What brand TV is better: compare brand and company TV

In the last article dedicated to the TV, we had to choose between a plasma and LCD screen, measured diagonal and sagely discussed other technical parameters.

Today women’s site Sympaty.net plunge into a sea of different brands and manufacturers and, emerging from there, advise what brand of TV is better to choose. The final decision, as always, we leave you ?

On taste and color… Or What brand TV is better?

So, you have chosen the options, decided on the diagonal and look in the store for about the same TVs from different manufacturers – and do not see a significant difference.

To make it easier to decide what brand of TV is preferable to choose, discuss some of the most common brands. Come immediately to mind are countries – leaders in the manufacture of household appliances, such as Japan and South Korea.

We are not affected here, an obscure firm and do not give specific parameters and figures – because Sympaty.net still women ? website And therefore, for a more detailed comparison of the technical specifications of televisions is advised to consult the husbands or consultants of the appliance stores.

Japanese manufacturers

Japanese firms recall offhand giants such as Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba. Japanese products have long been strongly associated with high quality. Sharp Corporation, for example, taking care of it independently, not resorting to outsourcing.

Of them, only Toshiba will appreciate the relatively low price level. But overall, Japanese TV – this is the case when you pay extra for the brand. Another plus for the TV producers of this country – a durable job.

By the way, best of Japan appeared first on TV new generation 3D-image.

Korean company

Firm Samsung Electronics traditionally cares about the high quality of colour rendering, image sharpness and deservedly considered one of the leaders of sales. Samsung has repeatedly won the title of national brand in Russia.

According to some, the market share of Samsung in Russia – 30%, that is every third Russian uses the technique with this brand. If you find this a powerful argument, perhaps you should look for, what model TV it is better to choose from the line of this manufacturer.

Another richly represented in our market, the Korean manufacturer also “covered” by numerous international awards (in particular, for the best TV recently at the exhibition in Las Vegas) – the company LG.

Surely your home has some appliances from these manufacturers. If you are satisfied with its quality and work, you may want to trust them again when determining what brand of TV is better to choose.

European brand Philips

From “Europeans” are the most widely represented company Philips. The products of this Dutch manufacturer deservedly appreciated for its high quality. The company offers models for different taste and budget.

But to understand what is fundamentally different between the two models with the same diagonal and double running in price, can only specialists. Think about whether or not to overpay for functions with complex names, which you will hardly.

The ratio of “price/quality” will tell you what brand of TV to choose

As it became clear from we conducted a small study, a definite answer to the question what brand TV is better can be given. Though, because if you have one, the best for all parameters of the producer, it would have just bought his products ?

Sympaty.net advises, having defined the parameters to find the optimum for you combination of “price/quality”. Only you can decide whether you agree to pay for fame and popularity of the brand or to purchase you liked the not-so-proud brand for a modest price.

The author – Mama Puma, site ToKnow365.top

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What brand TV is better: compare brand and company TV

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