What are the decorative breeds of domestic rabbits?

There are about 50 breeds of domestic rabbits, and today women’s site sympaty.net talk about the most popular ones.

Most breeds of rabbits were originally bred for productive purposes – for meat or fur.

Now increasingly bred breeds of fancy rabbits which can be kept at home as family pet. If desired, of course, at home you can keep any breed, but it is better to pay attention to special breeds of domestic rabbits. Rabbits of these breeds are small in size, undemanding and quickly become accustomed to the owner.

Breeds of fancy rabbits
Rabbit breed mini Rex

Decorative miniature type of the breed Rex. It is very popular, which is not surprising: a mini-Rexes are docile and calm, but their main advantage — velvety fur. It is thick, plush and very soft to the touch. Its color may be black, gray, brown or white.

Mini Rex

Linography rabbit

Livingonlove rabbits are small and fluffy, their weight is barely two pounds. The name of the breed was due like a lion’s mane surrounding their face. Small size and beautiful soft fur has made this breed very popular as a “pocket” pet.

Livingonlove rabbits have very soft character, they are playful, although sometimes I can be capricious.

Linography rabbit

Dutch rabbit

The Dutch rabbit is one of the oldest domesticated breeds, bred as the name implies, in the Netherlands.

Features color — white fur on the face, shoulders, neck, and legs. The rest of the fur may be black, brown, blue or tortoiseshell in colour.

The quiet nature of this breed makes them excellent Pets.

However, it is better to have their children older than 10 years. The Dutch rabbit is very attached to his owner and requires a lot of attention to chat and play with him constantly needed.

If you want to find a less demanding breed, then further in the article on the website sympaty.net we can also look at other breeds of pet rabbits with pictures and choose the most suitable one.

Dutch rabbit

Dwarf Netherlands

This is one of the smallest breeds of rabbits in the world — their weight typically does not exceed 1 kg. They have very short ears, and their color — lots of options (about 40 only accepted).

Rabbits of this breed is better kept in pairs, they need company of their own kind. Animals are pretty balanced, although you can meet and excitable and even aggressive individuals.

Dwarf Dutch rabbit

Angora rabbit

This is a very popular home decorative rabbits: breeds of Angora rabbits are divided into several varieties, but they all have long thick and soft fur. Angora rabbits are the most friendly and playful among all the decorative rocks, they really try to make friends with other animals, whether it be another rabbit or a cat.

But caring for them can not be called simple. The fur of these rabbits consists almost entirely of fluff and, if regularly neglected, can quickly matted.

Angora rabbit

Chinchilla rabbit

The name of the breed was due to the color similar to the fur of the chinchilla. These rabbits are docile and affectionate. They are intelligent, curious and playful, love company and attention.

Chinchilla rabbits usually get along well with children and ideal as a pet.

Chinchilla rabbit

Rabbit breed sheep

Popular around the world breed of large rabbits, with several varieties (English, German, French). But for home maintenance best, of course, suitable dwarf sheep.

Funny name Pekingese breed of sheep was due to the head shape and big eyes, which has similarities with sheep.

These rabbits are affectionate and obedient, well tamed and good with children. For easy care suitable even for novice breeders.

Rabbit breed sheep

Decorative rabbits: breeds and price

Now in large cities there is a huge number of nurseries with decorative dwarf rabbits breed they breed a variety. However, as the first pet, it is best to choose a popular and inexpensive breed, easy to care for. Our tips on how to choose the rabbit, you can read in this article.

You can choose dwarf sheep (their cost varies from 1000 to 2500 rubles). Rex and Angora rabbits will cost 1500-2000 rubles. Linography rabbit – 3000 rubles.

When choosing also pay attention to the age. The most optimal is 1.5-2 months. At this age kids have become quite independent, less prone to disease and, as a rule, already vaccinated breeders.

Do not buy rabbits “with hands” or market. There you risk getting weak or sick animal.

Besides, there are cases when instead of the promised “dwarf” breeds of domestic rabbit meat is large, weighing up to 6-7 kg. So if you want to be sure of the purity of the breed and adult size of the animal, refer to the serious breeders.

The author – Svetlana Felderhoff, site ToKnow365.top

What are the decorative breeds of domestic rabbits?

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