What blanket to choose, with what filler?

Since women’s website “ToKnow365.top” knows that his readers appreciate comfort in everything, today will show you what kind of blanket is best for a healthy and sound sleep.

Fortunately for those who like to sleep in a cozy bed, on the shelves of shops and on the pages of shopping sites with bedding to choose from. Every buyer can easily find one that matches their requirements and financial possibilities. Most importantly, do not rush and properly define the selection criteria.

About the choice of orthopedic pillows and mattress “ToKnow365.top” has already told, today let’s talk about blankets.

What kind of blanket is best to choose: the main criteria

According to experts, the quality of the blanket should meet the following requirements:

  • Hypoallergenic. Filler products should not be a source of health problems.
  • The ability to retain heat. Especially it is important for winter blankets.
  • Breathability.
  • The ability to quickly restore the form.
  • The moisture resistance.
  • For good sleep it is also important that the blanket was easy enough. However, this criterion cannot be called the most important and mandatory, because some people like to sleep under the covers, the weight of which feel good.
  • The duration of life. What this indicator is, the more profitable to buy blankets.
  • All of these qualities will depend on the filler blankets and material to his case.

    When deciding which blanket to buy, you need to consider all presented on the market. They can all be divided into two large groups: products with natural fillers and artificial materials.

    Kinds of blankets with natural fillers

    Such blankets for centuries people took refuge in various corners of our planet. Therefore, the website sympaty.net considers fair to begin the search for the answer to the question, what blanket to choose, with consideration of the group. Especially because its range is very wide and diverse.


    Can be made from duck feather, grey and white goose, a Swan and a Loon. Are light, the ability to easily restore the form, hold heat well. These blankets are of two types: quilted and cluster. The latter are more practical and can last with proper use for about 20 years.

    For those who are thinking, what blanket is better , it is possible to consider buying the duvet. It is better to choose a model with a filler of down white goose, Swan or Loon.

    Main drawback of down comforters is the need of careful care, because the down live organisms that can cause allergies. In the sale you will often see blankets manufacturers such as Life, Tinta, Kariguz and Nature’s.


    Have the ability to keep heat well, are light, water absorption and durability. Wool has healing properties, so it is suitable for people suffering from osteochondrosis, rheumatism, diseases of the bronchi. There are several quality categories such blankets depending on the specific type of wool.

    • Blankets of the sheep wool. Belong to the category of inexpensive. Are light, good ability to pass air and to absorb moisture.
    • Blankets from Merino wool. This breed of sheep bred in Australia. The fine-wool Merino gives wool of excellent quality. These blankets are heavier than products made of ordinary wool, so warm is better.
    • Blankets made of llama wool. These products can be the answer to the question of what the blanket warm and comfortable. Llama wool is soft, elasticity and strength. They are pleasant to the touch, are characterized by high heat resistance, hardly any pellets.
    • Camel blankets. These products are not cake, not electrified, well-breathable and absorb moisture. For those interested in how a quilt is better in the summer, it is possible to consider several types of inexpensive camel blankets.

    There are quilted blankets and rugs. The first option is perfectly warms in winter, and the second protects from overheating in the summer. What a blanket it is better to choose among the woollen products of different manufacturers, I can tell reviews.

    Users like products of companies “Soft dream”, “Sortex”, textile HAUS, Togas, Ifftextile, “couch potato”, etc.


    Heavy, bad leak air, quickly slipping. Doctors do not recommend choosing such blankets.

    Silk quilt

    They gained popularity due to its airy lightness, softness, ability to regulate human body temperature and absorbs moisture. When deciding which filler to choose a blanket, you definitely need to consider silk comforters. Especially good are the Comforter for summer sleeping. On our market are mainly silk products in China.

    Bamboo blankets

    These options appeared in stores in our country not so long ago, but has already become quite popular. They are very light, comfortable to use, soft. They are good in both summer and winter. Bamboo blankets are hypoallergenic. Those who pondered the question of whether to choose bamboo blanket, it is recommended to consider products of companies Sofi tex, Sweet Dreams, Issuesthat, Ekoteks, “Cozy house”.

    How to choose quilt: models with artificial filler

    Modern synthetic blankets have qualities that make them quite interesting for buyers. There are several types of duvets with synthetic fillings.

  • Sinteponovye blankets. Cheap, do not cause allergies, do not form lumps, light. Well suited to people who suffer allergic reactions to feathers, wool and other natural fillers. But the lifetime of such blankets are much less than the more expensive models.
  • Blankets made of hollofayber. Are light, ability to pass air, to restore the form, do not cause allergies. For those who are thinking how to choose a blanket for sleeping, it is possible to consider the option of holofiber.
  • Blankets of artificial Swan’s down. Are the goods of economy class, is air-permeable, non-caking.
  • Blankets. Have properties similar qualities of wool. Can become a worthy answer to the question of how to choose blanket for the winter on a limited budget. Silicone filler holds heat well, does not interfere with air circulation, has a low weight.
  • What blanket to choose reviews about the most common models

    Modern buyers are not attracted by cheap products of low quality. They prefer expensive neat things. That is why polyester and cotton blankets are every day losing their popularity. Positive feedback is often directed woolen blankets of Russian and foreign production.

    A real delight to give users of your blankets made of bamboo and silk. These are the options today are the dream of every follower of healthy sleep and comfort.

    As for manufacturers, the feedback on Russian stamps (“couch potato”, Life, Kariguz, Nature’s, etc.) claim that they can be completely trusted. For those who prefer clothes of European quality need to be prepared to pay for product companies Daunex, German Grass, Familon, etc. Of Western brands blankets buyers always speak only good.

    Buying a blanket, you need to remember that an expensive good quality product not only long, but also have a positive impact on health. Therefore, the choice should be guided only by the quality of the product.

    Author – Pelageja, site ToKnow365.top

    What blanket to choose, with what filler?

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