What are the beads for washing clothes?

Of course, the hostesses of the site “ToKnow365.top” knows many of the secrets of conducting a family life, and they know how to wash it perfectly clean. Usually help this high-quality washing powders. However, the majority of them contain harmful phosphate compounds. There are special products for Allergy sufferers and washing baby clothes do not contain phosphates, but they don’t always wash efficiently. And so you want to be clean and harmless for health.

It turns out that today there is a way to reduce, and in some cases even eliminate the use of washing powder. Latest invention — reusable balls for washing clothes, about which we will tell our readers.

Balls for washing clothes is the types

Today, you can find on sale various balls: with pimples, like pet toys or balls for massage balls with holes throughout the surface; the magnetic beads and those inside also contain some small balls and rattle like a rattle.

Depending on the purpose they are divided into several types:

  • Balls for washing and drying clothes
  • Magnetic beads for washing clothes
  • Tourmaline balls for washing clothes
  • Balls to collect pellets etc.

Appearance and price

In appearance they resemble plastic balls with pimples, who love to play animals, or massage balls. Sold these balls-hedgehogs in the economic departments at 2 in the package and are called “Balls for washing and drying clothes”. Their price is low, so buy them, judging by the reviews, many.

The principle of operation

2 balls are thrown into the drum of the machine during washing. They work on this principle: balls, getting wet between the things up and separate them, allowing air to circulate freely. They also hit on things like their batter that produces a mechanical effect on the item, improves the wash and faster drying.


You can often meet the opinions about the beads for washing and drying clothes:

  • This is my discovery for the washing of children’s down jacketswhen on dry cleaning money is not enough. Throw the balls into the drum, and they do their job. Before I hand kneaded each lump, and once purchased balls Fix Price, forgot about it. Marina.
  • Erases the ball fine, but I have the impression that linen was also gonna do without him. Love.
  • Erases fine things from down inside. Xenia.

Tourmaline balls for washing clothes

The most expensive and “promising” — tourmaline magic beads for washing. If you believe the difficult terms that describe the principle of their action, then using these new products, you in a couple years you can forget about the powders and other detergents.

It is sufficient to only use these balls to your Laundry.


In appearance resemble the round rattle inside which contains small balls. These are elements of ceramics. They provide an efficient and also environmentally friendly Laundry.

The principle of operation

If you do not understand the scientific terms that explain the principle of operation tourmaline ball for washing clothes, it can be described as follows: within the main hidden ball white, red and grey ceramic beads, which contain more than 80 kinds of natural minerals, including tourmaline.

These granules improve the water quality, kill germs, mold, increase the pH, making the water is the chemical detergent. Let’s say they make it “live” and “alkaline”. This water well smilevets, coming into contact with fats — so the dirt is separated from the tissue.

In addition, in the water stand out negatively charged ions, molecules move stronger and the water soaks deep into the fabric, which improves the quality of washing.

Note that tourmaline beads are designed Laundry, which has direct contact with the skin.

The main recommendations from manufacturers:

  • to erase at temperature not above 50 degrees
  • before the first use of the ball need to charge in the sun
  • give the ball to dry


It would be good if I had not seen so many negative reviews about tourmaline beads. And the price fluctuation is significant: in some procurement “magic beads” offer gift – $ 5 apiece, while in others the price is the same in appearance – $ 50.

We think readers sympaty.net already knew: tourmaline washing balls whose price is very low, it is not that other as a fake.

They can not be sold cheap because their production is expensive and produces true bulbs in South Korea. There is a plant for the production of environmental and biosphere-conserving products.

  • Buying balls for washing clothes with tourmaline, avoid Chinese fakes! Packaging should be 2 bulbs, their price – at least $ 80. Everything else – the Chinese consumer goods, which fool the heads of our people. I’m telling you as a translator who works at the business exhibitions of such goods. Vladimir.
  • I regularly use “hedgehogs for washing”, and then found out about the new balls for washing of linen, read reviews and decided on tourmaline. Bought it for 4.89 USD. Made of plastic, similar to rubber. Everything inside is buzzing like dude here? they call. After washing, the pants were as black, bright blouse was not bright, and even the stripes on the collar are still there. Like and washed, but not that. In short, the miracle of the pellets themselves did not show. Gave drive the ball to the cat. Though it is new fun. Vega2.
  • Balls for Laundry Biowashball great wash! I do not buy the powder and do not use other means for washing children’s clothes. Only heard positive reviews from friends who also use Biowashball. So this firm checked. To the beads , no complaints. Yesterday even stains from berries wash. Sandora.

Magnetic balls

Another novelty for those who are looking for ways on how to do Laundry environmentally friendly and safe for health – magnetic beads for washing clothes. They are made from natural ingredients. In view of Gorny, in a metal magnetic core.

The principle of operation

Depending on the quantity and wash cycle the drum is placed a certain amount of magnetic beads is from 6 to 12. Balls rolling through the drum and hit and beat out the dirt from the Laundry. Magnets soften the water, which is also a good influence to the quality of the wash.


  • I decided to buy balls for washing clothes. Chose magnetic company “White cat”. Cost about 3 thousand 12 pieces. Knocks as the horror! But the powder really should be several times smaller than I usually put. First time fell asleep, as usual, the foam barely got rid of extra rinse. So these beads the water really make softer. Washes are also better. The jacket is very well washed off. Regina

Balls for washing clothes against the pellets

Made balls for washing against the pellets of polypropylene, the top covered with many small loops.

The principle of operation

Micropetala comb the hair during washing and not allowed to form the pellets. They also protect the filter the washing machine from dirtcollecting on its surface debris and woolen threads. These balls are approved by the lovers of long-haired animals. The fur that accumulates on things, well stick to these balls.


  • Balls against the formation of pellets is inexpensive. I throw them in the drum machine, put on the delicate cycle, low temperature and know that no pellets will not. The thing is perfectly smooth and soft. Inna Derra.

To buy balls for washing clothes or not, only you can decide. If you are ready to use this new help article on the “Beautiful and Successful” by traditional washing powders.

If you do decide to buy bulbs, beware of imitations. Buy a proven company Biowashball, Clean Ballz, Fix Price, Drayer Balls – reviews on washing the balls of these firms are mostly positive.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site ToKnow365.top

What are the beads for washing clothes?

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