What causes facial swelling in the morning, how to remove puffiness from the face?

“Morning in a Chinese village” — so you can designate the pattern observed in the beginning of the working day almost every office. Not awakened until the end of the staff take a turn at the coffee machine, looking at each other eye-slits. But in fact, it may not be as funny as it sounds. Swelling of the face, the eyes in the morning sometimes provoke not-so-funny factors. What are the reasons for this unpleasant phenomenon and how to deal with it, tell female site sympaty.net.

Why in the morning swollen face?

Of course, absolutely fresh and bright-eyed Wake up in the morning only kinogeroy. And then not always.

The average woman usually within half an hour after waking up, carefully averting his eyes from his reflection in the mirror. Then the body is “alive” and somehow he gradually eliminates swelling and bruising.

But if something is not in order, it is not as fast as we would like. How to remove puffiness from the face in this case?

Keep in mind that the causes can be serious!

A small swelling of the face and body during pregnancy, in principle, a familiar phenomenon. But if they “too” and “too”, that can indicate a bad functioning of the kidneys. And that’s a threat to the mother and the unborn baby.

The constant swelling can also be a symptom of cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the kidneys, liver, thyroid.

Amateur self can get seriously hurt! In such situations, unpleasant swelling ceases to be purely a cosmetic defect and becomes the reason for going to the experts.

The most frequent causes of facial swelling

However, very often the trouble we organize ourselves.

The most common reason swollen eyes and face, — the accumulated fatigue, lack of sleep, especially regular. Sometimes it is enough just to “catch up” to put you 7-8-9 hours, as the situation is corrected.

The ranking of the “popularity” — the abuse of salty food. Threat in this sense, sausages, smoked meat and canned food, as excess salt in them disguised, and even exhausting, you may not feel it.

Of course — delicious. But harmful. And if the night — may have to appearance the consequences are almost catastrophic — difficult for liquidated facial swelling in the morning. Salty, as we know, requires a lot of liquid, then holds it for a long time in the body. So don’t be surprised if your morning portrait will be similar to a balloon.

By the way, how to abandon over-consumption of salt – read the article “Crack diet” to “Beautiful and Successful”.

Continuing the theme of errors in the mode, delicately mention: an evening of fun under the alcoholic degree, even if small, may come back to haunt quite severe swelling. This should be prepared along with aspirin to fall, for example, tea leaves for a poultice.

The following very common mistake, leading to morning puffiness, – the use of cosmetics just before bedtime.

Night cream — as a rule, quite greasy, heavy — no time like it should be absorbed and processed skin. As a result you get the effect opposite to the expected – swollen face in the morning.

Such misfortunes, thank God, it is easy to handle. Just to keep the habit to indulge their weaknesses. And sympaty.net for its part offers you several ways to help get rid of the swelling.

Facial swelling: first aid

That the effect was larger, it would be good to activate the drainage processes in the body. To help you well — known, but not always take note of the methods.

  • Very well disperse the blood and lymph and energetic movement. As a consequence, eliminates stagnant water. For example, supporters of the morning run can confirm: even after half an hour of workout face smoothed and skin is visibly younger. But if you can not run, it is better than other exercises help out squats. From 10 to 20 repetitions should be enough.
  • One of the most effective means “to awaken” the whole organism – a contrast shower. Both very cold and very hot water – a real stress, so the maximums should be avoided. But the pressure of the streams may be harder to optimize massaging effect and get rid of the swelling of the face including.

And now manipulation directly in the face.

  • Build yourself faces. This sort of mini-exercises for the face very well, warms up his muscles. By the way, this will be very useful warm-up before class by hasbinding. The emphasis is on the eyes. They can break, bulge, twist and eyelash batting.
  • If you are concerned about swelling of the face, treatment can be very simple. Visible lymphatic drainage effect, for example, gives a massage. The skin must be clean and moisturize. To start with the eyes. Should go middle fingers in the direction from the nose to the temples (from the inner corner of the eye to the outside). Top, first, under the brow – 10 times, then the same bottom, podglaznye bones. The movement should be point, not shifting the skin, and presses slightly. After this “pobremente” fingers under the eyes and palms then Pat on the cheeks.
  • Magical effect can provide massage with the use of water of a salt solution (a teaspoon per half Cup of water). Skin, moisten with warm moisture and tapping with fingertips until it is all absorbed. In the end, the skin is smoothed and even swelling of the whole face will decline.

The most effective and affordable compresses swollen eyes

  • Parsley root — a good helper in the fight against edema. It must finely chop and apply on the lower eyelids for 10 minutes.
  • Decongestant action has a pumpkin. It can be used topically, as a mask, a little potomu to heat the pulp to form a slurry. But used inside, it will be a great prophylactic, preventing swelling including hands and face.
  • The pulp of grated raw potatoeswrapped in gauze, put under the eyes. Remove it and rinse after 15-20 minutes. You can use just sliced the potato slices. However, judging by the reviews, this mask is not for everyone. Maybe it’s the individual reactions. So, trying it for the first time, you may want to reduce the time of imposition of compress and “raw material” to use at a minimum.
  • The same is probably safe, simple in execution, and therefore common way to eliminate the swelling – tea gadgets. Put on eye cotton pads soaked in warm strong tea, and the result will please you in 5-7 minutes.

The important thing is that all of these simple beauty recipes really work! You’re just not lazy and to put them into practice. And swelling of the face, of course, adds to the woman age, will soon stop bothering you!

The author – Elena Potselueva, site ToKnow365.top

What causes facial swelling in the morning, how to remove puffiness from the face?

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