What are the hairless cats?

Cat. When you hear that word, certainly seems to be a soft furry creature that it’s tempting to stroke the silky fur. But not all cats are like this! There are a number of species are very short-haired or completely hairless cats – they will be discussed in this article on the women’s website sympaty.net.

Where there are hairless cats?

Generally cats without hair on the body at different times, were born in different corners of the globe – references to them are found in the literature and documented the memoirs of contemporaries. For example, there is information about some of the Mexican hairless cats, which have existed right up to the beginning of the twentieth century and were the representatives of a very ancient Aztec breed.

Individual facts birth of kittens without fur happens occasionally everywhere – it was the results of genetic mutations that no systematic attempts of crossing with the aim of obtaining the breed disappeared in subsequent generations.

But all modern breeds of hairless cats are the result of the work of breeders, rather than a random whim of nature.


I guess when it comes to hairless cats, then the first breed that comes to mind – the Sphinx. The website “ToKnow365.top” already wrote about the cats of breed the Sphinx – you can learn more about the history of this breed and caring for these cats.


The sphinxes, in the presence common to the whole rock hell fall into the don, canadian, and St. Petersburg (Peterbald).

The features of the Sphinx – in the body structure. Sometimes uninformed people think that if you take a normal cat of any breed and shaved my head, then she too will look like a Sphinx — but it is confusing!

Have a much sleeker body contours – they are skinnier than other cats. In addition, distinctive features – very large ears, large triangular head, skin with lots of folds. Closest in body type to the usual cat Peterbald – it is not so folded, less angular.

The sphinxes are, by and large, are the “base rock” for the removal of other hairless cats by crossing them with other cats (woolly) breeds.

The Ukrainian Levkoy

These exotic creatures were removed about 10 years ago in Kiev. The Ukrainian Levkoy is a cross between the don Sphynx Scottish fold (Scottish folami). The result was a cat, the shape of the body repeating the sphinxes, but with a funny bent down the tips of the ears.

The Ukrainian Levkoy

Sometimes Wallflowers can be covered with a light fuzz on the body – it cannot be called a coat, so this is called fluff brush (translated from English. – brush).


In the roots of a genealogical tree of the elves – again Sphynx and American curls. Received this breed was in the mid-2000s, but still has not received recognition by some of the international feline organizations. However, this does not prevent cute hairless LifeCam spread around the world.


A feature of this breed is also curved lugs, but not forward, like the Wallflowers, and back (like curls).


These cats are hairless does not leave anyone indifferent! The fact that they are stunted – due to the short legs. Such a characteristic of the breed – crossing the Sphynx with the Munchkins, “cats-tax”.


And Bambino beautiful almond-shaped eyes and pointed ears. The body is not very wrinkled and strong, despite the small size of the animal.


The only breed that does not have anything genetically in common with sphinxes (with a strong resemblance)! Breed of kohona originated in Hawaii a long time ago without any human intervention.


Most surprising is the real hairless cats, their skin generally no hair follicles (while Sphynx and derived breeds hair follicles there, just don’t give hair). They say this cat body-kochany to the touch it seems very soft and warm, like heated wax.

The nature of the hairless cats

The owners of Sphynx and other hairless cats say that these animals possess a remarkable character. They are very lively and playful until old age, smart and intelligent, attached to the owners and love company.

These can be recommended in a big family or a person who is willing to spend time communicating with animals.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What are the hairless cats?

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