What colors of clothes affect your success?

People have long been looking for the magic formula for success. But in order to be successful in your personal life and Affairs, you just need to take a closer look at himself, because even the color of the costume you have chosen today to work, can change your whole life! Back in the mid-fifties of the twentieth century, Max Luscher was able to prove that color affects all the systems of the human body, so before to dress in the trendy colors of this season, think about whether this shade not only to your complexion, but also to the goals that you have set yourself.

Pale blue

Spring-summer 2014 will delight fans of pastel colors with abundance of models in these colors, an absolute favorite of the season will be pale blue. This color in ancient times associated with noble origins, a perfect for artistic and hard working people, the fans of this shade are commitment and great intuition, in addition, tsvetoterapii argue that soft blue color relieves headaches and is ideal for those who are trying to lose weight, as it helps to reduce appetite.


Fashion this year the exquisite gown of lace and evening gowns lilac charm at first sight. It is not surprising, because this shade is perfect for new beginnings and growth, its choose a creative, slightly childish personality, willing to be different. Do not believe what a beautiful shade of purple is widow’s color, the ancient Chinese believed that purple helps to achieve understanding in any dialogue that may be, thanks to him, you will be able to find your soulmate?


Bright and cheerful orange color is very popular this year. It helps to be in good shape, awakens creativity, has a beneficial effect on the people around you, helps you see life in the positive side, strengthens the will and regaining balance! Therefore, if you want to charge each moment of your day with positive energy and Sunny mood, stop your choice on this color!


Delicate and muted tones of green will be gracing fashionistas this summer. Shades of this color have long been considered a soothing, help to get rid of negative emotions, associated with nature and the prospect of growth and development. People who prefer green tone, extremely charming, know how to analyze, choosing the most favorable way out of any situation, they are very helpful and friendly, however, secretive.

Black and white

Season spring-summer 2014 will delight lovers of contrasting combinations of black and white geometric prints. Black color bears in itself the mystery that hides the true intentions, traditionally considered appropriate for formal occasions. White is the colour of purity and peace. The combination of white and black can help you focus, suitable for motivated people, helping to convince the interlocutor and credibility.

Colors affect our lives, however, we are building it yourself, so remember that once said the famous fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent: “Clothing should be subordinated to the personality of women, but not Vice versa.”

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What colors of clothes affect your success?

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