What colors go red?

Red is always the center of attention! Hair shades of the sun, of copper, apricot jam or ripe oranges will make any woman a unique and bright! What colors go red in the wardrobe and make-up – tell original women’s website “ToKnow365.top“.

Red are different!

The word “red” we call the whole range of shades, which are totally different combined with the clothes and color palette makeup! And when you consider that with red hair can be any color of eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes, and various skin tones – the answer to the question what color is red girls can have a lot of answers!

What are “subspecies” of red haired people?

  • Light red hair, light skin, blue or gray eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows blonde or blonde. In nature, this appearance is rare, but if the blonde girl sets off your hair color the red color it turns out this combination. They, like blondes, are the muted colors and pastel colors. If you wear bright – better shades of the cold colors.

  • Natural red hair skin with freckles, green, grey (sometimes blue) eyes, red or dark brown eyebrows and eyelashes. That is classic, typical rust such as around the famous cartoon! Recommended colors – cold or colors of earth and foliage (shades of green and brown).
  • Hair shade of copper, dark (brown) eyes, dark eyebrows and eyelashes, the skin may be any, sometimes even dark. This color type is both natural and the result of staining from the original dark brown or brunette. Such women can boldly use rich, vibrant colors in clothes, even warm – for example, crimson, coral or lemon.
  • Bright orange hair (dyed) severely alter the perception of any appearance – conditionally we assume fiery red girls single type. They are any color, but with the variety of colors in one image need to be very careful (of course, if the task is not to create a flamboyant appearance).

What color clothing goes red?

Found yourself in the above classification? Now a few rules from the website “ToKnow365.top” — what color is ginger hair:

  • All redheads a very cold gamma in clothes. Blue, green and purple (all shades) can be worn without the slightest doubt!
  • A nice addition to the red hair – shades of brown (from beige to chocolate). Next to brown looks more juicy!
  • The darker the red, the bolder you can use bright colors: fuchsia, turquoise, Indigo, etc.
  • If red light and pale (close to straw-blonde or blond), it is better to wear muted tones (both light and dark). This is especially true with porcelain skin and blonde or light red eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • The brighter red, the bolder you can choose the rich colors of clothing. But there is a risk that if bright colors (including the color!) in the way more than two or three, you’ll look like a parrot!

There are colors that “shouting” red hair color. It is red and yellow. If you really want, then you can use them in the details. A good replacement is bright yellow in this case – pale lemon, red and Burgundy.

What colors go red in makeup?

Of course, there is an important skin tone, eyebrows, eyelash, eye color…

Versatile makeup that will suit all red, is based on the natural warm tones of cosmetics.

The shade of brown and beige. Blush – the shade of brick (of course, heavily feathered). What color of lipstick is red – warm and natural (e.g., terracotta).

For the eye makeup, it is important not to overdo it with the saturation! The lighter the hair, the less relevant the dark makeup.

If the shade cool shade, the mascara can be black, but in General red hair (especially when the girl is a natural redhead) is more brown mascara.

Selecting the shade, it is necessary to know which colors are red with blue eyes — they can emphasize the cold shades of eye shadows (blue, blue, purple). When brown eyes fit grass green shade.

Green eyes good with brown, camel, olive-green shadows.

If the overall makeup decorated in cool colors (that red hair is acceptable), the lipstick can also be cold, but not dark in color!

Unusual, but quite possible the combination of bright red hair and lipstick rich raspberry color. If you love red lipstick – take a cold shade of scarlet.

Colors that do not go to the red hair is bright pink, carrot and so-called “Golden sand”. Also not suitable for very light colors of lipstick, in which the tone of the lip merges with the skin tone becomes lighter or even skin tone.

Now you know which colors go red!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What colors go red?

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