What are the bead bracelets: Pandora, Nomination, Sunmoon

Today, bead bracelets are among the most popular accessories, the women’s website “ToKnow365.top” decided to tell my readers about some well-known brands of these ornaments.

For those who recently became interested in creating your own unique bracelets, perhaps, be interesting to know what they may be, what is their beauty and how to choose them for links.

Bracelets-designers: the secret of the popularity of bead jewelry

If you consider the fact that almost every woman is a creative person, it is not surprising that modern fashionistas like patterned silver bracelets and similar ornaments of other materials. In addition, the establishment of such accessory is a very exciting creative process, it also allows a woman to emphasize their individuality.

Besides, bracelets designers have several attractive features.

  • Each of these ornaments is unique in its kind. Neither the friends nor the peers of the same bracelet certainly will not be.
  • Bracelet made of removable elements is a universal thing and can constantly change your appearance, subject to the General style of his mistress.
  • To create the bracelet you need to buy the Foundation and a couple of pendants charm. Over time, the bracelet can be made richer, stringing on the basis of the new charms. Each new detail on the jewelry can symbolize an important event. Then it will turn into a kind of diary of success and life’s pleasures. This bracelet quite successfully replaces the good luck charms because it reminds the owner of the nicest moments in her life, gives them faith in their own strength.

The most common bead bracelets of silver, but on sale, you can easily find and gold products, as well as the basics of mixed materials, rubber, steel, leather. A variety of bases and charms for bead jewelry offers a variety of companies.

The website sympaty.net believes that each brand has its own advantages.

Popular brands of bead bracelets

Stacked Pandora bracelet today you can without a doubt be called a hit among such accessories. Mark appeared in Denmark in 1982, after which almost immediately won the hearts of all fashionistas in Europe. In our country, the brand actively advertising started not so long ago – in 2011.

Danish manufacturer offers buyers 4 possible bases for bracelets: gold, silver with gold clasp, silver and leather with gold or silver clasp. Selected on the basis of attached pendants charms.

Their variety from Pandora is simply amazing, but the type of mounting all of the suspension can be divided into 2 groups: the charms are threaded, which are fixed on one particular place framework, and charms-beads that move freely on the bracelet.

All pendants are handmade, so each is a true work of jewelry art.

Every lover of beautiful name brand jewelry may register on the official website of the company Pandora, to choose from for your bracelet new charms! Here you can use virtual constructor by which to select new members for the stacked bracelet Pandora and combine them based on much simpler. In this program you can create your own model of bracelet, choosing and changing its details with one click of the mouse.

The nice thing about buying parts for a Pandora bracelet is the beautiful packaging of each charm.


At the same time, in our country, the cost of the bracelets of this brand is so high that its purchase is comparable to buying an expensive tour in a luxury resort. Therefore, the original product, many prefer cheaper copy of bead bracelets Pandora in China.

The disadvantages of products from Pandora may also include a sufficiently tight closure-clip for opening the store which usually offer to buy a special key. However, some of our resourceful ladies were accustomed to use for this purpose conventional plastic card.


Stacked bracelet Nomination was invented by the Italian Paolo Gensini.

The highlight of these bracelets is that they consist of elements that are attached to each other using a special system. The links are made of steel and may have the color of chrome, gold or copper. These plates are decorated with gold, enamel, precious and semi-precious stones.

Bracelet Nomination

Nomination bracelets look quite stylish and expensive but are much cheaper than jewelry from precious metals.

The disadvantage of products of this company is that with constant wear they can scratch.

Bead bracelets Sunlight

This producer offers leather, steel and silver bracelets that can complement and decorate with charms.

Charms for bracelets Sunlight looks very similar to charms from Pandora. Their selection is also great, they look quite solid, and there are two times cheaper.

The thread that holds the charms in place, in suspension from Sunlight no. Therefore, for bracelet along with pendants, it is recommended to buy well below the charms are not wasted, if a piece accidentally opens … By the way, clasp in bracelets of this company is not as secure as clasps in accessories Pandora.

Stacked braclet Sunlight

A true connoisseur of bead jewelry toys claim that the bracelets Sunlight in its beauty with Danish counterparts can not be compared. For those who appreciate quality at a reasonable price and not chasing a big name manufacturer, this mark can be a real godsend.


Bead bracelets Sunmoon is the accessories of silver. Their concept is similar to the idea of such jewelry at Pandora: on a silver basis you can attach the charms with inserts from enamel, crystals, gold and Murano glass.

Sanmun charms are handcrafted in their hole is threaded, by which they are securely fixed on the bracelet.

The cost of the suspensions of the brand is about 1-3 thousand rubles. The choice of charms at the jewelry firm Sunmoon is quite wide, and their quality can compete with famous Pandora charms.

Probably, this brand could soon become a competitor to the Danish jewelry company and win the hearts of fans of Pandora, frustrated biting price of her bracelets.

Charms from Sunmoon

What manufacturer of bead bracelets to worship every stylish woman to decide for herself. But clearly, today, the image really stylish lady to imagine without the unique bracelet on the hand is simply impossible. Therefore, all our readers we recommend you start the search for his jewelry-designer today.

We hope our article will help them to do this as quickly as possible.

Author – Pelageja, site ToKnow365.top

What are the bead bracelets: Pandora, Nomination, Sunmoon

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