What are the different types of skin aging?

Beauticians claim that the types of aging determine the peculiarities of the care and selection of beauty treatments, prolonging its youth. Today women’s site “ToKnow365.top” tell all my readers how to determine exactly which type of aging their skin.

In General, the features of age-related changes there are five types of skin.

The deformation type of aging of the skin

This variant is characteristic for the complete women with large facial features. As a rule, they are the owners of a dense, porous skin, which is necessarily present in a developed layer of fatty tissue.

With age the tone of facial muscles is weakened, reduced elasticity of the skin, the face changes its shape, losing its former roundness, it is edema.

Signs of this type of skin aging include sagging muscles and skin of the face and neck, the appearance of bags under the eyes and pronounced wrinkles, folds in the nasolabial and nasolachrymal areas.

Anti-aging program facial when such changes should include the following points:

  • The beauty shots. Different fillers allow us to smooth out wrinkles, to give volume to certain areas of the face, to bring back the skin’s tonus and elasticity. To do such procedure in the office of a specialist. Beauty shots recommended every six months.
  • Peeling with chemical acids.
  • Laser rejuvenation.
  • Ultrasound, microcurrents therapy, myostimulation.
  • Daily competent care using home remedies.
  • Gymnastics for the face.
  • Muscular or muscular type of skin aging

    This type is the same as the deformation refers to the options of early aging of the skin. It is typical for slim women and men with the developed muscles of the face and a slight layer of subcutaneous fat.

    In this type of facial features become excessively raised and rough. This is due to the complete disappearance of subcutaneous fat, causing skin fits snugly to the facial muscles.

    Age-related changes in women with muscle type of skin aging appear very late. In order to fight them, beauticians recommend contacting the following procedures:

  • Injection of botulinum toxin to relieve muscle tension.
  • Mesotherapy facial skin.
  • Facial contouring with hyaluronic acid.
  • Medium chemical peeling of the skin.
  • Cleaning your face.
  • Massage.
  • Regular Facials at home. How did you find the site sympaty.net people with a muscular type of aging skin is recommended systematically to contrast the face. In addition, it is also useful to perform a relaxing hasbinding to relieve tension from the muscles of the face.
  • The pasty aging

    Women that age find that their face was swollen, her mouth dropped, there are noticeable nasolabial folds, the skin became dull, can come to the conclusion that they age at the pasty, or swelling, type.

    I must say that when these signs a single visit to a cosmetologist may not give results. Before starting the treatment with modern drugs and techniques, women with this type of person should contact the endocrinologist and the gynecologist. And doctors are generally banned in similar situations to turn to the beauty shots.

    Tired face (type of skin aging, also referred to as impasto, or swollen), estheticians rejuvenate with the help of various hardware methods and massage. This type is characteristic of pretty young women, aged 30-35 years.

    Effective methods of combating its manifestations consider proper rest and a balanced diet with a maximum limit of salt.

    Wrinkled type of skin aging

    This type is characteristic for slim women with thin and dry skin. With age, skin turgor reduced, she looks dehydrated, the volume of the face decreases, it becomes like a baked Apple.
    Reduces the elasticity of the muscles, but the clarity of the oval face thus is not broken.

    For the correction of age-related changes in such cases it is recommended to start with a chemical peel to clean the surface of the skin from layers of dead cells. After completion of the recovery period, you can refer to other procedures: Botox injections, biorevitalization, mesotherapy, laser rejuvenation.

    To care for the skin of this type of aging is necessary and in the home. I must say, unlike other types of age-related changes, wrinkled type of skin aging face and body responds well to home care. Even without the beauty shots and other innovative cosmetic procedures women, aging on wrinkled type, can look very attractive.

    The main thing for them is to remember to moisturize the skin both outside and inside, and eat right, providing the organism with the necessary amount of vitamin A and fatty acids.

    In addition to care for wrinkled skin it is recommended to choose the means, which is composed of phytoestrogens, and also to try to protect the skin from exposure to sunlight.

    Combined type of facial skin aging

    This type combines the distinctive features rugulose and deformation types:

  • Decreased elasticity of the skin.
  • The skin in the area around the eyes and forehead dry and wrinkled.
  • Swelling under the eyes.
  • Violation of the oval face.
  • Wrinkles in the nasolabial area.
  • Fold the wings of the nose, which is also called “wrinkles of sorrow”.
  • Anti-aging program for the face of such changes may consist of various cosmetic procedures.

    • The chemical peeling.
    • Cleaning your face and a professional face massage.
    • Mask for moisturizing, nutrition and tightening of the skin.
    • Invasive methods like biorevitalisation, contour plastics, mesotherapy.

    Experts identify the type of late aging – old jaded face. It combines all the signs of aging and to correct its defects without a scalpel of the surgeon is impossible.

    However, this person often becomes the age when a woman acquires the status of grandparents and begins to understand that the beauty of a person lies not so much in his appearance as in the shower.

    I must say that knowing the types of aging of the skin and their characteristics is an important component of anti-aging program for each of the fair half. And yet without the soul external grooming is losing its appeal. That’s why our website wishes all its readers keep the optimism, cheerfulness and vitality to their inner youth helped them to stay young and externally.

    Author – Pelageja, site ToKnow365.top

    What are the different types of skin aging?

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