What are the benefits of stretching?

From fitness classes, some do not fully understand the benefits of stretching, and neglect the exercises of this kind. Indeed, if cardio or aerobic workouts are intended to burn extra calories from slow stretching exercises that should not wait.

So, maybe make them not essential? “ToKnow365.top” I’ll tell you now about what is on this part of your fitness program and how best to spend it.

Use stretching of the muscles

Stretching is essential for our body to be more flexible. Regular exercise will make it easier to perform basic exercises.

Body increase: the step becomes wider, the amplitude of movements greater, therefore, classes are the main form of fitness become more productive.

The obvious benefit of stretching in everyday life: the range of movements that you can perform easily, without stress will increase significantly. You will be easier to do such activities as climbing stairs, putting on shoes, it will be much easier to reach the top shelf or to retrieve a fallen thing.

You’ll spend the same calories, but at the same time to save energy. In addition, habituate your body to stretching, you increase muscle elasticity and this will help to avoid accidental injury during sudden movements.

It is worth saying a few words about what a special use stretch marks for women.

Well-trained muscles used to stay in shape, significantly reduce the load on the spine during pregnancy. Yes, and the process of childbirth in this case is easier. And after the baby is born the muscles easier to “remember” its original condition, and they will be easier to recover.

Thus, you quickly get back slim trim figure after I become a mother (our advice on how to lose weight after childbirth with exercise, read this article on the “Beautiful and Successful”).

It’s also a good muscle tone which you will receive as a result of regular stretching, will help to avoid many of the negative effects of stress.

It is known that negative emotions destroy the body on a physical level: the hormones that are produced in critical situations should be encouraged to work the muscles, such a mechanism inherent nature. If movement does not occur, a powerful release of hormones negatively affects various systems of the body, destroying them. If the muscles are toned, the brain receives a signal that the body is working properly reacting to stress, and the tragic consequences for the organism are avoided.

So simple stretching helps to maintain youth and health.

The greatest benefit from stretching: how to achieve this?

Exercises to improve elasticity of the muscles to perform according to certain rules. However, this applies to any kind of training. Time for their implementation need not so much, but the result, I hope, will please you.

“ToKnow365.top” I’ll tell you more about the rules of stretching.

  • Practice in a comfortable environment. Select a place and time to you no one interfered. Try to relax and be careful to tense only those muscle groups, the development of which is directed to a specific exercise, others try not to strain.
  • Let your muscles get used to the new condition: linger in each pose for at least 30 seconds. It is proved that static makes these exercises much more effective.
  • The benefits of stretching ligaments and muscles will be higher if you do not do the exercises immediately, “off the bat”. Before you begin to engage in silent warm up by performing light exercise you can improve muscle blood flow, and body will be easier to work with.
  • Do not try in short time to achieve maximum results. If you pushed too hard, the muscles indicate this pain. Remember: if there is pain you must stop. Stretch the muscles gradually, gently and carefully. You should have a sensation of pulling. Gradually the body gets used to the load, and the force will be slightly increased. So, step by step, you’ll train your body. If you strive to do “everything at once”, the result will not only be noticeable from such exercises like stretching, use, and harm you also inadvertently can cause muscles, showing too much zeal. For example, the risk of getting a serious sprain.
  • Discipline yourself to perform stretching exercises before a workout (after warmup, of course), and after it. Stretching after the main workout will help the muscles to better “remember” the state of the tone, but also gradually calm down, relieve stress and bring the decay products.
  • To use stretching exercises was palpable, you must do them regularly. The flexibility and elasticity of muscles – properties and quickly get lost if the body does not receive the corresponding constant loads. Even if you don’t plan on training today, not be lazy and do a few simple stretching exercises at home: it will help to maintain muscle tone, and at the next workout you don’t have to start all over again.

  • The author – Elena Matusak (Lanberri), site – ToKnow365.top

    What are the benefits of stretching?

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