What dishes are in the post to prepare for the family?

Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” she offers to her readers to continue the discussion about how we need to fast, and to get acquainted with some traditions of the Russian Orthodox cuisine, which since ancient times knew how to cook a variety of dishes in the post during the absence of the post, or in a solid week.

In Orthodoxy distinguish several degrees of retreat.

The strict fast is an absolute refusal of food. To completely abstain from food according to the Church Constitution relies in the first two days of lent (in 2014 3 and 4 March).

Today this ascetic feat can only be performed by well-trained people, such as monks and priests, and once so severely fasted all the healthy members of the Orthodox Church.

The second degree of strictness of the fast is called by xerophagy and required the elimination not only of the fish and oil, but from cooked or fried foods. This food requires no cooking, no dishes.

Church tradition requires fasting of the second degree of rigor in Passion week – the week before Easter. Xerophagy is prescribed and in the first week of lent, and in lent. On Saturdays and Sundays of the Great lent, Orthodox Christians can eat cooked food, but without adding oil.

Basically, the meals during lent getting ready the simplest. Those Postnikov, who strictly adhere to the requirements of the Church Statute, it is possible these days to prepare traditional Russian dishes.

The recipes in the post without adding oil

  • In Russia a strict fast and often cooked vegetable soup. Boiled first in water pre-soaked pearl barley (about 20 g). Then in boiling broth, added diced potatoes and shredded cabbage, taken approximately on 100 g. Simultaneously with these vegetables in the broth, peppered slices of carrots and onions. After this dish needed salt. The finished dish before eating liberally sprinkled chopped herbs, fresh or dried.
  • Very hearty traditional dish in the post is barley porridge with beans. It also need to cook without adding oil. Pearl barley and beans should first soak in water for about 10 hours. Then both components, taken in equal parts, should be placed in a clay pot, cover with water and salt. The volume of water in the pot should be two times the amount of pearl barley and beans. Once this mess is put to languish in the oven. In modern cuisine this dish can be cooked in the oven or in a pot on the burner.
  • A very popular and tasty vegetable dish in Russia was rice porridge with prunes and raisins. To prepare such a mess is easy. First, boil about 150 g of prunes with sugar (recommended to take 4 tablespoons with slide). After the prunes will be sent to the sweet boiling water a handful of raisins (about 50g), pour water and leave to swell. On strained broth of prunes dissolved with water to 900 ml, cook 300 g of rice. Ready porridge with salt, add honey to taste, as well as prunes and raisins. If you want rice you can even add a handful of nuts and candied fruits.This dish in any post will be a real decoration of the table.
  • Lent is often prepared oatmeal. This simple vegetable dish is not only well satisfies hunger, but also perfectly reflected in the work of the gastrointestinal tract. For its preparation it is necessary to fill the oat flakes into a deep bowl and pour them cooled boiled water so that the water layer above the cereal had a thickness of approximately 3 cm, the Mixture should be left without cover in a warm room for a day to sour. The resulting workpiece should be a good stir and using a small sieve to separate the liquid from the beans. The liquid part of the pudding and pour into the pan, add salt, boil on low heat. The finished jelly put in the refrigerator so that it has the consistency of jelly.
  • More nutritious Lenten meals during lent was made only on Lazarus Saturday, palm Sunday and the feast of the Annunciation. Its severity for lent close to Dormition fast, which lasts from 14 to 27 August. During this period, Orthodoxy has made to eat the humblest food.

    If the dishes are in lent and the Dormition fast in Russia were almost always prepared without butter, the menu at Christmas and Peter posts a few centuries ago differed little in great variety using a wide range of products.

    Meatless meals with butter

    Christmas and Petrovsky posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays the Church is allowed to eat meals with vegetable oil, and Saturdays and Sundays Peter’s lent the Charter of the Church has been blessed by the fish. Fish dishes in the Christmas post is also allowed, but not every Saturday and Sunday, and only on great holidays.

    Among the many traditional Russian dishes you can highlight a few interesting recipes.

  • The real Queen of the Lenten table is crumbly buckwheat porridge. It is from a Cup of buckwheat groats, toasted in a skillet. The thus-prepared rump to pour into the pan or wok with boiling salted water. A bowl of porridge cover and cook for 15 minutes, first on a strong, then on average, and in the end – on a small fire. For filling ready-made porridge it is recommended to use chopped onions, fried in vegetable oil along with the mushrooms. This porridge can also be used as a filling for pies.
  • Mushroom meatless meals post, enjoyed special respect. This is not surprising: after all the mushrooms are so rich in protein that can be a good alternative to eggs and meat. Mushroom sour soup, pies with mushrooms, potato with fried mushrooms and boiled – almost all of these meals were in the post on the table in any Orthodox home. Traditionally prepared from mushrooms delicious and nutritious eggs. The recipe for this meatless meals simple: about a Cup of dried mushrooms need to boil and chop through meat grinder, put in a pan with a little fried onion, mix and saute for about a quarter of an hour. The eggs should be seasoned with garlic, 3% vinegar, pepper and salt.
  • Potato dishes in the post made it too always very willing. The recipes of these dishes know many modern Housewives. One of the most interesting – potato cutlets with prunes. It should be prepared of 400 g mashed potatoes with 100 ml of warm water and the same amount of vegetable oil. In the resulting mass you need to add flour and knead nekrutoe dough. While the batter will stand, you need to prepare the stuffing of prunes, just Gulf it with boiling water. Then roll the dough, cut out with glass mugs, fill them with prunes and form patties. The cutlets, roll in breadcrumbs and fry in a skillet in vegetable oil.
  • Fish dishes in the post

    As fish on fast days was a rarity and was festive, to their preparation approached more creatively. In addition to pies with fish, soups, fish tacos and other tasty dishes Orthodox Housewives in the post was preparing a very tasty dish – pies.

    For the test you need to take in about 400 g of flour, a third of the packet of yeast and a couple tablespoons of vegetable oil. Of the listed components to knead yeast dough.

    The filling for this delicious post is usually prepared from minced fish (e.g. pike, pike-perch, catfish, or cod) and a slice of salted salmon. The dough should roll out, cut from it circles, circles, put a spoonful of meat and some fried fish to take so that the middle is left open. Ready for baking pies, you need to put on a greased baking sheet, sprinkle with strong infusion of tea with sugar and sprinkle with breadcrumbs.

    In General, vegetable recipes, mushroom dishes and fish dishes post there is a huge number. Every woman can herself to experiment with them, especially that on the shelves of modern supermarkets you can find a much more vegetable productsthan a hundred years ago.

    The main thing to remember is that any items in the post should not become an end in itself. Their main task – to prevent exhaustion and to teach us to refrain from all sorts of excesses. Therefore, the website sympaty.net wishes its readers not only enjoy, but also new achievements in work.

    Let the post will be for the benefit of you!

    Author – Pelageja, site ToKnow365.top

    What dishes are in the post to prepare for the family?

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