What are the flavors for the home?

Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” today will tell you what are the flavors for the home and how to choose the right air freshener. When the room smells good — it gives a feeling of coziness and comfort.

In the end, sometimes you might need to suppress unpleasant odors, for example after cooking. And in that and in other case, you can use the flavoring. But if correctly to choose the smell, you can manage your mood and create the right atmosphere.

What are the flavors for the home

Choose a flavor by way of the spread of odors.

Automatic sprays

It is a decorative device that periodically spray a scent. Among the benefits – you can use it as a stylish element in the interior, and programmed to automatically spray. Of the minuses – the flavor quickly. Sometimes the smells from sprays cause allergies or breathing difficulties. They may contain harmful substances that cause complex diseases. To use the automatic flavor for better at home in the spacious rooms, as in a small room the smell is too concentrated. Also, do not spray scent close to the light fabrics and upholstery, because some liquids can leave oil stains.


This ceramic vessel with a narrow neck and with aromatic oil inside. They are inserted into special porous sticks (bamboo, rattan), through which the oil gradually evaporates, leaving in the air a pleasant aroma. Of the minuses – you need to find a place in the house that will be inaccessible to children and Pets.

Fragrance lamp

Good that the oil can be chosen independently. Remember that poor-quality oil in contact with a candle flame and heat can produce harmful substances. 5 sq metres will need two drops of essential oil dissolved in warm water. Unlike home scents electric fragrance lamp, fire hazard, they can’t be used without supervision. On the other hand, Sympaty.net not advised to use this source of flavor, more hours.

Incense sticks

They are made of a special wood, impregnated with resins and oils. To improve the aroma in the house, you need to light a stick and put it to fester in securing the burn. High quality sticks can be harmful substances, such as benzene, or even formaldehyde.


This fabric bags, inside of which poured salt impregnated with oil. The scent gradually evaporates through the pores of the fabric. This flavor of air for the house, you can also fill with dried herbs or spices.

Scented candles

A full-fledged element of decor, especially if you pick up the original candlestick. Advantages – candles can be beautiful to place in different corners of the house. The main drawback is paraffin, which is a by-product of oil refining and burning, releases into the air harmful substances. Choose only wax candles (beeswax or soy wax).

To choose the flavors for the home can smell:

  • near the bed is best to use lavender or sandalwood.
  • orange, lemon and rosemary, fir fragrance is the best choice for living room
  • vanilla, cinnamon, anise, cloves make a cozy kitchen atmosphere, and in the hallway will report that you happy to receive guests
  • eucalyptus and tea tree will help to support the immune system in the offseason

Beware too heavy, rich or sweet fragrances – they can cause headaches.

How to make a fragrance at home

To make a freshener for the room with his own hands, will need the usual ingredients that are in every home.

Take a standard packet of gelatin, pour two tablespoons of hot water, and stir thoroughly. When the mixture has cooled slightly, add 25 gr. glycerin. Then put a little food coloring to get a nice color. Add 6-7 drops of the chosen essential oil or several oils. Consistency always needs to remind jelly.

Grab the fragrant mass in glass bottles and put them around the house. This fragrance from essential oils using tweezers to place beads, dry flowers, shells or other decorative elements.

If you want a natural freshener for toilet, then take peel of two three oranges and pour a small amount of vodka to cover the skins. Let them infuse two or three days.

Then shift fine purification in a bottle with a sprayer, pour out there also infused with vodka to the brim and proportion of boiled water.

Flavor air home can also be cooked, if you put it in a jar all the ingredients, cover with cold water and refrigerate. And when you want to fill your room with a pleasant aroma, get a jar and put in battery, USB warmer stand for fondue or just hold it near the kitchen stove.

Options for filling homemade flavor:

  • The sliced orange, ginger, few drops of almond oil or essence.
  • Slices of lime, sprigs of thyme, peppermint, a few drops of vanilla extract or vanilla powder.
  • Lemon slices and rosemary.
  • Slices of orange, sticks of cinnamon, constellation, clove, anise.
  • Spruce branches, nutmeg (whole or grated), a few large Bay leaves (broken). This flavor does not need to add water, but enough to keep in an open jar.

These home scents not only smell good but also look attractive. The important thing is to find your flavor, you may be worth experimenting with.

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site ToKnow365.top

What are the flavors for the home?

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