What can replace the shampoo?

Today the site “ToKnow365.top” will tell you what you can replace shampoo. Not without reason it is considered that any means of industrial production you can find a lot frankly harmful components, therefore, appears more and more admirers of natural cosmetics homemade.

Prepare creams and scrubs, Soaps and cosmetics. No exception, and shampoos. It turns out that in the store to buy them not necessarily. Natural remedies for hair wash is easy to make yourself.

Features homemade shampoos

However, “naturalness” and absence of harmful substances has to pay some inconveniences. If you are seriously thinking about what to replace industrial shampoo, try to consider the following nuances.

  • Wash the head with shampoo purchase much faster. All home remedies for hair washing – it is rather the mask that you want to keep the hair some time to the effect of their influence was manifested in full measure.
  • Many natural ingredients you need to brew, so you should prepare a home remedy for a few hours before the procedure.
  • Often, “people care” has a not too pleasant smell because it contains no chemical fragrances! To correct this deficiency by adding in shampoo several drops of favorite essential oil or even spirits (but this method is rarely suitable flavoring).
  • Rinse hair after many home remedies have longer than after a normal shampoo. But on the plus side: as a rule, after the use of home mixtures there is no need to use air conditioning.
  • Many fans of home-made cosmetics claim that the condition and appearance of the hair after application of home-made shampoos are much better if they are dry in a natural way, without the use of an Hairdryer. And therefore will have longer to dry hair.

What can replace the shampoo’s

It is clear that it is more logical to use instead of shampoo substances that have the ability to lather.

First of all, it is soap nuts (how to wash their head, read this article) and the root mylnjanki, as well as natural clay.

Of course, there are commercial solutions based on these ingredients, but you can make them yourself. The difficulty lies in the fact that soap nuts or soap root to buy in a nearby store it is not always possible. Therefore, most often used recipes from a simple and affordable ingredients.

So, purchase cosmetic clay is not a problem in any pharmacy. Enough to dissolve it with water to the consistency of thick cream before using instead of shampoo this natural herbal remedy.

The clay will help to get rid of dandruff and excess oil the hair after application become light, however, not all shiny. Many complain of dull hair after a clay.

A certain “Malkoto” has a red pepperthat is also used for washing hair. Is this “shampoo” is very simple: red pepper (about 3 tablespoons) diluted in warm water to a pulp.

By the way, the pepper is perfectly stimulates hair growth really need to be very careful while washing this tool is accidentally hit in the eye.

Foam and cinnamon. Ground spice is also diluted with water to a creamy state.

Brunettes before wash hair instead of shampoo cinnamon, can be added to the mixture of organic coffee is very finely ground – it nourishes the hair and gives Shine to dark hair.

Note that cinnamon is not only perfectly cleanses the hair, but also has a mild whitening action. Regular use of this method of washing will make your hair 1-2 shades lighter (but better to do a special mask). However, please note that cinnamon is quite allergenic!

A proven remedy for hair care is henna, which is suitable not only for painting but also for washing hair. Of course, you need to take for this purpose, colorless henna. It is also diluted with water and leave to swell.

Henna fine foam, cleanse the hair, making them more dense, voluminous and obedient. If you want to rid the hair of excess oil, you can use henna in its pure form. For dry and normal hair it is better to add to the mix a bit of yogurt.

Another traditional remedy for hair – egg yolk. However, when used, be sure to get rid of films, dilute it in 100 g of water and make foam – there will be no unpleasant smell and feeling of sklonnosti strands.

Excellent cleaning and disinfectant properties of mustard powder, which is also diluted with water to a pulp. Mustard will help to remove hair excess fat, and will have a stimulating effect on their growth. Before you replace the shampoo with mustard, keep in mind that to keep her on the hair (unlike other tools) can be no more than 5 minutes!

How to deep clean hair with home remedies

If you are accustomed to use styling tools, it is possible that a regular wash for your hair will not be enough. If you are looking for, what can replace the shampoo deep cleaning, try a salt scrub (here’s an article on how to do it).

But, of course, in order to remove impurities from the hair, not only from the scalp, you will need other tools.

For example, you can use the sodato mix it with the same salt scrub or apply cool water (100 grams of soda in 1 glass of water). This solution poured over the head, gently massaging.

Of course, this way of washing should not be used often as an industrial tool for deep cleansing of hair, it is used 1 — 2 times a month. Before you replace the shampoo with baking soda, make sure that:

  • on the scalp there is no inflammation and damage;
  • the hair is not too dry and not whipped;
  • the hair has not undergone a recent chemical stress (perms, straightening, coloring);
  • is no allergic reaction to the baking soda;
  • no problems with circulation.

Useful addition to home.

All substances which are mentioned above, can be enriched with various natural additives, which beneficially affect the condition of the hair. So, if you have already decided what to replace store-bought shampoo, choose additional ingredients!

  • Decoctions of herbs. To enhance the effect of natural home remedies, it is better to breed them is not water, and decoctions of plants such as nettle, chamomile, calendula, oak bark, nettle, birch buds, mother and stepmother etc. by the Way, decoctions of herbs can be used for rinsing hair and to refresh hair between washing procedures.
  • Med. About the beneficial properties of honey to say there is no need. Before using folk remedies instead of shampoo, they are often enriched with honey: it will contribute to the nourishment of hair and scalp, saturating them with vitamins and trace elements, will make the curls soft and will contribute to their growth.
  • Aloe. It is useful to add in homemade shampoos aloe Vera juice to improve hair growth and nutrition.
  • Vinegar or lemon juice. These tools will give your hair Shine, so after you decided how to wash your hair instead of shampoo, prepare the rinse solution of vinegar or lemon juice (1 tablespoon to 1 liter of water). It is preferable to use Apple cider vinegar, rather than ordinary.
  • Essential oil. In addition they will help to make the use of folk remedies is more pleasant and rid the hair of unwanted smells, oil will also have a beneficial effect on hair follicles and hair structure: enriches the scalp with nutrients and the hair will make it more smooth and shiny.

The author – Elena Matusak (Lanberri), site – ToKnow365.top

What can replace the shampoo?

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