, tight, prone to redness skin. Paraffin copes well with peeling, wrinkles.

Resorting to the procedure recommended in the winter — it was at this time that it is exposed to winds, becoming rougher.

As a result, the skin becomes soft, smooth, gentle. You will immediately feel that she is hydrated, wrinkles are smoothed. The view will become rejuvenated and healthier.

Paraffin facial at home

Don’t have to go to the salon to maintain your beauty. Sympaty.net will tell you how to do paraffin for the face at home. You need to buy the wax — they sell it at drugstores, specialty beauty stores, it can even be ordered in the online store.

It is better to arrange a day of beauty with girlfriends, so as to independently apply the mask will be extremely uncomfortable. You can get a special bath, in which you will melt the paraffin, but this is not necessary — suitable and conventional water bath.

The procedure is done in the following way:

  • Wash. It is best to apply face scrub to remove all impurities from the face.
  • Brush face vitamin, nutritional or any other cream. It will be the basis of the mask. Paraffin wax promotes maximum absorption.
  • Solid paraffin put in an enamel pan. Put it in a large container of boiling water. Keep on the heat until then, until the wax completely melts.
  • Warm liquid paraffin gently overlaid on the face. First you need to make a light smear on his forehead. If the wax doesn’t burn, so the temperature is correct.
  • After application of a first thin layer (this should be done with a spatula or flat brush), the face is covered with a gauze mask. Please cut out the gauze openings for the eyes, nose, mouth. Remember the cotton pads, which we have discussed, describing the salon procedure? They are also useful.
  • Above the napkin, apply 4-5 layers of wax. All this time the vehicle must remain in a water bath, otherwise it will cool down and will not give the desired effect.
  • After 20 minutes gently, starting from the chin, remove the gauze will be removed and the first layer of wax.
  • Wash, apply day cream.

As you can see, to make the paraffin on the face of the house is not so difficult. And to reinforce the action of this mask, you can add in melted paraffin, honey, lanolin, vegetable and essential oils.

Contraindications to the use of paraffin:

  • acne lesions;
  • visible subcutaneous capillaries;
  • skin inflammation;
  • redness of the face;
  • high blood pressure;
  • many warts or moles;
  • hypertrichosis (a large amount of facial hair);
  • bad svorachivanie blood.

Reviews about the procedure

  • Did the procedure in the salon. The feeling is very cool, as if born again. Itself to replicate at home not solved, instead, bought a cream-wax. Karina.
  • Prefer to do everything as a professional. I bought a special tray, it is temperature regulated, but in the pan occasionally overheat. Now this is no problem. About the effect: undoubtedly, it is. Masha
  • And I use not cosmetic, but medical paraffin. It helps to combat dryness and wrinkles. Also do this procedure on the hands and feet. Alena.

Paraffin facial at home or the salon can be done at least every week — it is not only safe, but also enjoyable.

Author – Lydia Karant, site ToKnow365.top

What are the advantages of paraffin for the face?

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