What causes food allergies in children?

One mom, with whom we communicated regularly on the Playground, once complained: her daughter after introduction of complementary foods began to appear rash on the skin. When she got to the doctor and she was diagnosed with dermatitis, caused by food allergies.

Appointed some ointments, pills, put the child on a strict diet. Treatment and diet, which was appointed, have not yielded positive results. There is one positive point though was: mother dropped the extra pounds that are gained after birth. But rash the girl has not been.

In order to help my friend, I decided to gather information:

  • than can be caused by food Allergy?
  • why, when eliminating the food that caused the Allergy, the rash doesn’t go away? Perhaps the reason is not only the food?

All that I found interesting, I want to share with the readers of women’s website “ToKnow365.top“.

Why is there Allergy?

To begin with, what is an Allergy. Allergy is the body’s response to some stimulus. In the case of a food Allergy is a reaction to a protein contained in food.

Let’s look at how you receive the food Allergy in infants with the introduction of complementary foods.

Digestive system of a small child is still very weak. You can often hear our grandmothers say: “Grow and everything goes!” In General, they are right.

Over time, the digestive system of a baby will be more perfect – the liver “ripen,” and those products, which was a reaction to 2-3 years, in most cases, will not cause allergies in the future.

The immature digestive system of a baby reacts differently to solid foods and for new products that enters the mother in your diet. To 6 months the kid has already developed its own system of immunity.

When the body gets a new product, the system always interprets it as a foreign body and begins with him “acquainted”. Some products are well accepted, and the other body is not ready to accept.

A new product starts being perceived as the enemy, the immune system takes with him to fight the”enemy” is destroyed (neutralized), with the development of antigens, and the mother is given a “signal” in the form of rashes on the skin of the baby.

Itching, redness and burning – the main outward signs of food Allergy in the child, which can appear in the first days after the introduction of a new product. As a result of such reactions, the body forms new chains – antigen to the allergen.

They will not be allowed in the body of the product that caused the Allergy, if it again tries to feed the baby in the near future. This product has become an allergen for a while.

The second reason why there is a food Allergy in children, whose symptoms appear after ingestion of the allergen, a large portion of the entered product. The baby’s body will cope with 1 teaspoon peach puree, but 1.5 for him will be enough.

Theoretically everything is simple and clear: it seems, it is enough to eliminate allergen or to reduce the portion, to avoid food allergies to products. But not so simple.

Factors that trigger food allergies

From mothers, whose children are allergic to food, you can often hear complaints: they say, power changes, and the intestinal treat, and ointments smeared and signs of food Allergy in child are. “Most likely, the problem is not the food, more precisely, not only in the food,” I thought, and began to look for the answer to the question that may predispose to the emergence of allergies in addition to food.

It turns out that the problem may be the following.

Substances that are part of the allergen into the bloodstream only in case if they are not completely metabolized in the gut and continues to putrefy in the body and becoming harmful. From there, they can “go out” with urine and sweat (hence the rash on the body).

Of course, it is important to avoid the allergen, but it is equally important to make food in the digestive system was processed completely, the decay products must remain a minimum amount.

So, better the child not to Supplementthan to overfeed.

Specialists have noticed food Allergy in normal children occurs more frequently than thin. Conclusion: probably, the child-allergies eats food more than necessary?

Because of overeating in the intestines appear harmful decomposition products, which then enter the blood, and when the baby sweats – these harmful substances “face” on the skin as rashes.

Thus, excess food, increased sweating and delayed emptying of the bowel factors that predispose to food allergies, therefore should be deleted.

Addressing the factors that predispose to allergies

Treatment of food Allergy in children should be carried out in such directions:

  • To follow not only what a child eats, but also how much he eats at all.
  • To make the child less sweating and the time had voided his bowels.

Treatment of food Allergy in child is as follows.

Eat right

  • Besides the fact that we’ve already ruled out dangerous for the baby food product, it is important to monitor the timely emptying of the bowel — to prevent constipation. By the way, constipation should not be the mother if she feeds the baby’s chest. After all, mother’s milk, get those “harmful” substances that can be absorbed into the bloodstream of the baby.
  • If the baby is gaining weight, do not need to improve digestion with all sorts of additives and enzymes.
  • It is possible to reduce the concentration of the mixture, if the child iskusstvenny. This will help the body to digest more food that enter the body.
  • Reduce sweating

    Next you need to do everything to reduce the sweating, it is through the sweat, the harmful substances are out. To do this:

  • To maintain optimal nursery temperature is 18 – 20 degrees.
  • To monitor the humidity – frequently wash floors, put a container of water, etc.
  • Wearing quality clothing made from natural materials, through which the body breathes.
  • So, important steps have been taken, proceed to treatment.

    Cure for food allergies

    Most importantly be aware that food allergies are no pills, ointments and cream, which all pass. You can hear frequent complaints about moms, food Allergy, diet which is very strict, does not pass even when using expensive ointments and creams. Let us have a little look at what drugs are prescribed for allergies in children?

    Most often it is hormonal ointments (creams), and antihistamines. They do not cure allergies, but reduce the symptoms of food allergies in children rash and itch.

    Corticosteroids with food allergies in a child

    Allergy skin smear hormonal drugs local anti-inflammatory action, corticosteroids. They are divided into drugs with a weak degree of action, average and high. Mistakenly believe that weak drugs are not effective. The choice depends on the intensity of the Allergy. Hormonal ointments, it is very important to properly apply:

  • Apply a corticosteroid necessary just for new rashes. Immediately after application to the skin of the desired drug in this group, you need to put on your skin emollient – a substance that helps to retain moisture of the skin. A simple example is vaseline. In winter the number of a firm skin that is used for the week — not less than 150 – 200 ml!
  • Use of corticosteroids can be no more than 2 times a day.
  • On the face, neck, creases on the folds applied drugs only a low degree of validity.
  • Corticosteroids strongly selects only the doctor.
  • After improvement of the corticosteroid do not stop taking and reduce its concentration, mixing in different proportions with chamomile, if you were prescribed a cream or ointment if you have used the ointment.

    Anti-Allergy drugs

    In parallel with the application of local ointments and creams on the hormonal basis are appointed by antihistamines. One of the important side effects of these drugs is that they cause dryness of the skin – that is, reduce sweating, which is important in the treatment of allergies.


    The topic of nutrition for infants with food allergies is very extensive. Despite the fact that the diet in food Allergy in a child is developed individually, depending on what the product is Allergy, what is the age of the baby, etc., in General, the main principles are reflected in the diet №5-HA – hypoallergenic table.

    Taking it as a basis, it is possible to make a menu for your child. Of course, moms of Allergy sufferers are recommended to keep a food diaryto record what product was introduced and how he responded to the child’s body.

    Yet, as they say, the article was ready to print, the girl’s mother found a way to cure food allergies in children? She began to give her egg shells with lemon. Says that helped.

    Of course, women’s website sympaty.net could not pass this “miracle recipe” and that’s what we found out.

    Calcium (and this is crushed egg shells), indeed, is related to allergies. It is proved that its lack in the body increases an allergic reaction. That is why in the period of teething in babies may appear rash on the skin, as a reaction to the food.

    The same effect as an egg-shell with lemon, will have a penny and “calcium gluconate”, purchased in a pharmacy that you want to add in any dairy product. But eggshell is the traditional medicine and calcium gluconate – some chemicals purchased at a pharmacy.

    Therefore, we trust more popular recipes in food Allergy in children.

    When taking calcium it is important to remember about its dependence on vitamin D, the lack or overabundance which reduces assimilation of calcium. Therefore, the cause of allergies may lie even that.

    Whatever it was, it is important to remember that the treatment of food Allergy in children is a comprehensive measure, much depends on the perseverance and efforts of parents.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site ToKnow365.top

    What causes food allergies in children?

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